The Incredible Hulk

Season 4 Episode 6

Bring Me the Head of the Hulk

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 09, 1981 on CBS



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    • (About David)
      LeFront: Well, Alex, what do you think of him?
      Alex: Well, he's as good a suspect as anyone we've hired so far, sir. He's a nice man.
      LeFront: Nice? Alex, you wouldn't be losing your objectivity on me, would you?
      Alex: No, sir.
      LeFront: Good. We've been together a long time, I'd hate to see it. Careful about fraternizing with nice Mr. Bedford. You may have to shoot him.

    • Jane: (to David) Patience was never one of my virtues.

    • Alex: (After Lefront tries out a bazooka) Well, sir, that should stop the Hulk.

    • (Limelight publisher Neil Hines has just hired Lefront to kill the Hulk)
      Neil: Mr. Lefront, how are you going to do it?
      Lefront: For now, let us say that I've studied my objectives well. I know the Hulk's tendencies. I plan to create the ideal environment for him. And if he follows his usual patterns, he's mine.

    • (Lefront has just left Jack McGee's office)
      Mark: Jack, I was only trying to get rid of him the easiest way. He's a nut.
      Jack: I don't think he's a nut, Mark. I do think he is dangerous.

    • Lefront: (to Neil) Wouldn't a dead bigfoot serve you as well as a live one?
      Neil: Ludin?
      Ludin: Everything considered, he's right.

    • Jack McGee: What is this, some kind of a gag?
      Lefront: I can assure you, Mr. McGee, I'm not in the business of amusing people.
      Mark: What exactly is the nature of your business, Mr. Lefront?
      Lefront: A fine, permanent solution to my clients' problems.

    • Lefront: (to a picture of the Hulk) To you, sir... an interesting project, and, I trust, very lucrative.

    • (Dr. Jane Cabot has just gotten off the phone with McGee, who is trying to warn her about Lefront)
      Jane Cabot: How can I be sure that this McGee is telling the truth?
      David: And how can you afford to ignore him?
      Jane: David, have you any idea what this grant means to me? My work?
      David: Dr. Cabot, I've heard about this McGee. He's no crank, and I think you ought to listen to him.
      Jane: Alright, I'll close down the lab until I can verify McGee's story. I'll tell Lefront now.
      David: You can't just tell a killer you're backing out. Now just suppose this entire project is a trap, a very expensive trap. Lefront isn't going to let you or anybody else stand in his way.

    • Mark Roberts: What makes you think that you can capture the Hulk when everybody else has failed?
      Lefront: I said nothing about capture.
      McGee: (to Lefront) Well what makes you think that we would give you a license to kill the Hulk?

  • Notes

    • First and only episode of the series directed by star Bill Bixby.

    • Walter Brooke is the only actor not in the regular cast to appear as the same character in more than one episode or two-parter. He is also featured in season three's "Proof Positive" and later in season four in "Interview With the Hulk." His character also appears in season two's "Stop the Presses," though portrayed by Richard O'Brien.

    • Guest star Sandy McPeak previously appeared in season two episode "A Child in Need."

    • alias: David Bedford

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