The Huntress

Season 1 Episode 13

Run Ricky Run

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Feb 11, 2001 on USA

Episode Recap

The Thorson women bring Rudy Ramos to Ricky's office. He's a perennial skip, but Ricky bails him out because he's family, a cousin. Rudy's mother (and Ricky's aunt) Nelda arrives. She angrily accuses Ricky and his business of being the cause of Rudy's trouble and also disparages Dottie and Brandi for their profession. In lieu of $2000 he owes the women, Ricky gives them the use of Ricky's gold 1976 Cadillac convertible.

A couple of bounty hunters show up at Tiny's bar to get beer for a camping weekend that is an annual event for men in the business. Brandi is insulted that they she and her mother aren't invited. Dottie is disappointed to hear that Tiny is going too.

Back at the house, Rudy steals the Cadillac. It turns out the car was hot in the first place, stolen two weeks before. A very intimidating figure, Maurice Paxton, drops by Ricky's office with a couple of men and demands the car back or else. Ricky shows up at the Thorsons looking to stay there for a while and gives them $2500 and the job of finding the car. He's obviously on the run but isn't talking much about it. When the women leave, two men come in shooting, beat up Ricky and abduct him.

Dottie and Brandi go to Nelda Ramos' vintage fashion store looking for Rudy's whereabouts. Brandi talks to Rudy's more sympathetic sister Alva, who tells her he went with some gangbangers to make some money. The women return to find their home a wreck. Paxton calls to say he must have the car within twelve hours or Ricky will be killed. They locate Rudy and grab him. After convincing Rudy that he owes it to Ricky to save him, he leads them to the Cadillac, which is loaded with $3 million worth of cocaine. He originally stole the car for Paxton, the stole it back after it was loaded. He was about to leave town when the Thorsons originally grabbed him. Paxton is about to have Ricky killed when Dottie and Brandi show up with the car. Paxton's men then pull guns and grab the women, but following them in are Tiny and an overwhelming number of armed bounty hunters. Paxton releases Ricky and the bounty hunters retreat to the sound of approaching police sirens.

When the Ramos family is reunited, Nelda again is furious with Ricky, but he stands up to her this time and tries to straighten out some of the issues that have torn them apart in the past.