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  • Season 1
    • Close Encounter
      Close Encounter
      Episode 26
      Balty is sure of what he has heard : Neptuna wants to return to her planet without telling them!
    • Doctor at Sea
      Doctor at Sea
      Episode 25
      Neptuna has lost her memory and Obo doesn't have a cure! A fish tells them that seahorses can cure numerous illnesses. What luck, there are seahorses about - all they have to do is catch one! But what if the fish was wrong?
    • Low Tide
      Low Tide
      Episode 24
      Ponto is sure that today Balty will meet the mammal of his life. While looking for her the Hydronauts meet many marine animals, but not a single mammal. Watch out for the tide - it's coming in very fast and could be very dangerous!
    • The Kelp Ranger
      The Kelp Ranger
      Episode 23
      The Hydronauts meet Otto, the ranger in an enormous forest of seaweed. But Otto looks after the forest on his own. It's far too much work!
    • Our Neighbours The Crocodiles
      Ponto and Balty are fighting, they each want their own space. A bit like the crocodiles.
    • Phantom of the Sea
      Phantom of the Sea
      Episode 21
      Balty is determined he has seen a ghost. On board, nobody believes him, especially not Ponto!
    • All for One, One for All
      Dolphins live as a group so that they can better protect their young from the dangers of the sea. But the dolphins will also need the Hydronauts' help.
    • Hide and Seek
      Hide and Seek
      Episode 18
      It is not only Ponto and Balty who like playing hide and seek. Some little marine animals hide under driftwood to protect themselves from predators.
    • Road to Freedom
      Road to Freedom
      Episode 15
      The Hydronauts meet Corky, a killer whale. But Corky is not like all the others. He once lived in an amusement park and does not know how to survive on his own.
    • Whales Song
      Whales Song
      Episode 14
      The whales talk to each other by singing. But our heroes are there to help him compose his song.
    • Eyes Bigger Than Stomachs
      A mysterious illness plagues the manatees and the rest of their fellow mariner animals.
    • Rapture of the Deep
      Hydronica breaks down at the bottom of the ocean.
    • A-Maze-D
      Episode 11
      The Hydronauts investigate the disappearance of a missing turtle.
    • Beauty Parade
      Beauty Parade
      Episode 10
      Leon the cleaning fish needs the Hydronauts to find out why all his fellow fish have left the reef.
    • Treasure Hunt
      Treasure Hunt
      Episode 9
      The energy stone powering the Hydronica's computer goes missing.
    • Oily Feathers
      Oily Feathers
      Episode 6
      The crew of the Hydronica is confronted with an oil slick.
    • Sound of the Sea
      Sound of the Sea
      Episode 5
      A young porpoise is separated from his mother.
    • Snails Tales
      Snails Tales
      Episode 4
      Where did all these snails come from?
    • Thirsty Times
      Thirsty Times
      Episode 3
      Hydronica's onboard computer breaks down forcing the crew to seek out a rare supply of fresh water.
    • Taste of the Sea
      Taste of the Sea
      Episode 1
      Neptuna and her crew help the salmon find their way up the river to lay their eggs.
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