The Human Face

TLC Premiered Jan 01, 2001 Unknown


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    • Face to Face
      Face to Face
      Episode 4
      Nothing can top face-to-face communication, so where does that leave the person who suffers from facial paralysis or who can't read people's emotions? These are just two of the questions John Cleese, Elizabeth Hurley and a group of experts attempt to answer in this examination of the face and human relations.moreless
    • Survival of the Prettiest
      Elizabeth Hurley joins John Cleese in his quest to discover why beautiful people get better jobs and achieve more success than their less-than-lovely counterparts. Attempting to determine whether any universal rules of beauty exist, Cleese and a slew of experts take a close look at the human physiognomy.
    • Fame and Infamy
      Fame and Infamy
      Episode 2
      Michael Palin, Elizabeth Hurley and Richard Attenborough join host John Cleese in this fascinating look at fame -- and the part our faces play in it. Scientists and celebrities attempt to figure out whether it's the face or the figure behind it that counts when comes to that most fleeting of fortunes.moreless
    • Here's Looking at You
      John Cleese and pals explore the stories of a man who's unable to recognize his children after suffering brain damage and a woman who has a genetic condition known as cherubism.
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