The Incredible Hulk

Season 4 Episode 6

Bring Me the Head of the Hulk

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 09, 1981 on CBS
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Episode Summary

A rival publisher of McGee's newspaper hires a mercenary to kill the Hulk.

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      • (About David)
        LeFront: Well, Alex, what do you think of him?
        Alex: Well, he's as good a suspect as anyone we've hired so far, sir. He's a nice man.
        LeFront: Nice? Alex, you wouldn't be losing your objectivity on me, would you?
        Alex: No, sir.
        LeFront: Good. We've been together a long time, I'd hate to see it. Careful about fraternizing with nice Mr. Bedford. You may have to shoot him.

      • Jane: (to David) Patience was never one of my virtues.

      • Alex: (After Lefront tries out a bazooka) Well, sir, that should stop the Hulk.

      • (Limelight publisher Neil Hines has just hired Lefront to kill the Hulk)
        Neil: Mr. Lefront, how are you going to do it?
        Lefront: For now, let us say that I've studied my objectives well. I know the Hulk's tendencies. I plan to create the ideal environment for him. And if he follows his usual patterns, he's mine.

      • (Lefront has just left Jack McGee's office)
        Mark: Jack, I was only trying to get rid of him the easiest way. He's a nut.
        Jack: I don't think he's a nut, Mark. I do think he is dangerous.

      • Lefront: (to Neil) Wouldn't a dead bigfoot serve you as well as a live one?
        Neil: Ludin?
        Ludin: Everything considered, he's right.

      • Jack McGee: What is this, some kind of a gag?
        Lefront: I can assure you, Mr. McGee, I'm not in the business of amusing people.
        Mark: What exactly is the nature of your business, Mr. Lefront?
        Lefront: A fine, permanent solution to my clients' problems.

      • Lefront: (to a picture of the Hulk) To you, sir... an interesting project, and, I trust, very lucrative.

      • (Dr. Jane Cabot has just gotten off the phone with McGee, who is trying to warn her about Lefront)
        Jane Cabot: How can I be sure that this McGee is telling the truth?
        David: And how can you afford to ignore him?
        Jane: David, have you any idea what this grant means to me? My work?
        David: Dr. Cabot, I've heard about this McGee. He's no crank, and I think you ought to listen to him.
        Jane: Alright, I'll close down the lab until I can verify McGee's story. I'll tell Lefront now.
        David: You can't just tell a killer you're backing out. Now just suppose this entire project is a trap, a very expensive trap. Lefront isn't going to let you or anybody else stand in his way.

      • Mark Roberts: What makes you think that you can capture the Hulk when everybody else has failed?
        Lefront: I said nothing about capture.
        McGee: (to Lefront) Well what makes you think that we would give you a license to kill the Hulk?

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