The Huntress

Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Aug 16, 2000 on USA

Episode Recap

Dottie and Brandi stand ready to scatter Ralph's ashes, but Dottie decides not to do it just yet. Ricky's cousin Ferdie is working for him temporarily at the bail bondsman's office, but the Thorsons' have the same trouble getting money out of him. Ferdie has a car thief named Doug Ho and his violent partner Larry on his list for pickup. Jake Blumenthal, a former colleague of Ralph's, takes the killer and the women take Doug.

Brandi, at 19, is fed up with what she thinks is a bogus criminology class and quits college. Dottie says there will be no more bounty hunting for her until she's back in school, but the headstrong Brandi says she'll work alone, despite Dottie's protests. Dottie seeks information about Ho from Tiny, who wants to have more of a relationship with her. Dottie traces Ho to a party he's working when Jake shows up with Brandi, now working with him. They're looking for Ho also. Jake takes off running (and shooting) after Ho while the party hostess calls the police and Dottie and Brandi are arrested. Tiny posts their bail.

The rift between Dottie and Brandi is growing wider. Tiny reveals to Dottie that he has a 10-year-old son whom he's not allowed to see. Dottie stakes out Ho's motel. Brandi is beginning to have second thoughts about Jake as they cruise around aimlessly all night into the morning because he thinks a bounty hunter should be "on the move" all the time. On a tip, they go to an after-hours club to pick up Larry. Jake just wants to bust right in, but Brandi persuades him to let her go in first, with instructions to come in after her if she's not out in a few minutes. Jake absentmindedly listens to the radio as Brandi gets in a jam inside the club. Brandi manages to get Larry despite the danger. He tells her that Doug Ho is actually the killer of the pair, not him. Dottie meanwhile is going after Ho as he emerges from his room. He grabs a hostage and a gun battle ensues as Brandi shows up with Jake. After its conclusion, Brandi has had enough of Jake. Dottie and Brandi once again go to scatter Ralph's ashes, but Dottie is still not ready to do it. Tiny watches his son from across a street as he plays.
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