The Huntress

Season 1 Episode 27

The Quest (2)

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Aug 19, 2001 on USA

Episode Recap

After a recap of Part 1, Brandi continues to try to convince her mother to give up the search after the latest literal dead end. Local police confirm that Hatfield died as a pedestrian in a multi-car pileup years before. Tiny comes to Arizona to bail out Ricky, then handcuffs him to the door of his car! (A joke, apparently.) On the road still searching, Rango Burke dumps Maria and her cameraman after she broadcasts a live update giving his location and intentions. Once again the Thorsons travel to El Monte to talk to the insurance investigator Edward Conklin. Dottie tries to convince him to tell them what he told Rango, not only for their sake, but so he can help them right his own ruined reputation and career. Conklin sees that a $100 bill Brandi has from Ralph's safe is part of the marked ransom money. They rush to the Thorson home to find the envelope that the money was in lists three places where the bills were spent, on a trail heading to Mexico. They now believe that Hatfield was the key to the kidnapping, but not necessarily the kidnapper. While the Thorsons, Tiny, Ricky and Conklin are all making plans to split up and chase down the three leads, they hear someone snooping around outside. It's Maria Sandoval again--and Ricky has still got a thing for her, despite all she's done. Maria threatens to reveal the whole story on the news if she's not in on the capture. Dottie reluctantly agrees to take her along with her.

Everyone gets out on the road, heading for different locations. Rango has found a lead, the old former owner of a car lot where someone bought a Trans Am for cash with the ransom money. The old man can't give him a name, but does remember a mechanic he took the car to. On the road near the California-Mexico border, Maria films a ridiculously dramatic report about the Thorsons that raises Dottie's ire. Tiny and Ricky are getting lost in remote parts of San Bernadino county. Brandi and Conklin ride together in suspicious silence in Orange County. While checking out a lead at a cheap motel, Brandi and Conklin are mistaken by the manager for a hooker and a john! The oddball Conklin seems to be on the verge of remembering something important about this location, though. Rango has found the mechanic and gets his information from him at gunpoint, as usual, but it's another dead end. Dottie is getting nowhere also, and Maria is ready to dump her since she's getting nothing exciting on camera. But when they arrive at a petting zoo on the Mexican border, a lead pans out for Dottie. The manager takes her to a barn that's property of the owner which hasn't been used in years. She calls Brandi with the big news: there's a red Trans Am parked inside with a big metal case in the trunk! Dottie will delay opening it until Brandi can arrive in a couple of hours. Maria overhears this and immediately calls Rango, making a deal whereby if he grabs the case from the Thorsons, she'll broadcast the opening on live TV.

Driving home alone, Dottie is moved to tears as she is reminded of life with Ralph as she listens to more of his tapes. She arrives home and rushes in with the suitcase to find Brandi and Conklin there--held prisoner by Rango, who takes the prize. Maria has her live broadcast all set up. Rango arrives just before it's scheduled to begin, but a car comes pulling up beside him. It's the Thorsons, and Brandi has the drop on Rango. She makes him put the suitcase in the car, then the Thorsons drive off 30 seconds before Maria's live broadcast is to begin, to the delight of her heretofore silent cameraman.

At Tiny's bar, The Thorsons, Ricky and Tiny anxiously open the big metal case. It contains clothes, books--but no money. Conklin says he knew all alone Hatfield was never the kidnapper; he never had any money. Later that night Dottie wakes from her sleep with a brainstorm. She awakens Brandi and explains her ideas. Dottie remembers that Ralph said on the tapes he spent a day at Conklin's place even though Conklin said he had never met him. Conklin never had--Ralph was looking for the money there. She also recalls film of Conklin getting off a train with the kidnapped McDonald girl when she was being returned. In that film, the thin Conklin appeared rather heavy. She now believes he had the money on his person and walked away with it right under everyone's noses. Dottie and Brandi get in the car headed for the barn near the petting zoo on the border where the car was found.

They arrive at the barn to find Conklin there searching the car. The rest of the story comes together. Conklin perpetrated the kidnaping, Hatfield was used as his patsy. Conklin intended to kill Hatfield and make it look like a hit-and-run. Conklin's plan went awry. Hatfield was killed, but a large pile-up of vehicles ensued. In the accident, Conklin lost portions of his memory and has been trying to remember where he put the money ever since then. As the Thorsons are leaving with Conklin and the loot, Rango Burke shows up again, determined to take the money. A shootout follows, with Brandi eventually shooting at a hanging florescent light which falls and knocks Burke out. The Thorson women are given the $300,000 reward which they split four ways with Ricky and Tiny. The episode ends with Dottie wistfully listening to the recorded voice of her late husband.