The Incredible Hulk (1982)

Season 1 Episode 3

Origin Of The Hulk

Aired Unknown Oct 02, 1982 on NBC
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Origin Of The Hulk
In the desert of New Mexico, a mysterious U.F.O. is detected close to Gamma Base, an army facility where a new weapon known as the Gamma Bomb is due to be tested. The inventor of the bomb is Dr. Bruce Banner, assisted by his fiance Betty Ross and the edgy Dr. Carlson, who is very eager to get a hold of Banner's Gamma formula. The U.F.O. is shot down by fighter jets, but not before an escape pod is secretly jettisoned. As the countdown to the Gamma Bomb's detonation continues, teenager Rick Jones accidentally breaks down in the test area. Banner asks Carlson to halt the countdown while he rescues the kid, but Carlson lets it continue. As Banner gets to Rick, the Gamma Bomb explodes. Banner gets Rick to safety in a ditch, but he is bombarded with the full force of the Gamma Rays. That night, in the base hospital, Banner and Rick are being held for observation, while Dr. Carlson assures his true superior inside the U.F.O. escape pod that he will be able to steal Banner's formula. As Banner gets worked up about being kept in the hospital, he changes into a seven-foot tall green creature in front of Rick. The creature that was once Banner breaks out of the hospital, and heads towards Banner's house. There, he and Rick find Dr. Carlson stealing Banner's notes, and the Hulk attacks him. Carlson however turns out to be an android, and is trashed by the green goliath. The Hulk then collapses and turns back into Banner, whereby he is soon arrested by Major Talbot, seeking answers about what happened to the hospital. Betty and the Gamma formula are then captured by Carlson's superior, the U.F.O. commander, and Rick attempts to alert Talbot. Upon finding out about Betty's kidnapping, Banner becomes once more changes into the Hulk, who proceeds to battle the alien android.moreless

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  • A nice updating of the Hulk's Cold War origin for the 80s.

    A lot of aspects of the story naturally come straight from The Incredible Hulk #1. With the Cold War still in full effect in the early 80s, the ultimate cause of Banner's transformation into the Hulk remains the Gamma Bomb as in the comics. Although in this version, the focus is on the far more palatable threat of alien invasion. I find it interesting that when the Hulk first appears, he's pretty much silent apart from his familiar growls, making him an even more effective mystery to the soldiers at Gamma Base. Betty's kidnap by the alien commander veers towards schlock territory, but at least it's a good set-up for Hulk versus that alien's machine. Also most of the final destruction is clearly caused by the alien machine, which the Hulk destroys - to me that's not enough motivation for Talbot to dedicate himself to getting rid of the Hulk in the future. Otherwise however, this is a fairly good update of the original origin story.moreless

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