The Incredible Hulk

Season 3 Episode 20


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 14, 1980 on CBS



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    • Radio news broadcast: Prestonville residents were shocked today by the brutal murder of a young woman on the State University campus early this morning. Police declined to comment on the details of the crime. But reliable sources confirm that the murder follows the same pattern of four previous homicides committed over the past 5 months. In those tragic cases, the victims, all blondes, were strangled and a bizarre death mask was left covering the victim's face. And despite a request from Mayor Tom Fowler that students allow city and campus police to handle these so-called Deathmask murders, the school's Male Student Alliance stated today that they will continue patrolling the campuses and escorting women.

    • Jenks: (protesting at JJ Hendren for plotting to lynch David) You can't just go in there and take this guy!
      JJ: Why not? Willy.
      Willy: Yeah.
      JJ : You know where the main phone trunks connect?
      Willy: Yeah, sure, JJ. (realises JJ wants him to cut the phone lines) Yeah, I got you.
      JJ: Ok. You others. Walk away from here. Nice and cool. You go home, and you get your guns.
      Man 1: We'll work with you, JJ.
      Man 2: Now! Let's go! Let's go!
      JJ: We'll take him after it gets dark.

    • JJ Hendren: (examining rope an accomplice gave him for David's lynching) Ok, that ought to be enough. Come on, let's go!

    • Fowler: I tell you, Frank, being mayor is a big responsibility. I'm real glad that you're here. You know, you've got experience with this psycho kind of thing (serial murders).
      Rhodes: This isn't Chicago. In Prestonville I'm just another underpaid cop.
      Fowler: With a couple of pluses in your favour. Now, we know your background, the kind of cases you worked on, and Frank, believe me, believe me when I tell you I am glad that you're here. I just want to get this creep (Deathmask killer).
      Rhodes: Me too.

    • David: (vigilante student alliance against Deathmask are approaching him in a threatening manner) What's this all about?

      Jenks: (leading alliance) Just wanna talk to you. Get some answers.

      Rhodes: (stepping in) That's my job, gentlemen. Let's take a little walk, Mr Brent (David).



    • Sid: (joining press conference over David's arrest for the Deathmask murders) Hey, Paul.
      Paul: How's it going, Sid?
      Sid: Kind of slow. But old Chief Rhodes is getting his confession (not true). Well, see you all later.

    • Joan: (Deathmask turns up volume on TV to hear Joan speak out against David's arrest)...that the man arrested by the Police Department is not the Deathmask Killer. Now this is only an opinion, of course, but it's an opinion that's based on knowing David Brent personally, and by knowing the killer the same way, as only a former victim of the same kind of of man can. And I know personally that this kind of individual is an animal, a creature that prowls only in the darkness. And only then, to terrorize, humiliate, and murder those who are weak, alone, and...(interrupted by change of scene)

    • JJ Hendren: (on radio, plotting David's lynching with the others) This is J.J., boys. If you're ready, we best be getting to the courthouse. Or we'll be late for our own party.

      Willy: On my way, J.J.
      JJ Hendren: George?
      George: All set.
      JJ Hendren: Then let's do it.

    • JJ Hendren: (leading lynch mob against David) Give us David Brent, Rhodes! Give us that murderer!
      Jack McGee: (pleading with Rhodes) You can't do this! You can't let them lynch that man!

    • Lynch mobber: (to David, whom he and his cohorts are trying to lynch) Get up! Get u- (Hulk bursts out, and the force knocks the mob flat)

    • JJ Hendren: (re Deathmask killer) Even if they catch him, you know what'll happen. They'll say he's sick. Put him in a nut house. In a couple of years he'll be out again. He'll be free.

    • JJ Hendren: (leading mob to lynch David, trying to break down door to get at him) I'm going to get you, Brent!
      Accomplice: Break it down! Break it down!

    • Fowler: (banging on Rhodes' office door, trying to alert him about the lynch mob.) Frank, Frank, what're you doing in there? Frank, what's going on in there? Listen to me, there's a mob out there, they've cut the phone lines!

    • Rhodes: (re angry townspeople demanding David's blood because they think he is Deathmask) I can't keep him here. We don't have enough security.
      Fowler: Frank, I know these people. Sure, they're mad. But they've got a reason to be mad. The condition that poor girl is in? But these people are not criminals, they're law-abiding folks.
      Rhodes: Yeah, well, I am going to move my prisoner to State Police Headquarters, just in case those law-abiding folks decide to become a lynch mob. Have you seen the people out there?

    • Joan: (unmasks Deathmask, and discovers he is Frank Rhodes) Oh! Frank!
      Sid: It's Chief Rhodes.
      Rhodes: Rhodes deserves to die. Rhodes could never survive. (Then split personality changes back to normal) Inside me, Joan. It's him...him (Deathmask personality)

    • Fowler: Your probationary contract still has six months to go. Now look, why don't you let me tear it up right no? Sign you on as a permanent member of this community? What do you say? How about it? Chief of Police. That's four years. All the benefits.
      Rhodes: Tell me something, Mayor Fowler, what do you get out of all this? A head start on the governor's race, something like that?
      Fowler: Well...something like that.
      Rhodes: Yeah, yeah.
      Fowler: We're both practical men. The confession and the conviction of this Deathmask Killer could mean an awful lot to the both of us.

      Rhodes: I see.
      Fowler: Good. Good. I'm glad. You know, it helps when people understand each other.

    • Mayor Fowler: (at press conference on David's arrest for the Deathmask crimes) As you know, the Deathmask killer has been apprehended.
      Joan: (protesting at violation of David's rights) Your Honor, don't you mean the alleged killer has been apprehended?
      Mayor Fowler: (ignores Joan) And the killer is in the process of making a statement, a full confession.
      Joan: It's not true! David Brent is not a killer!

    • Miriam: (while waiting outside police HQ for news of Chief Rhodes, who has been arrested for the Deathmask crimes) Has anyone heard what happened to David?
      Joan: (shakes head) After the way this town treated him, (nearly lynched him) I didn't blame him for not coming back that night or ever.

    • JJ Hendren: (re David, whom he thinks is Deathmask) He killed my Peggy. I'll handle it my own way.
      Jenks: (realises Hendren and his friends are out to lynch David) Do you people understand what you're saying? What you're talking about doing? Do you, Mr Hendren?
      JJ Hendren: Seems to me you and your Male Student Alliance are the ones doing all the chest beaten'. What's wrong, Jenks? You afraid to get down to the real thing? Or maybe you wanna go tell the mayor, or Rhodes, what me and these good citizens have been discussing.

    • Rhodes: (speaking to David in irony) You don't know what it's like, do you? You don't know what it's like when you have to keep something locked up inside you, something dangerous. A terrible thing. It's like a cancer. A monster.

    • Rhodes: (setting up police surveillance on David) Stick around here for a while. I want you to keep an eye on our friend.
      Sid: How long, Chief?
      Rhodes: All night if necessary. And would you please try to stay awake, Sid?
      Sid: (in groaning tone) Yeah, all right. Hey, you want some orange? (offers a piece of orange, which Rhodes does not take)

    • McGee: (seeing Hulk break out of the courthouse after downing the lynch mob) My God, it was him.

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