The Huntress

Season 1 Episode 20


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jun 24, 2001 on USA

Episode Recap

Brandi and Dottie are in foot pursuit of con artist Edmund Riley on the Santa Monica Pier. He's cornered against the railing overlooking the ocean. He pulls out what looks like a gun and Brandi quickly responds by shooting him. He falls over into the ocean. When the police arrive, one of them is Jack Forbes, a detective from Las Vegas who pursued Dottie earlier in the "two Mrs. Thorsons" mystery. They're in no trouble, but Forbes notes that no one else saw a gun but Brandi. Dottie was distracted and didn't see it either, but believes her daughter. So far there is no body recovered or gun, either.

Dottie goes to see Tiny in jail with the idea of delving into the background of the young man he's accused of murdering in order to help get him off. Tiny is very harsh with her, calling himself a liar and murderer and claiming he only went out with Dottie because he made a bet he could seduce her. He tells her to leave and forget him. At home, Brandi is on a cleaning and cooking spree. She admits she didn't sleep well, but Dottie thinks she's treating the business of shooting a man too lightly. Brandi counters that it's an occupational hazard. At the bar, Dottie finds out that Little Leo is proving incapable of handling the business end of Tiny's duties. Brandi gets a call phone call from a voice who says he is the supposedly dead Edmund Riley, threatening revenge. At home, Forbes is waiting for the Thorsons with a court order suspending their bounty hunting licenses and ordering confiscation of their weapons. He also has a cell phone of Riley's that was found at the scene. Now Dottie believes Brandi shot an unarmed man. She regrets bringing Brandi into the business and tells her as far as she's concerned, she's out of it for good. That night, Brandi has a nightmare and wakes up. She hears a noise outside and when she goes to check, she sees a man who appears to be Edmund Riley.

Ricky goes to see Tiny. He tells him of the situation the Thorsons are in and about the phone threat. Tiny recommends a bodyguard for the women. Jason then talks to Tiny. He's ready to talk about the real story with Tiny and the murder, but Tiny tells him he must not. A bodyguard/security specialist, Mike Kaputo, comes to see the Thorsons. Dottie thinks using him is a good idea. Mike installs an elaborate system at their house. Brandi has been searching on her own for evidence about Riley. She's found he was a member of an Irish gypsy travelling clan. They give this info to Forbes, who can't do much with it, but at least it proves that Riley was not a small-time operator. It also means he was likely to have friends bent on revenge. Lonigan talks to Forbes immediately after the Thorsons leave, bad-mouthing them. At the prison, attorney Temple tells Dottie that Tiny doesn't want to see her. Mike offers support to the distraught Dottie. At dinner Dottie and Brandi have a fight. Brandi leaves, and in the yard once again she sees Riley.

The next day Mike is at the house early. A phone call comes from Forbes. Riley body has been found. He appears to have been killed by a 9mm bullet like from Brandi's gun, but he was also found to have an empty gun holster. Also, a couple of Riley's traveller associates were picked up in the Thorsons' neighborhood and are being questioned. Dottie apologizes for not believing Brandi, who is forgiving. At the bar, they get a call from Forbes' office saying they found the gun and want Brandi to come to the pier to ID it. Dottie goes with her--a team with her daughter once again. Mike calls Ricky looking for the Thorsons. He says the police have found the gun suspected to be Riley's on the beach in San Pedro. Ricky realizes the Thorsons have been set up.

When the women arrive at the pier, they are confronted with Riley's brother Terence, the lookalike Brandi has been seeing. He plans to kill her, but says she could have at least said she could have said she was sorry. Brandi asks if it would have made a difference. Terence says no. Brandi then confesses that she has been troubled greatly by the killing but that it's done with. Before Terence can shoot, Dottie hits the lights. Terence pursues the fleeing women through the amusements on the pier. Working together, they are able to subdue him before the police arrive. Finally, Mike asks Dottie out on a date. She's very flattered, having assumed that he was more interested in Brandi. But she turns him down, apparently not giving up on her relationship with Tiny.