The Incredible Hulk (1996) - Season 1

UPN (ended 1999)




Episode Guide

  • 2/16/97
    Suited up in powerful exo-armor, Bruce confronts Hulk in the desert. The battle is fierce and Hulk has the definite edge in strength. However, Bruce has intelligence and is able to inflame Hulk's temper – managing to defeat, but not capture him. Bruce isn't feeling so good afterwards, either – putting a damper on his impending wedding with Betty. It turns out that Bruce and Hulk must be joined together again, or they will die. Only the Nutrient Bath can rejoin them, but time is running out to find Hulk and save both of their lives. Choices must be made from all sides, but some will change things forever.moreless
  • 2/9/97
    As Bruce recovers from the Nutrient Bath, Hulk breaks out of Gamma Base. Without Bruce as part of him, he no longer remembers anyone or anything – which Rick finds out the hard way. The Ogress and company, though, are able to bring Hulk in to the Leader. With Gargoyle at the machines, the Leader finally gets what he wanted most – the power of the incredible Hulk. With his mind controlling Hulk's body, the Leader begins a rampage – relishing in his new power. However, he soon finds that Hulk is even stronger than expected. Meanwhile, Bruce decides he must take action of his own.moreless
  • 2/2/97
    Betty and Doctor Samson believe their work on the Nutrient Bath is done. It can theoretically split Bruce and Hulk into two individuals. All they need now is either Bruce or Hulk at Gamma Base to begin. Since Hulk is currently at large, that is easier said than done – even for Samson. Some later help from Rick and the mutated desert animals convinces Hulk to come in peacefully. Don't count on the military and S.H.I.E.L.D. being as easily swayed, however. Is Bruce's last chance for normalcy about to fizzle out?moreless
  • 11/24/96
    Another supposed Hulk sighting takes Betty out to the remote wilderness. Unfortunately, it is Wendigo that awaits her and that creature may be even more dangerous than Hulk. Hearing about the danger she is in, Bruce decides to take action. Problem is, General Ross and Agent Jones intervene and finally capture him. Escape is inevitable, but not before both Bruce and General Ross get handcuffed in a seemingly unbreakable lock. They – as well as the Hulk – must put their differences aside in order to save Betty.moreless
  • Mortal Bounds
    Episode 9
    While the military and S.H.I.E.L.D. follow-up on a Hulk sighting, Betty has to go to Chicago. It turns out a gamma virus is spreading and not even Doctor Donald Blake knows how to stop it. Betty says that only Bruce would know, but cryptically says that one must find Hulk to find him. Not a problem for Donald, as he is also the mighty Thor. The Norse god forces Hulk to Chicago, but then loses track of him. Reverting to normal, Bruce takes another of the infected to the hospital and sets out to help cure the virus – especially when Betty becomes infected herself. Meanwhile, Gargoyle and Abomination – both also infected – are in town and looking for Bruce. It turns out that Gargoyle caused the virus during an attempt to cure himself of his condition.moreless
  • 11/10/96
    Arriving in New York City, Bruce thinks the scientific expertise of Reed Richards can cure both him and She-Hulk – not that she's too keen on that idea. However, most of the Fantastic Four just left for a vacation and only Ben Grimm – who is upset over his recent breakup with Alicia – is still in town. On the way to a supposed publicity stunt at the zoo, Ben runs into Rick. All parties meet at the zoo, as the Ogress attacks. Hulk eventually escapes with Rick – leaving Ben with a smitten She-Hulk. Can Ben help cure them both at Four Freedoms Plaza, as well as fend off the Ogress and the latest experiments of the Leader?moreless
  • Doomed
    Episode 7
    Bruce looks up Jennifer Walters while secretly in Washington D.C.. A happy family reunion between the cousins isn't likely, though, with Doctor Doom around. He again seeks to harness the power of the Hulk, so he attacks and captures the cousins. Jennifer is gravely injured in the process – forcing Bruce to give her his blood to keep her alive. Jennifer is saved, but it leaves her forever changed – as She-Hulk. The new gamma warrior may be all that can stop Doctor Doom and his latest unwilling servant – Hulk.moreless
  • 10/27/96
    Freezing, Bruce is in the Canadian wilderness and looking for Doctor Walter Lankowski. Transforming into Hulk, however, saves his life and gets him into a nearby town. Hulk befriends young Taylor and his puppy, Scout, but the rest of the town mistakes him for the dangerous Sasquatch – forcing him to flee. Reverting out in the cold, Bruce wakes up in the home of Walter – who knows the truth and has agreed to help him. Bruce later learns just how much of a stake Walter has in the experiment – he and Sasquatch are one in the same. With the townspeople and Agent Jones on the hunt for them, can the two scientists possibly cure themselves in time?moreless
  • Innocent Blood
    Episode 5
    The Hulk finds himself in Hollywood being hunted by Ghost Rider. Rick is trying to stop him, while general Ross orders Talbot to use the new tranquilizer ray on the Hulk.

    Meanwhile, The Leader is hiding in Bruce Banner's old lab with the Gargoyle.
  • 9/29/96
    Following another Hulk incident, Bruce finds himself in Los Angeles. He contacts the only one there who can possibly help him – Tony Stark. While Tony is happy to help his old friend, he must first suit up as Iron Man to bring in Hulk. Meanwhile, War Machine encounters Rick and brings him in as well. Preparations are made to cure Bruce once and for all, but a major problem awaits. The military and S.H.I.E.L.D. know that Bruce is at Stark Enterprises and are on their way there. Curing Bruce and fending off such forces may be too much for Iron Man, War Machine and H.O.M.E.R. to handle.moreless
  • Raw Power
    Episode 3
    On the way to his hated job at a nuclear facility, Mitch McCutcheon witnesses Hulk fending off military robots. Later at his job, Mitch encounters Hulk again and sees him revert to Bruce. Realizing that the facility's equipment can possibly cure him, Bruce asks Mitch for his help. Mitch gets Bruce inside and helps prepare the experiment, but his superiors find out and interrupt things. Bruce isn't cured, but even worse, Mitch is accidentally transformed into Zzzax. Unbalanced, Zzzax intends to create havoc and only Hulk can stop him. Meanwhile, S.H.I.E.L.D. muscles in on General Ross's Hulk pursuit – sending in Agent Gabriel Jones. Betty has called in some help of her own – Doctor Samson.moreless
  • 9/15/96
    The Omega Laser and a military assault don't kill Hulk, but they certainly do damage and force him to flee. When it looks like Hulk is about to be recaptured, desert animals – mutated by the same Gamma Reactor accident – come to his aid and provide shelter. Unfortunately, they are no match for Abomination, who easily captures Bruce. The Leader intends to steal Hulk's power from him and leave him dead. Betty, Rick and the mutated animals have little time to save Bruce and foil the Leader.moreless
  • 9/8/96
    In his makeshift laboratory, Bruce Banner prepares another experiment to rid himself of his alter-ego – the incredible Hulk. Unfortunately, the equipment overloads and the stress leads to a transformation. On a rampage against the military, Hulk only gives up and reverts to Bruce after talking to Betty Ross. Captured and held at Gamma Base, Bruce tries to convince General Ross to let him use the equipment there to cure himself. He also reflects on how the sabotage of the Gamma Reactor test and his saving Rick Jones changed so much forever. Meanwhile, the Leader – knowing of Bruce's desire for a cure – intends to destroy those chances with the Abomination.moreless
  • Pilot
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