The Imaginatively-Titled Punt & Dennis Show

BBC (ended 1995)


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The Imaginatively-Titled Punt & Dennis Show

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The Imaginatively Titled Punt and Dennis show featured Steve Punt and Hugh Dennis in a vast array of studio gags, filmed sketches and parodies of famous TV dramas such as the X-Files, Baywatch and ER. Each show would focus on a theme, be it crime, holidays, sports etc. and would have amusing insights into each subject which carried on into most parts of the show. The show sported an array of characters (mostly performed by Hugh Dennis) who would appear in either their own sketches, or would regularly turn up without warning in the studio, the filmed sketches and even the drama parodies. Characters Kurt Wenker German tourist from hell who was always out to steal 'puny British boys' girlfriends. Right Hon. Hector Sleazy MP Scandal-riddled member of parliament who gave long non-sensical speeches and constantly insisted he wouldn't be resigning. Norris the Weatherman Habitual criminal assigned to the BBC as a part of a reformation scheme by the govenrment. Each week Norris tells the weather with a quick summery of how to make the most of the current weather to commit a crime. The Milk Man A man with a 101 uses for milk and most of them disgusting. Michael and Tarkwin Hosts of a TV wine programme.One slight problem with this is that Michael is a raving alcoholic. The Horse Jockey's Two tiny horse jokey's with high pitched voices. Tony Shannon and Ian Pie News anchors that never get past the part where they introduce themselves. The Gullibles Always falling for scams. Martin The star of a TV adventure series Each show in the second series - which was titled simply Punt And Dennis - had a musical interlude with music from a tribute band to major bands like Beatles, Queen and The Rolling Stones.moreless