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The Incredible Hulk

Season 4 Episode 2

Prometheus (2)

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 14, 1980 on CBS
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Episode Summary

David's half-Hulk/half-human condition leads a military group called Prometheus to believe that he is an alien, so they capture him, and then send him to a lab for study.

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  • The Hulk runs amok after being capture by a shadowy government agency.

    After a dramatic build-up in the first part of this season opener, "Prometheus" delivers the goods in the concluding chapter that has the Hulk captured by a secret government agency only to run amok in its highly advanced research facility. Notable for turning the tables and featuring the Hulk more prominently than Banner, the episode is action-driven with the character drama downplayed in favor of pyrotechnics and set pieces. It all looks bigger than television and quite expensive, but director Kenneth Johnson explains quite a few tricks in the episode commentary included on the fourth season DVD release. He is a master, it seems, at "production value," and it's quite evident here. High marks also to the guest cast, particularly Monte Markham and Laurie Prange, for top-notch work.moreless
Monte Markham

Monte Markham


Guest Star

Carol Baxter

Carol Baxter

Dr. Charlene McGowan

Guest Star

Whit Bissell

Whit Bissell

Dr. John Zeiderman

Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (12)

    • (Brad is discussing the meteor and the Hulk)
      Jason: War of the Worlds?
      Brad: Don't think we haven't thought of that.

    • Jason: Hello, Char. Still hanging around those fossils?
      Charlene: Yes. You still undressing women by remote control?
      Jason: No, I gave that up.
      Charlene: I bet. Just like I gave up breathing.

    • Katie: You work here?
      McGee: I'm a visitor like yourself.

    • 2nd Man: Dr Jason Spath?
      Jason: Yes?
      2nd Man: We have a visitor.

    • Man: Dr John Zeiderman?
      John: That's right.
      Man: We have a visitor.

    • (Jack McGee catches a young man observing the Hulk)
      Young man: I didn't mean to break security, sir. I was just checking out the circuits.
      McGee: Maybe just a little curious?
      Young man: Oh no, sir...yes, sir.
      McGee: It alright. I think we all are.

    • Brad: I want to get this thing where we can handle it.
      John: So you can tap into its secrets, and then use it as a weapon?
      Charlene: John, be practical.
      Brad: John, let's just catch it, fast.
      Jack McGee: (sarcastically) Good luck.

    • (Charlene explains the decision to temporarily shut down Prometheus)
      Charlene: Our first experience was rather a disaster.
      Jack McGee: Yeah, you could say that.

    • Jack McGee: (to Brad) I know how this man... how this creature, acts and reacts! You go charging in there like the first eight bars of Tiger Rag and he will tear the place apart! What he has already done is just a taste. You ain't seen nothing yet!

    • (Jack McGee tries to reason with the half-Hulk/half-human David, noticing that he is stuck in mid-transformation)
      McGee: You don't like the way you are now, do you?
      David: No! I hate it.
      McGee: I understand that and so do they. They're scientists.
      Katie: (to David) Not all of them.

    • (Brad and scientists begin to watch tapes of the Hulk)
      Charlene: Who's the man?
      Brad: He's not a man. He's something else.

    • Jason: You mean you've seen this thing before?
      Jack McGee: Of course I have. I've chased it back and forth across the country the last three years.
      Brad: I'd like to know just how in hell you chased him into here.
      Jack McGee: Good reporter doesn't give up easily.
      Brad: This 'good reporter' may find himself in prison.

  • NOTES (4)


    • Technician #1: "We've got a blowout in Damper 3"
      Technician #2: "Get your base to zero"
      Technician #1: "We can't hold them"

      The conversation between the unseen technicians, just after David Banner turns into the Hulk for the second time, is a paraphrase from the opening narration sequence of The Six Million Dollar Man (1974-1978) that happens between Steven Austin and a NASA chase plane just prior to the crash.

    • Dr. Jason Spath: "War of the Worlds?"
      This is the title of the 1953 H.G. Wells movie.