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  • Not too bad...

    Wasn't as good as some other teen sitcoms I've seen, but it had it's moments. I liked it though. Such a shame it only got one season.
  • Unexpected

    Having seen the previews for this, I'd planned to avoid it as it looked ridiculous, but given MTV's recent track record of pretty solid scripted shows I figured I'd give it the benefit of the doubt. I expected nothing but disappointment and annoyance, and to my huge surprise, the show was absolutely hilarious! Every so often there are a few forced moments, usually involving Neal's character, but on the whole, the laughs kept coming. Even a decade out of high school it was easy to empathize with a number of the scenarios the guys ran into. Sure, its not for everyone, and it may be left for a more immature crowd like Its Always Sunny fans, but if you like a good carefree laugh, usually at some poor teenagers expense, give this a try!
  • UK Show is better

    The US version of the inbetweeners is no where near as good as the UK version.

    The main reason for this is because it is a copy, pretty much word for word but altered to a US environment.

    If you haven't seen the UK version, then I can understand why the US version appears good.

    I have only watched the first two episodes so far and although it can still be amusing, I am reluctant to watch any more of this series.

    Personally, I would have run the first episode as is to introduce the characters (but different names), however would have changed the storyline for the rest of the episodes to produce a true US version.

    I am a fan of a number of US comedies and am disappointed that this it isn't original.

    If a second season is done with some original scripting, then I would definitely give it a second chance!
  • Verry funny

    I like the show. Each episodes makes me laugh, I don't get why it's rated 6.3, it should be at least an 8.

    The last episode was very laim (episode 6). Concentrate on the guys trying to get laid, going out to clubs and/or parties house/college ones. Stealing an exam to become pouplar or something... but the last episode was for 12 year olds. Dont think that with one good point (the jacuzzi) you can cover a 20 minute episode (episode 5)

    I am giving it two o three episodes more before eliminating it from my watch list.

    I like the fact it is only 20 minutes, dont know what you would do with 40.
  • Loved it

    As ive seen the uk version living in the uk and all i love it for the only reason that i love the uk version and its basically the same with an american accent and better looking actors/actresses.

    its a copy of the uk inbetweeners...which is way way better..have a look at that
  • I hated it

    I found the first episode so bad that I was unable to watch it to the end.

    I haven't seen the UK version but what is this American obsession with, show after show, showing highschool, as a constant trial? If half is true, I'm so glad that I did not gfrow up in the U.S. Of course there were cliques when and where I was in highschool, but not like this, no segregation, no one had to eat lunch standing! And this obsession in The Inbetweeners with sex; of course we thought about it, but it was not ALL we thought about.

    And can the Jay Cartwright character be mofre obnoxious? His constant boasting and lying made me cringe. I did feel sorry for Joey Pollari (as Will McKenzie), though, to have lost himself in such a bad show.
  • Way better than expectations.

    Well I didn't expect much, Mtv's version of skins was horrible. This however was pretty good, felt just as awkward as the British version and has its own feel beyond that, could actually last more than one season.

    I'm going to give the first season a shot, more people should do the same.

    Just seeing the first 2 minutes I cansee its going to rock