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  • A great series!

    One of the best TV series of 1990.
  • The greatest Marvel cartoon in my opinion

    Ive watched Incredible Hulk on Netflex alot. I was always a fan of the cartoon. Its a really great show to watch if your a kid or neird that loves superheros. The overall of this show is awesome!!!!!!!
  • I love this show

    One of Marvel's best cartoon's of the 1990's I like both the Green and Grey Hulks.
  • this was a good super hero cartoon show that portraied the comics very well

    i thought this marvel super hero version of the hulk was very good and most of the stories come from the comic books. i thought it had a lot of action and showed alot of good stories and made me remember why i read the comic books. such a good show and stan lee came up with a good idea. and the upn benfited from it and gave there channel some good ratines on saturday mornings. alest thats when i used to watch the show when it came out. and enjoyed it very much. and that is why i gave it a 8.5
  • :^

    it was a good show but season 2 slowly got bad and the ending of the series was a dud.............................................a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a aa a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a
  • one of the best

    this was one of the best marvel cartoons of the 90's. it covered all of the best stories. i think it could have gone on a lot longer. when they added she-hulk to the title it went down hill. i thought i heard they were going to bring it back in one form or the other. the least they could do is put it out on dvd like they did the fantastic four.
  • The Hulk returns

    The series starts with Bruce Banner trying to cure himself of his "Hulk disease". I would have loved if the series showed in the first couple of episodes how he became the Hulk in the first place.
    Almost each episode brings a different Marvel character for a fight with the Incredible Hulk, including Iron Man, the Thing and Ghost Rider.
    Later on the series, the Gray Hulk and the She-Hulk join the cast. Their major enemies throught the entire series are the Leader and Doctor Doom.
    The first season is great. The second season isn't so great, but it's still worth watching.
  • A really good show, and DC comic

    This show was nice, underappreciated, because many people doesnt like the character from comic books, but each episode was better and original than the other, whith made the serie really interesting for me.

    It's not the best serie, i really like more the comic books, but it was good to see it.
  • Definitely one of Marvel's better animated shows.

    I think this was the best of Marvel's animated series' simply because it allows the Hulk to punch his opponents, unlike the Spider-Man TAS.

    Most of the characters from the comic book are present such as Betty Ross and her father General Ross, along with Rick Jones and Doc Samson. They even introduced the Grey Hulk - known as Mr. Fixit - in the second season. There are cameos from other characters in the Marvel Universe such as Iron Man, Doctor Doom and many more. Sadly they brought in She-Hulk which dragged the series down. She-Hulk is a great character, don't get me wrong, but they had her spout useless quips regarding either the fact that she had green skin or the fact that she was a woman quite a lot which is quite cheesy and annoying. Up until She-Hulk was introduced, the series was pretty good with some good story arcs and some nice cameos from Ghost Rider, Iron Man and a few others.

    The first season of this series is definitely worth watching. If you can stand She-Hulk and her constant annoying wise-cracking, the later seasons are worth watching also.
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