Todd Margaret

Friday 10:30 PM on IFC Premiered Oct 01, 2010 In Season





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  • Look at me, I'm British and I'm funny

    This show had me slightly entertained for a few minutes of the first episode; but it's main humor theme is making fun of Americans, and it gets pretty old, pretty quickly. Some of the typical American stereotypes are funny when referenced, and as an American, I can laugh at them without being offended. But literally every joke in this show in some way references what baboons Americans are thought to be, and it gets old.

    This show is irreverent and a good bit of fun. Every episode gets better and more disturbing(afterbirth episode ROTFL!) . I've only seen Season 1 and can't wait to see the second and last Season of this hilarious show! :)
  • Genius!

    If you have a sense of humor, and are not from the US, you should be able to enjoy this show.

    Personally I like the incorrect humor, just as I enjoyed southpark till a couple of years ago.

  • Politically-incorrect, "outsourced" comedy (for adults)

    Another clueless outsourced American hired to work outside the country/culture he's used to - this time it's England, so of course there's plenty of over-the-top, yet amusing double entendres. Even though many scenarios seem to try too hard, I still laughed out loud at many scenes.

    It's more complex than the canceled show Outsourced, with an ongoing conspiracy. It's also more adult than Outsourced was, so IMO not appropriate for children.
  • Stupid used to be funny but it's gone overboard lately.

    Stupid used to be funny. Along with slapstick you get the great Stooges. But over the years it seems like there has been an escalation of all our entertainment until we can no longer even stand what we once loved. These days action can not get more busy, we choke on drama, slapstick is actually dangerous, and stupid is so intense it becomes infuriating rather than funny. I don't know what the answer is. Maybe I'm just getting old. But there comes a point at which escalation gives way to madness when the "artist" is simply screaming hysterically into the medium. There is a maximum for everything beyond which it becomes destructive. And to go beyond is what true talent avoids and hacks embrace. Subtlety is the tool of talent and the bane of hacks. Take notes.