The Huntress

Season 1 Episode 23

Now You See Him

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 15, 2001 on USA

Episode Recap

At a wrestling match, Brandy subdues a huge wrestler name Bruce Beauregard. When they bring him to Ricky for the bounty, he has no place to keep him. He shows Dottie and Brandi a security tape of a magician named Danny Blaze who has been stealing valuable magic memorabilia. There is a major bounty out on Blaze. The Thorsons are forced to take Bruce home with them. The next morning Brandi wakes to find Bruce still there and her mother nursing a bad cold. Tiny comes by to stay with Dottie. He, like Ricky and everyone else, is asking Brandi how she will respond to Mark Farrell's marriage proposal. Even Bruce is curious. He proves to be a real homebody, watching soap operas with Tiny. But later after Dottie accidentally sit her coffee cup down on the unit that activates the shock belt Bruce is wearing, Tiny decides to take him downtown himself.

At an the investment house where Blaze's latest robbery took place, Phil Hegel explains to Brandi how Blaze thinks he's the rightful owner of the collection of memorabilia left by the magician the Great Paolini. Brandi finds Blaze on the street doing a magic act and cuffs him. Blaze introduces Brandi as his lovely assistant and in a flash the cuffs are off him and on her. She chases after him, but before she can catch him, Blaze runs into the arms of rival bounty hunter Jake Blumenthal. He leaves with Blaze even after Brandi pulls a gun on him.

Farrell (unseen in this episode) has been calling Brandi, but she avoids talking to him. Meanwhile, Blaze tells Jake he will lead him to the stolen manacles that belonged to Houdini, then split the reward that a "dot com zillionaire" is offering with him. Brandi tails them to a derelict amusement park. When Jake looks away for a moment, Blaze disappears, the reappears and locks Jake behind some doors. Brandi jumps in and gets Blaze in custody, driving off before Jake can shoot his way out of his makeshift prison. In the car, Blaze, like everyone else, asks Brandi about her plans with Farrell. He arrogantly shows her how easy it would be for him to escape by slipping out of the cuffs. She then chains him up good and deposits him in the trunk. Jake shows up demanding Blaze. He thinks Blaze has escaped Brandi too. When she opens the trunk to show him Blaze, he's gone!

Jake and Brandi go to a bar to console themselves. After a drink or two they begin to get chummy. Many drinks later he takes a very inebriated Brandi to his place. While there, he talks about his previous failed marriage and she talks about her doubts about her future with Farrell. They share a kiss, which becomes passionate. In the morning, Brandi is horrified to find herself in Jake's bed--naked. She insists she didn't sleep with him, but really doesn't remember. Jake has the list of magic memorabilia which will be Blaze's next likely target. He proposes they work together and split the bounty. She agrees only if he is sworn to strict silence about what happened the night before.

Blaze enters a museum where some of the memorabilia is on display. Jake and Brandi have the location staked out. When they get the drop on him and have him at gunpoint, Blaze disappears in a large puff of smoke. Brandi chases him down in a basement. Blaze tells Brandi of his friendship and emotional attachment to the Great Paolini and it appears he may be getting to Brandi, but Jake now appears on the scene and puts an end to that. Later Ricky tells Brandi that, surprise, Blaze escaped from police custody. Jake brings Brandi's cell phone by her house, the phone on which Farrell has been repeatedly calling. Brandi calls up Farrell in Cleveland and tells him she can't marry him.