The Huntress

Season 1 Episode 12

The Smartest Guy in the World

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Feb 04, 2001 on USA

Episode Recap

Brandi is upset with Mark Farrell. He's going to a new job in Quantico, VA and she thinks he got it mainly on the strength of a bust she and her mother made. On top of that he expects her to be happy for him. Dottie is told that their bookkeeping is in a hopeless mess and that as holder of Tiny's liquor license, she responsible for the taxes he hasn't got around to paying.

Ricky gives the Thorsons a pickup for Barnaby Weese (DUI, leaving scene of an accident). His bail was put up by one Lorna Smith in the form of an expensive watch. It turns out that Weese is actually Barry Weiland, a computer software genius. At his company, Dottie and Brandi talk to operating officer Chris Malone, who tells them Weiland has created software that will block the creation of MP3 files and it will be worth a fortune when it goes on the market. Trouble is, Weiland is having a physical and emotional breakdown and is carrying on in a self-destructive manner. Lorna Smith is a prostitute he's taken up with.

Dottie and Brandi go to Weiland's messy home, where he greets them via television, saying leave or he'll retaliate. While there a guy shows up and starts carting off various items. His name is Nate, he's Lorna's pimp , and he says he's taking the stuff for "payment." He offers to take the women to Barry's hotel. They arrive in time to see a combative Barry and Lorna being thrown out of the hotel and leaving. Nate is upset; it appears he's in love with Lorna.

Barry has retaliated against Dottie as promised, wiping put her newly-computerized tax records. She goes to Malone, who finds a way to bring them back. He also seems to like Dottie a great deal, making Tiny a bit jealous. Brandi goes looking for Lorna and finds her fighting with Nate. She convinces her to help her get Barry in her custody so he can be saved from himself. Lorna says he'll be at her place in a few hours. When Dottie and Brandi go there, they find Lorna dead. The police burst in and arrest the Thorson women. Someone--Barry, no doubt, hacked into the police files and identified them as international terrorists. Malone gives Dottie a check for the tax bill, but she turns him down. Meanwhile, Brandi tries to make up with Farrell.

Barry Weiland calls and tells the Thorsons to be at his house in one hour. Again he appears on TV, this time from the airport, saying he's leaving the country because he's next in line to be killed. Brandi realizes that the broadcast is bogus and that it originates from the house. They find him and he fills in the story: His software doesn't work, and Malone is the killer because he doesn't want the news to leak out before the company makes their initial price offering on the stock market. At the IPO press conference, Brandi and Dottie show up, saying the software doesn't work and telling about the killing of Lorna. Then Barry confirms his software doesn't work. Malone swears he never knew this, he didn't get an e-mail Barry says he sent him. Actually it's human resources VP Jim Remy who is the culprit. Remy takes off running. Brandi goes after him, followed by Dottie. He shoots at them. Before he can get away, Nate shows up and kills him for killing Lorna.

Malone admits he told Remy to pay off Lorna, but never to kill her. Just the same, Dottie is not so enamored with him anymore. Brandi says she's OK with Mark's leaving for Virginia. Malone comes to the bar once more to offer Dottie a future with him, but she turns him down.