The Incredible Hulk

Season 2 Episode 11

Escape from Los Santos

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Dec 01, 1978 on CBS

Episode Recap

While hitch-hiking near Los Santos, David sees some people (Anastasia Produce) changing a flat, and a high-speed car chase between the police and a young woman (whose name is later revealed to be Holly Cooper). Later, the police offer David a ride into town. The alias he gives is Brown. He sees that in the patrol car in front of them, Holly has been captured.


At the sheriff's office, David is very surprised to find himself suddenly under arrest – without any charge given. No rights are read either, and David is not even allowed his one phone call. In the next cell he sees Holly, who says he has been arrested for her husband's murder. The sheriff then takes her away, and she tells David "they're going to kill us!" David, who has been screaming blue murder about his innocence and demanding to know what the hell is going on, finally hulks out when the police spray a painful chemical spray into his eyes.


The Hulk breaks out in the nick of time to rescue Holly, who is now unconscious, and carries her out in the direction of the desert. On the way, he is sighted by a dating couple in a car (and unknowingly stops the boy from getting too forceful with his date), and they drive off in a panic. They report the Hulk sighting to the sheriff, who has to believe them after his own Hulk encounter.


The sheriff puts out a radio bulletin on two suspects who considered armed and dangerous. He also disconnects the phones to prevent any calls to the state police and sets up roadblocks.


David, who has now changed back, continues to carry Holly until he finally stumbles across Anastasia Produce. They agree to help nurse her, but do not trust them enough to call for help.


Holly explains that her husband Ray was assistant D.A. He found evidence of corruption in the sheriff's office, mainly in illegal drug smuggling. He had been waiting on enough evidence for an indictment, but had files at home. Holly thinks their only hope is Jim, the D.A. who was Ray's boss, but he lives at least 30 miles away. They turn to Ray's friends, Bobby and Angie, for help in getting to Jim. But Bobby and Angie are too scared to lend assistance and slam the door in their faces. They also inform them about the disconnected telephones, and then Holly and David overhear the radio bulletin the sheriff has issued.


They head for Holly's house for a pickup truck. They are dismayed to discover the sheriff has got to the files and is now taking them away. But when searching the ransacked house for the key to the pickup, Holly discovers negatives of the files, which Ray had stashed in a photo album. So they still have the evidence.


But when they try to leave in the pickup, the sheriff catches them and handcuffs them together. They knock him over and drive off in the pickup. The driving is awkward because they both have to drive the pickup while cuffed together, and they also have another high-speed police car chase, which they manage to shake off.


Jim does not seem to believe Holly was framed and urges her to give herself up. Then he seems to come around when they talk to him about the corruption and David explains about the negatives he has in the envelope he is carrying. Jim then leaves, saying he is going to sort out everything. But while getting more refreshments, David and Holly see the files the sheriff took from the Cooper house in Jim's lounge and realize that Jim is in league with the sheriff. Jim sees them dash off – still with the negatives – and informs the sheriff.


The state police are the only option left. But now David and Holly are on foot, still handcuffed together, and being chased by police with dogs. Things get worse when they come to a ravine and have to make a dangerous crossing over some type of bridge. They make it, but Holly slips and is in danger of falling down the ravine. While David tries to save her, the envelope with the negatives falls out of his pocket and onto the ground.


The sheriff and his men come to the ravine and start to cross, thinking they now have their quarry. But David hulks out (which also breaks the handcuffs). The Hulk pulls Holly up and then smashes down their end of the bridge, cutting off the sheriff. The sheriff retreats and decides to take the long way around.


Holly, terrified of the Hulk, throws rocks at him and then runs off. While she is away, he changes back into David. Holly comes back, with the negatives and Anastasia Produce, who now agree to help them. Anastasia Produce smuggle them through the sheriff's roadblocks, and the evidence is soon delivered to the state police. David tells Holly that he regrets that he cannot stay, and he departs with Anastasia Produce.