The Immortal (1970)

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Sep 24, 1970 on ABC

Episode Recap

Fletcher phones a billionaire by the name of Arthur Maitland and offers him "a miracle" to improve his failing health. Fletcher, apparently one time in the employ of the late Jordan Braddock, is looking for a new source of money to fund Fletcher's hunt of Ben Richards, the man with the blood that can provide the "miracle" Fletcher offers Maitland. Maitland heard about Braddock's recovery following his plane crash and readily agrees to pay $1 million "to the donor" and to give Fletcher a blank check to bring Ben in. Fletcher knows exactly where to start looking. The society section of the newspaper has a feature announcing the engagement of millionaire heir David Hiller to Sylvia Cartwright. Sylvia is Ben's one-time fiancee, and Fletcher is confident that Ben will not allow her to wed another man without showing up to at least say goodbye. One of Fletcher's men parks outside of the Hiller mansion in hopes that Ben will show up. Sylvia knows the van is there to keep tabs on her, and she warns Ben about that when he phones to speak to her along with the possibility that the phone is tapped. The phone is indeed tapped. Fletcher plays the recorded call for Maitland, who is going to Sylvia's engagement party on the pretense of becoming a partner in Hiller's textile industry. The home will be surrounded because they are confident Ben will attempt to contact Sylvia. They are right. Ben sneaks onto the property in the back of a catering van. He has a few moments alone with Sylvia but is interrupted by Fletcher's men. He escapes and runs out a gate and speeds off in the car of Sherry, David's sister -- with her in the car. Sherry returns to the party, sneaking Ben back onto the grounds. She tells Sylvia that Ben is waiting for her in the garage. When Sylvia goes in the garage, she tells Ben that she really does not want to marry David Hiller. The entire engagement is a ruse to get the people who are chasing Ben to leave her alone. Their conversation is interrupted, first by David then by Fletcher. Fletcher assures Ben that the place is totally surrounded and he cannot possibly escape. Ben leaves the garage and goes to meet Maitland. Ben is offered the world, and promised that anything and everything that Ben can want will be provided for him, with the only stipulation that Ben must remain on Maitland's property. Ben rejects the offer, but he is trapped on the Hiller property. Sylvia, meanwhile, has vanished -- and so has the ambulance that was ostensively standing by to care for Maitland and his "slight heart condition." Sherry, a free spirit herself, phones the police and asks for a raid on the engagement party. Since she has a reputation for being wild, the sheriff's department wastes no time in arriving, providing the diversion Ben needs to get off the property. David pulls up in Sherry's sports car and lets Ben take the wheel. Ben catches up to the ambulance, but when they run it off the road and check, Sylvia is not inside. Ben realizes he has walked right into the trap that Maitland and Fletcher set for him. Fletcher had to get Ben away from the party, where any number of potential witnesses might be able to tell the authorities what happened, and to a remote place where he would release Sylvia in exchange for Ben becoming Maitland's prisoner. When Fletcher tells Ben to get in the car, Ben pulls an unloaded gun and bluffs Fletcher into releasing Sylvia. He takes Fletcher's keys and radio phone and shoots the tires out before leaving Fletcher stranded on the highway. Fletcher, however, has a walkie-talkie stored in the glove compartment and calls for back-up. Ben is chased along the winding canyon road. He pulls the car off the road onto a dirt path and lets Fletcher's car pass. While Fletcher is parked beside another car coming from the other direction, thinking they have lost Ben, David takes off in the car. Fletcher's men pursue the car, thinking it's Ben, allowing Ben to escape -- and to have time to talk to Sylvia.