The Huntress

Season 1 Episode 14


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Feb 18, 2001 on USA

Episode Recap

Tiny accompanies Dottie back to prison to see Max Quinlin, who has requested a meeting. His lawyer tells them that Max, who's been in serving a long sentence for armored car robberies, has a chance to be paroled if he can be released to a responsible community member like Dottie. Although he was Tiny's good friend in prison, Tiny is now leery of Dottie taking such responsibility. But Max makes a good impression on the big-hearted Dottie and she agrees to do it. The more cynical Brandi is not thrilled with the prospect, however. A prisoner is seen calling up an unknown party with the news: Max is getting out.

Mark Farrell shows up to meet Brandi. He's left his new position in Virginia after six weeks and as he tries to explain things to Brandi he tells her he wants to pick up where they left off. [Wherever that was--ed.] Two men have Max under surveillance as Tiny and Dottie pick him up from prison. Max is to stay with the Thorsons that night. Brandi is openly contemptuous of this former criminal. Max is tolerant of her and tries to explain that he never endangered anyone's life during a job, except one time when something went wrong and his partner got killed, which resulted in a longer sentence for Max. While making Max's bed, Dottie and Tiny almost get carried away by their own passion. The next morning Max is gone. Tiny thinks he's going after the money that was never recovered from the fatal robbery. Brandi says I told you so.

Max goes to meet with Jason, his grandson. Jason's father Doug has not spoken to Max in years and Jason is rapidly building a rap sheet of his own. Max intends to try to dissuade Jason from a life of crime. As the two meet, two other men pursue them. Meanwhile, Dottie and Tiny find out that one of Max's old partners, Marty Hurkle, now owns a security firm in L.A. His partner and bankroller is a lawyer, Roger Angelie, son of the man killed in the armored car robbery years ago. They go to see Doug Quinlin and while talking to him, they see Max and Jason being taken somewhere by Hurkle and Angelie at gunpoint. The two men threaten to kill Max and Jason if Max doesn't reveal where the long-lost money is. Max agrees to take them there. Brandi, Dottie and Tiny go to Angelie's office where they figure out the location where Max is taking the men. When Max and Jason reach the spot with Hurkle and Angelie, they find that now, 30 years later, the burial place is under a building in a completely developed area. Hurkle is about to shoot Max when Dottie, Brandi and Tiny arrive. During a standoff it's revealed that Hurkle was responsible for setting up the ambush that killed Angelie's father. Hurkle grabs Jason, holds him at gunpoint and threatens to kill him. An unarmed Max boldly walks up to him to take the gun away. Max grabs him, the gun goes off and he's hit. Martin Hurkle is then shot and killed--by Roger Angelie.

Later, Dottie and Brandi are nervous wrecks as they prepare a dinner party. Tiny and Farrell arrive, as do the wounded Max, his grandson Jason and his long-estranged son Doug.