The Huntress

Season 1 Episode 22


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 08, 2001 on USA

Episode Recap

Ricky calls early one morning with a tip about a skip. When Dottie goes to wake her mother, she's not in bed but there's evidence a man has been there. Dottie enters the room with Mike Kaputo, though she later insists to Brandi that nothing happened between her and Mike. At Ricky's office Brandi tries to convince Dottie to look further into Tiny's case because there is something suspicious about it. Det. Forbes calls. When they see him, he says the lack of a name of whoever made the original call in Tiny's case was a "clerical error," a claim Brandi is highly skeptical of. Lonigan notes the Thorsons asking about details in Tiny's case. At the bar, Dottie examines the books and finds that all business is in order and a nice profit is being made. This convinces her that Tiny was serious about going straight and that he wasn't stringing her along like he has claimed since he's been in jail. Ricky tells the Thorsons that he's heard from a prison source that the murdered youth Arno was never in a prison gang as has been alleged. Forbes calls back to tell Dottie and Brandi that Tiny's file has been "misplaced" and likely won't show up again until just before his trial. He also tells them that Arno's partner was Jason Quinlin. Jason hears Brandi's end of the conversation and runs. Brandi and Dottie chase him down and Jason spills his story of how Tiny went to help him that night when Arno was pressuring him and that Tiny has had him keep quiet since his arrest.

Having procured some bugging equipment, Lonigan enters the Thorson home and wires it. He goes to see Tiny to pressure him further. Later he listens in on a phone call during which Tiny tells Dottie to drop her investigation. Dottie presses him for the truth, but the call is cut short when a guard clubs Tiny. Meanwhile Dottie and Brandi look for Jiks, the brother of Arno's partner D.Q., in an effort to find the latter. They locate Jiks on the beach but he runs and loses them. Lonigan meanwhile locates D.Q. and attempts to run him down with his car, but he gets away. Dottie and Brandi go to Forbes with the admittedly flimsy leads about Jiks and D.Q. After they leave, Lonigan talks to Forbes about not helping the Thorsons. Forbes is getting irritated with Lonigan's interference and says he doesn't work for him. Forbes asks what really happened. Lonigan makes veiled but unmistakable threats.

At home Brandi is talking online with Farrell in Cleveland, who indicates that he might not be returning. Dottie is working on Tiny's case when Mike shows up. Dottie has forgotten their dinner date. Mike says he realizes Dottie still loves Tiny. Dottie and Brandi go after Jiks again and capture him this time. [Legally?--ed.] Lonigan, who seems to be everywhere, witnesses this, then calls a prison guard and tells him to go ahead and do "what we talked about, the sooner the better." Jiks gives the Thorsons a lead on where to find his brother D.Q. and also says Lonigan let Arno die. Ricky calls Dottie with the news: Tiny has been knifed in a murder attempt in prison and is in critical condition.

Dottie goes to see Tiny in the hospital. He tells her the full story of what actually happened that night with Arno and Lonigan. Dottie is happy and mad with Tiny at the same time. The Thorsons trace down D.Q. and get him in custody. D.Q. begins to spill the whole story about how Lonigan let Arno die when Lonigan comes speeding in his car heading straight for the Thorsons. Dottie cooly, or coldly, faces the speeding car flat-footed and shoots at Lonigan. The car veers off wildly and comes to a stop. When Dottie reaches it, Lonigan is gone.

In the aftermath, Forbes tells the Thorsons that the D.A. finds the testimony of D.Q. compelling, that an APB is out on Lonigan and that the murder indictment against Tiny will soon be dropped. Later as everyone relaxes at the bar, Dottie tries to let down Mike easily. Suddenly a wounded Lonigan lurches into the bar, his gun aimed at Dottie. Mike steps in front of Dottie and faces Lonigan. As he prepares to shoot, Forbes beats him to it and shoots Lonigan. As he lies on the floor, do we see a faint twitch of life from Lonigan?

There's one more surprise left. After kissing Mike goodbye, Dottie asks Brandi about Mark Farrell. Brandi tells her that he's staying in Cleveland--and that he's asked her to come there and marry him.