The Huntress

Season 1 Episode 16

Family Therapy

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 04, 2001 on USA

Episode Recap

Ricky has a celebrity for the Thorsons to pick up--Dr. Philip Carlton, the "Heart Doctor," who has written the best seller "Men Are Cats, Women Are Dogs." The doctor is accused of rape after tricking a patient into having sex with him. Ricky tells both women they could perhaps use his counseling. Brandi goes downtown to find out what she can about Carlton, though her mother thinks she just wants to see Farrell. Dottie and Brandi both go to see Carlton's wife Sharon, from whom he's separated. She's in a hospital mental ward and is confused and unresponsive. She mumbles a few words, but the Thorsons don't know what she's talking about. Watching a video Carlton made, Dottie realizes that Sharon was talking about the house in the video, which is located in Lake Tahoe.

Brandi and Dottie travel to Tahoe, where they find Carlton and take him into custody. Carlton protests his innocence, saying the woman that accused him, Judith Banks, is really the aggressor in this case and that he filed a restraining order against her. A woman in a car follows the Thorsons and Carlton as they leave. Rushing for a plane, Carlton has an asthma attack and they miss their flight. The trio get a van for a drive back to L.A. with the woman, who has a gun, following them. During the trip, Carlton is continually analyzing both women. Brandi is contemptuous, but Dottie seems to be getting something out of it. Brandi calls Farrell to find out if Carlton ever really filed a restraining order on Banks; it turns out he did and that Banks had a long history of mental illness. Meanwhile the woman following them has had car trouble and steals a pickup truck at gunpoint. While giving Dottie her "therapy," Carlton has another asthma attack, so they pull over. Farrell, along with Tiny, goes to talk to Sharon Carlton in the hospital after a supposed suicide attempt. She's lucid after having her stomach pumped. She warns the men that Dottie and Brandi are in great danger, that her husband is ruthless and vindictive, especially toward women. Tiny notes that the heavy doses of narcotics given Sharon were prescribed by her husband.

While the van is stopped, the woman who has been following them stops, gets out and begins to shoot at the group. They flee, with the woman pursuing. When they next stop, Carlton gets ahold of the Thorsons guns. He tells them the woman following them is not Judith Banks, but Leslie O'Connor. She's another patient he seduced, but unlike Banks, she's still under the doctor's control. Rather than trying to escape her, Carlton was actually hoping she would catch them since she has $800,000 of his money. He was faking the asthma attacks to slow them down. Carlton keeps Brandi to drive, and sets Dottie loose to find Leslie. Dottie enlists Farrell, Tiny and Ricky to find both Leslie and Carlton. Dottie and Ricky find Leslie's therapy tapes with the doctor and from them they get a lead to a train museum in Fillmore. Dottie finds the confused, frightened woman there under a locomotive. She tries to talk with her and get her to help rescue her daughter. Carlton calls Dottie and she puts Leslie on. Over the phone Carlton tells her to kill Mrs. Thorson. On Carlton's end Brandi hears a gunshot. Carlton tells Leslie where he is and to come to him. Leslie arrives alone. He tells her to do one more thing--shoot Brandi. The gun is empty, so he gives her Brandi's. Leslie turns the gun on Carlton, then Dottie comes bounding out of the back of the pick-up truck, shotgun at the ready as Farrell arrives. A tearful Brandi, who has been near hysterics, is relieved to find her mother alive. Brandi isn't so upset, though, that she can't give Carlton a slug for good measure.