The Immortal (1970)

ABC (ended 1971)




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The Immortal (1970)

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WELCOME TO THE IMMORTAL AT TV.COM! Ben Richards works as a test car driver. He is a young, handsome man with no cares in the world. His life is turned upside down after he donates a pint of blood. The doctor tells him that there's something different about his blood. Nothing "wrong" -- to the contrary, Ben's O negative blood contains antibodies and immunities that make him totally immune to everything, including old age. The billionaire who gets his donated blood is brought back from the brink of death because of those antibodies. He learns of Ben's blood and, as the effects of the transfusion wear off, decides he must control Ben's life so that this rare gift will be available any time he needs it. Ben is offered everything in exchange for becoming the billionaire's private fountain of youth. He rejects the offer but finds himself imprisoned. He escapes and is forced to go on the run, leaving behind his job, his home, and his financee. Even after the billionaire dies, Ben is not safe: Fletcher, an employee of the deceased, recruits a new billionaire. Fletcher is given a blank check and the job of finding Ben Richards. While looking over his shoulder for Fletcher, Ben is also on the lookout for his brother, Jason. The two were orphaned and separated as teenagers. No one knows if Jason's blood also possesses these miraculous antibodies. Ben only knows he has to find Jason before Fletcher does.moreless