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The Incredible Hulk

Season 2 Episode 17

Mystery Man (2)

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 09, 1979 on CBS
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Episode Summary

After surviving a plane crash in the mountains, Jack McGee and a facially bandaged David must flee the area before a forest fire threatens their lives. In the meantime, David gradually regains his memory.

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  • My best pick of the series.

    Spoilers. This is an exciting story, although at times it appears stretched out. Nonetheless, there’s plenty of entertainment to keep you glued to your seat, fascinating conversations between David and Jack, clever ideas of having David lose his memory, but have his face wrapped up from burns so Jack has no idea who he’s talking to. And then Jack admitting to having no real friends and enjoying David’s congenial companionship.

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Nitpick: It appears that Bill Bixby blew his line in the scene where David is trying to tell Jack that they can make it. David briefly refers to Jack as "John".

  • QUOTES (9)

    • McGee: Oh, you're my doctor, John. Hands like silk. Can't feel a thing. (Looking at his injured leg) See? Not a twinge.
      David: It is a little infected, that's true, but I think if we get to town....
      McGee: Oh, knock it off. It's gangrene, even I can tell gangrene.
      David: It's not gangrene, not yet. But it soon could be.
      McGee: You're dynamite at fixing a busted leg, John. And nobody can touch you as a sled dog, but as a liar, you're an out and out bum. You got no talent for it at all.
      David: The skin would be turning black if was gangrenous. No circulation. And that's why we have to get to town before gangrene does set in.
      McGee: Why don't you just cut it off? Why put off till tomorrow what you can cut off today?

    • Hal: What about our friends out there? About the only thing that can save them now is our reluctant blizzard.
      Bob Cory: Save them or kill them...if they're not dead already.

    • Jack McGee: (to David, about the wolves) You were right. They're hungrier than we are.

    • Jack McGee: It's over but the cremation.

    • Bob Cory: Are they still predicting snow?
      Hal Pollock: Yeah, but nobody wants to say when. Could be just the thing we need to stop the fire, though.
      Bob Cory: What if there are survivors from that air crash?
      Hal Pollock: Freezing in the blizzard, or frying in the fire. Now there's some choice.

    • David: If you let up now, Jack, you'll never find the Hulk.
      McGee: The Hulk is another lost cause. Might as well be a million miles away.
      David: But what if he wasn't? What if you knew where he was? I mean, what if you knew the secret close enough to touch?
      McGee: It won't work, John. You're not gonna psyche me up again.
      David: The Hulk, the Hulk, Jack. Look, think about it. What if you had the Hulk? Wouldn't it mean a great deal of money to you? You could exploit all the publicity that the creature had to offer.
      McGee: If you're trying to make me mad, it's working! What the hell do you think I am?
      David: I don't know. Why don't you tell me? Why do you want the Hulk so badly?
      McGee: Because the Hulk means escape, get it? It's the biggest story of the 20th century. You could pick up a Pulitzer for journalism. More important, I could get off the Register. I could stop banging out pap for the supermarket masses. I could get my column back. Write real stories. Important stories. I could be somebody!

    • Jack McGee: What do you want me to do, John? Find the Hulk and walk away?! You're kidding!
      David: Yes, I guess I am. But I'm not kidding about that fire.

    • Jack McGee: I'll find you yet, John Doe. They'll believe me then.

    • David: (after fully regaining his memory) I'm Dr. David Banner, and I'm the creature.

  • NOTES (4)

    • This two-part story is one of the most significant episodes of the series, not just because it explains Jack McGee's obsession with the Hulk, but also because McGee discovers that a human being transforms into the creature and vice versa. This fact alone explains to McGee as to how and why the creature always escapes detection. However, with no clue as to the identity of the man who becomes the Hulk, McGee pursues his mystery man as "John Doe."

    • Part one of this story has the (later) first season version of music on the opening credits; Part two reverts to the second season version.

    • job: none

    • alias: John Doe


    • McGee: I feel like I'm in a Jack London novel or something.

      Jack London was an author whose most well-known works include The Call of the Wildand White Fang. The latter book opens with a pack of starving wolves stalking a pair of men traveling through the Alaskan wilderness.