The Incredible Hulk

Season 3 Episode 21


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 21, 1980 on CBS
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Episode Summary

While working at a private island owned by a spoiled heiress, David is asked to join a masquerade party which Jack McGee attends uninvited. Meanwhile, someone is out to kill the heiress.

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  • David face to face with McGee at a masquerade party.

    The second consecutive episode with a plot that deviates from the usual, "Equinox" is notable for repeating two occurrences from earlier in the third season: It features a face-to-face confrontation between McGee and Banner and is set almost entirely on a private island, repeating elements of "Broken Image" and "The Snare."

    Thumbs up to script writer Andrew Schneider for penning an episode where McGee is integral to the plot, with the dogged reporter appearing from the first scene through the finale. Also of note is the Hulk is featured in three scenes instead of the usual two, with a brief appearance at the start of the episode as he is pursued by McGee.

    The plot is a tad busy with several storylines converging at the end, including the cat and mouse game with McGee and a secondary mystery surrounding which wronged man in the life of guest star Christine De Lisle is out to murder the petulant heiress. The garish disco-masquerade ball is a bit over the top, but, in all, it's an entertaining episode that throws enough curves into the mix to make it memorable.moreless
  • David is trapped on an island during a masquerade party with Mcghee closing in.

    The episode starts out with Mcghee chasing the Hulk. After the hulk looses Mcghee he changes back. David jumps on a boat to get back to the island where he is staying Mcghee sees him for a distance but cannot catch him. David plans to leave but the rich lady who owns the island will not let him. She is a snubby rich person who is having a costume party and wants David to stay. Only problem being someone is trying to kill her but who? So David has to avoid Mcghee who is on the island and save her. Great moment where Mcghee confronts David face to face but David is wearing a mask.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • When David falls down the stairs trying to escape from McGee, the vase that he crashes into breaks apart rather easily. If you look closely, several cracks are already in the vase for easy breakage, indicating that the prop was pieced together.

  • QUOTES (2)

    • Maintenance Man: (to Jack McGee, after the Hulk knocks over some trash cans) They don't pay me to pick up after big green guy.

    • (Jack McGee, armed with a tranquilizer gun, corners David Banner, who is wearing a mask to hide his identity)
      McGee: It's over, John. Take off the mask.
      David: Mr. McGee...mine is not a happy life. All I want is to get rid of the creature. Why won't you leave me alone?
      McGee: From the one's believed me. You're my vindication.
      David: And you'll be destroying me.
      McGee: I'll be uncontrollable and dangerous force.
      David: The creature saved your life more than once, you know that.
      McGee: The creature is also responsible for taking lives! I was there at the laboratory fire. He killed David Banner and Elaina Marks!
      David: No! No, no, no! Elaina died in the fire. Not the creature. He tried to save her.
      McGee: You'll have every chance to prove that in a court of law.

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