The Immortal Yi Soon Shin

KBS Premiered Jan 01, 2004 Unknown


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The Immortal Yi Soon Shin

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The Immortal Yi Soon Shin is a historical drama TV series developed by KBS that centers on the real life of the Admiral Yi Soon Shin, a Korean naval commander known for his tremendous victories against the opposing Japanese navy in the 16th century. Having grown up from a shy and lonely boy, Yi Soon Shin (Kim Myung Min) developed his creativity and his kind heart in order to take on his role as a Korean Admiral as he develops a new kind of warship, the Geobukseon or Turtle Ships, and turned the odds against the Japanese in the Seven-Year War. Even though he was not quite believed to be anything by the magistrates at the time, including a fellow military leader Won Gyun (Choi Jae-sung) who had once been a mentor, Yi struggled to become a magistrate but as he began to shine within the military ranks, Yi Soon Shin became a hero of his people.

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AIRED ON 9/10/2005

Season 1 : Episode 106

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Historical, Biography