The Huntress

Season 1 Episode 28

D&B, Inc.

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Sep 09, 2001 on USA

Episode Recap

Dottie and Brandi have a skip staked out, but just as they are moving in for the collar several cars come screeching on the scene disgorging men in black suits and a camera crew. The men efficiently take the fugitive into custody and tell Dottie and Brandi that they are from Krill & Associates, a professional bounty hunting corporation. The Thorsons go to Ricky who explains to them that Krill is a corporation who takes over ailing businesses and are now looking to corner the L.A. bail enforcement market with their new high-tech approach. As a favor, Ricky gives the women a lead on Don Alonzini, a well-known psychic who has skipped bail on his partner Sidney Julius, leaving him in danger of losing a $500,000 house.

Dottie and Brandi check out some high-tech equipment for themselves, but it's too pricey for them. They go to see Julius, unaware that Krill personnel has them under surveillance. Despite Alonzini's embezzling $10 million and skipping bail on him, Julius is still loyal to the psychic who worked for him. Julius' assistant Gail, however, paints a picture of Alonzini as an evil man. To help with the search, Dottie wants to enlist the aid of super computer geek Neil, a family acquaintance who gives Brandi the creeps. Dottie finds a post office box and alias for Alonzini and goes to the address, where it appears the psychic just left a few minutes before. At home, the business owner Meredith Krill drops by and offers to employ Dottie and Brandi under contract with perks, but they decline. Tiny comes by and seems impressed with Meredith. Later he and Tiny decide to see if Neil can help them, but Brandi stays clear.

Dottie, still under surveillance, goes to see Neil in is cluttered converted warehouse home. He hacks around with his computer and finds that the real Don Alonzini is dead, the current guy just assumed his identity. He comes up with little but a couple of aliases that the new Alonzini used. After Dottie leaves the Krill agents break in and force Neil to give them the same information. Tiny and Dottie go looking for leads and try to throw the Krill men off the trail. Using Neil's password, Dottie gets on the computer and figures out that the money Alonzini took was laundered and put back in the same bank. Ricky gets ahold of a bank surveillance tape and they find that Gail, the assistant to Alonzini's partner Julius, is making withdrawals from the stolen money account.

Dottie and Ricky go to see Neil to help locate the missing Gail. They give him a picture of Gail with Julius and Alonzini. Neil says the picture has been doctored with a scanner. Closer examination shows that Julius and Alonzini are the same person. They also find Julius and Gail will soon be leaving on a plane. Dottie and Ricky take Neil with them on the promise that Brandi will also be there. The Krill team shows up to make the bust but the Thorsons already have their quarry in custody. It's all filmed for the television news, but Dottie and Brandi are only identified as "unknown bounty hunters!"
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