The Incredible Hulk

Season 5 Episode 7

A Minor Problem

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 12, 1982 on CBS



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    • Patty: I'm sorry, David.
      David: What did you do this time?
      Patty: For being so suspicious of you.
      David: That's understandable.

    • Tom: What if it's like they said? What if that chlorine they leaked is dangerous?
      Mark: (to Rita) The voice of doom.

    • Mark: I took a chemistry course at city college.
      Rita: Which you flunked.

    • Patty: What are you doing here?
      Rita: What do you think we're doing here? The same thing you and your friend are doing here. Unfortunately, me and my friends got here first.

    • (David and Patty are listening to the radio)
      Reporter: But, Mr. Cunningham, wouldn't you call a chlorine leak a major catastrophe?
      Cunningham: No, not in this case. Just a major inconvenience.

    • Cunningham: Now look, Patty, I see you're not feeling very well. So why don't you give me those papers, and we'll get you all to a hospital.

    • (Cunningham and his men arrive at the evacuated town)
      Sperling: Damn, it's quiet.
      Jordan: Yeah, no welcoming committee, huh, Mr. Cunningham?

    • David: Why is the town evacuated?
      Patty: I'm sure Mr. Cunningham has already explained all that to you.
      David: I don't know any Cunningham.
      Patty: Right. And, uh, of course you don't know about-what did Cunningham call it? A minor problem.

    • Rita: A little chlorine never hurt anyone.

  • Notes

    • There have been conflicting accounts as to why the series was canceled (a slip in the ratings, increasing budget, etc.). However, producer Kenneth Johnson blames the show's demise on Harvey Sheppard, who was head of CBS programming at the time. He has maintained that the cancellation resulted from Sheppard's belief that there were no more seasons left in the series, although it was still doing well in the ratings, and there were already seven filmed episodes that had not yet aired. Johnson tried to persuade Sheppard to buy six more episodes, so that there would be at least a half season of new episodes, but Sheppard refused. In addition, according to Lou Ferrigno's autobiography "My Incredible Life as the Hulk," Bill Bixby talked to rival networks ABC and NBC about picking up the series, but was unsuccessful.

    • As a result of the show's unexpected cancellation, this was the last episode in the series.

    • Nancy Lee Grahn (Patty Knowlton) was actually credited as Nancy Grahn.

    • David's confirmation letter for his job interview was signed by Stefanie Leder. Obviously, this is a partial in-joke reference to Reuben Leder, who wrote for the series.

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