The Incredible Hulk (1982)

Season 1 Episode 2

Prisoner Of The Monster

Aired Unknown Sep 25, 1982 on NBC
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Prisoner Of The Monster
The Sonar Crystallizer, a highly powerful device capable of reducing anything to dust, is due to be tested at Gamma Base, and a villain known as the Spymaster sets his sights on it. Meanwhile, Rio tells Rick about an ancient curse that befell a prince of the Yucatan in South America. The prince was trapped in a forbidden, enchanted volcano that caused him to turn him into a green beast similar to the Hulk whenever he became angry. Eventually, a tribe magician used a secret potion was used to permanently cure the prince, and the potion was enshrined in a temple. Rick tells Banner about this legend, and Banner immediately travels to the Yucatan along with him. As Banner explores Yucatan with Rick, Spymaster infiltrates Gamma Base as a phoney General. In the Yucatan jungle, Banner's party comes under attack by the ancient tribe they were looking for, and Banner becomes the Hulk, who drives the warriors off. Bruce and Rick eventually locate the ancient temple, and after evading several booby-traps, Banner finds and drinks the potion, curing himself of the Hulk. He and Rick are then caught by the tribesmen and are taken to their Queen, who tells Banner that the potion can only work once: if he becomes the Hulk again, it will be forever. The tribe frees Banner and Rick, who return to Gamma Base in time to complete tests on the Crystallizer. Afterwards, Spymaster kidnaps Betty and General Ross, as well as stealing the Crystallizer. Discovering that the only thing immune to the Sonar Crystallizer is the Hulk, Banner sacrifices his freedom and once more subjects himself to an overdose of Gamma radiation in order to rescue his love.moreless

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  • Easily the series' best, most emotionally involving episode.

    I do think that as a season finale this would have been perfect episode. The sonar crystallizer is a fairly unremarkable plot device, and the villain who wants it, Spymaster and his dumb sidekick Cosmso are pure Saturday morning stuff. When finally confronted with the cure, I was surprised that Banner was actually able to drink it and cure himself rather than have a plot device take it away from him. This made for some unique scenes of Banner as a truly happy man; his promise to ask Betty a special question after so long comes across as a very real reaction to him losing his terrible affliction. While the use of Spymaster as a villain to force Banner to bring the Hulk back to life is unsatisfying, the revelation of Banner discovering that the Hulk is the only way to save Betty is handled superbly. Banner's final walk into the desert alone after telling Betty that his special question is on hold is a very emotional scene.moreless

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    • This episode is available on the VHS Marvel Comics Video Library Volume 24 "The Incredible Hulk".

    • Debut of Hulk-out sequence 4 - Banner is standing upright and spontaneously changes into the Hulk on one take. This sequence was only seen in its entirety in this episode, although part of it was intercut with Hulk-out sequence 1 in "The Incredible Shrinking Hulk".

    • Debut of Hulk-out sequence 3 - Banner lies on the ground as he becomes the Hulk. This sequence was seen 4 times in the series, and later shown in "When Monsters Meet", "The Cyclops Project", and "The Hulk Destroys Bruce Banner".

    • Debut of Hulk-out sequence 2 - Banner is standing almost upright when first his eyes change color before he begins to get bigger. This sequence was seen 5 times in the series, and later shown in "When Monsters Meet", "Bruce Banner Unmasked", "The Incredible Shrinking Hulk", and "The Boy Who Saw Tomorrow".