The Huntress - Season 1

USA (ended 2001)


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Episode Guide

  • D&B, Inc.
    D&B, Inc.
    Episode 28
    A high-tech bounty hunting corporation moves into the Los Angeles market and their vast resources threaten to turn the "old-timers" like Dottie and Brandi into dinosaurs.
  • The Quest (2)
    The Quest (2)
    Episode 27
    Dottie and Brandi continue their quest to find $3 million in missing ransom money. Ruthless bounty hunter Rango Burke is determined to beat them to it, and unethical reporter Maria Sandoval keeps sticking her nose in.
  • The Quest (1)
    The Quest (1)
    Episode 26
    The Thorsons are facing a bill for years of unpaid property taxes, so they employ a burglar to crack Ralph's safe. They find no money, but they do find clues to a 1989 kidnapping case, which, if solved, could lead to a fortune.
  • With Great Power
    With Great Power
    Episode 25
    Dottie and Brandi team up with a self-styled crime-fighting superhero who calls himself "The Blue Jaguar" in order to catch a skip that even Ralph failed to bring in seven years before.
  • Basic Maternal Instinct
    While Brandi takes anger management classes, Dottie goes after an elusive skip who abandons his 10-year-old daughter Melissa. Dottie takes the girl in temporarily, but then Melissa's long-lost mother shows up. Perhaps, though, this odd family unit is not what it seems.
  • Now You See Him
    Now You See Him
    Episode 23
    Ricky has no place to keep Bruce, a huge wrestler the Thorsons have brought in. He ends up at their home, where he helps Tiny nurse an ill Dottie. Brandi pursues a skip with a few tricks up his sleeve--he's a magician. She also decides how she will answer Mark's proposal.moreless
  • Showdown
    Episode 22
    Dottie and Brandi work to solve the mystery behind the arrest and murder charge against Tiny. When Lonigan gets wind of their efforts, he sets up Tiny to be killed in prison.
  • Diva
    Episode 21
    The Thorsons take on a job as bodyguards for a famous female singer who has been receiving threats. Lonigan continues his frame-up of the jailed Tiny.
  • Spooked
    Episode 20
    Brandi is forced to shoot a skip who she believes is going for a gun. But later the gun can't be located, and Dottie's and Brandi's bounty hunting licenses are suspended. Tiny pushes himself further away from Dottie.
  • Ah, Wilderness
    Ah, Wilderness
    Episode 19
    Dottie and Brandi spend a less-than-idyllic time in the mountains searching for an embezzler who is also being pursued by a murderous mobster from Russia. After a fight, Tiny is arrested and charged with murder.
  • Undercover
    Episode 18
    The Thorson women go to work for the "bail bondsman to the stars" and go undercover as maids to catch a pyromaniac who is destroying a family's businesses.
  • Busted
    Episode 17
    While searching alone and undercover for a drug dealer, Brandi is charged with the same crime herself. She skips bail, forcing Dottie to track her down before the police find her.
  • Family Therapy
    Family Therapy
    Episode 16
    The Thorsons go after a celebrity author, Philip Carlton, the "Heart Doctor," who has taken his own love therapy too far with some of his patients.
  • Who Are You?
    Who Are You?
    Episode 15
    The Thorsons bring in dangerous psychopathic criminal Dana Weatherly, who they caught while wearing women's clothing during the attempted execution of a crime. Brandi makes a few snide remarks to him, which causes Dana to promise he will exact revenge against her. Later, the Thorsons' neighbors the Barretts, who hardly ever had a thing to say to the Thorsons in the past, now ask for Dottie and Brandi to help with their problems with their daughter Christy. She's an old friend of Brandi's from high school, but the two haven't had much to do with each other lately. Nowadays Christy has dropped all ties with her parents and has moved in with her suspicious character of a boyfriend. Meanwhile, Dana Weatherly has escaped from Ricky's custody.moreless
  • Generations
    Episode 14
    Dottie sponsors a parolee, Max Quinlan, who is an old prison friend of Tiny's. But some men on the outside have unfinished business to conclude with the former armored car robber.
  • Run Ricky Run
    Run Ricky Run
    Episode 13
    Ricky's law-breaking cousin gets him involved in a stolen-car mystery which has potentially fatal results.
  • The Smartest Guy in the World
    The Thorsons try to bring in an out-of-control computer genius whose new software is worth millions.
  • The Two Mrs. Thorsons (2)
    Charged with the murder of a woman who claimed she was the real Mrs. Ralph Thorson, Dottie has to hide from the law in Las Vegas while investigating her husband's past in an effort to prove her innocence. Her investigations implicate other powerful people in Las Vegas in criminal activity.
  • The Two Mrs. Thorsons (1)
    A former bail jumper calls Dottie with the news that there's a woman in Las Vegas who is claiming to be the legal wife of Ralph Thorson, married to him at the same time Dottie was. When the Thorsons travel to Las Vegas to confront the woman, she is adamant in her claims and sounds like she has a credible story. Dottie, Though she doesn't believe her, Dottie is still forced to consider that Ralph may have led a double life. But before she can speak to the second Mrs. Thorson again, the woman turns up dead and Dottie is charged with her murder.moreless
  • Black Widow
    Black Widow
    Episode 9
    The case of widowed Arlene Potts stirs the sympathies of Dottie and Brandi. Apparently she was an abused wife who killed her husband in self-defense. The Thorsons want to get her to stop running and hopefully receive justice. But the bounty hunters find out that Arlene had two previous husbands who died suspicious deaths, plus they have their doubts about the brother of the widow also.moreless
  • Partners
    Episode 8
    The Thorson women are after a big bounty on a skip named Chick, who used to be Tiny's cellmate. Tiny warns them that Chick is in fact a dangerous killer and asks for them to let him aid in the capture. The women agree, but they don't know that Tiny is out for revenge against Chick for the murder of an old friend.moreless
  • Kidnapped
    Episode 7
    On a routine pickup, Dottie is mysteriously abducted and Brandi enlists Tiny in her frantic search for her mother.
  • Bad Boys & Why We Love Them
    It's a bit of a role reversal for the Thorson women. They travel to Baja to capture murder suspect Flaco Rosario, and surprisingly, the usually cynical and skeptical Brandi is swayed by the fugitive's story of his innocence. Brandi is torn between simply doing her job and helping to prove Flaco is not guilty. Meanwhile, Dottie has her first real date since before her marriage to Ralph. The guy is Adam, Tiny's tax attorney. When he shows up for the date, though, he's high on what he calls "cold medicine," then tries to get physical with Dottie in the car, causing her to get physical right back to defend against his unwanted advances.moreless
  • Surprise Party
    Surprise Party
    Episode 5
    To try to round up the maximum number of bail-jumpers with the minimum amount of effort, the Thorsons put out the word that they're having a party with food, beer and football on a big screen TV. They hope that about a half-dozen skips will show up, but when party time arrives the number attending is more like thirty. Dottie and Brandi have their hands full with their unsavory guests, nosy neighbors and curious cops, but their real problem is that one skip, a big, violent, dangerous one, realizes that he's in the house that used to belong to Papa Thorson.moreless
  • Scattered
    Episode 4
    A dissatisfied Brandi leaves school and strikes out on her own with a different partner, looking for the same quarry as her mother.
  • Springing Tiny
    Springing Tiny
    Episode 3
    Dottie and Brandi are tracking down Dupree Scaife, a specialist in stealing SUV's. Dottie goes to see Tiny in jail looking for leads. Tiny, resigned to his stay in jail, nevertheless maintains that he is innocent of the murder charge that placed him there. Dottie begins to look into leads in Tiny's case as well as Dupree's. Brandi discourages her, thinking that proving Tiny's innocence isn't their job. But she's also concerned about the growing affection she sees between her mother and the convict.moreless
  • The Kid
    The Kid
    Episode 2
    The Thorsons get custody of an amiable, talkative young man wanted on a minor offense, but he soon involves them in more complicated and dangerous matters. Also, Dottie and Brandi try filming a television commercial.
  • What Ralph Left Behind
    Even though they brought in Tiny Bellows, Ricky is not convinced that Dottie and Brandi are legitimate bounty hunters, so they go after Tommy Van Slyke, a bounty hunter himself who is on the run after a shooting. The Thorsons think they might have an advantage in tracking Tommy because he was one of Ralph's closest friends.moreless