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  • The Hulk Adventures!

    With out a doubt in my mind this has to be the best series ever made that's based on a comic book. The show came out around the time I was born and you can easily say why it's one of my favorite.

    The Incredible Hulk has such a great cast, Bill Bixby did an excellent job playing David (The Producer change the name from Bruce to David) Banner.

    Jack Colvin play really good character of Jack McGee the reporter that follow the Hulk everywhere. I wanted to say McGee is a villian, but there are some good in him. so he not really a badguy, Just a guy who's really obessed with the Hulk.

    Last but not least Lou Ferringno play the Hulk.And does a fantastic job! What's great about this show is the Hulk is really play by a real person and not CGI, Don't get me wrong I really enjoy the Hulk films, but it's nice to see Hulk is play by a real person.

    As for the series it self, I find it really sad because any time David try to find a cure, he either lose it or the cure would fail. It's such a great enjoyable series and it's really worth watching. :)

  • The Incredible Hulk is about a man named David Banner. He accidently overdoses on gamma radiation and when ever he becomes angry, he becomes the Hulk. After the Pilot he is believed to be dead and a reporter named Mcgee has been trying to pursue the Hulk.

    Ths show is brillant, truely brilliant. This show is not some silly comic book show, this show deals with serious problems many of the Episodes. Whats cool about this show is that David Banner goes from place to place every time, so there is always new characters to meet. The villians in the Episode are not Super Villians, but regular people. This show is very realistic. Children will like the show because of the hulk and adults will enjoy the story. The story's of each episode usually are very intelliegently written. In each episode you come to like all the characters, and wil find your self rooting for David Banner to become the Hulk.
  • David working as a waiter in Chicago, was it Chicago?:) He is helping 2 woman starting a business but his photo is taken by a reporter and David has to stop the presses ! Very good episode and first time we see some character development for Mr. Mc

    I found this espisode one of the better of the season, especially the character of McGee. I think he never had so many screentime throughout the beginning of the show then in this episode.
    I also like the humor in this episode, especially the scene in the lift when David and McGee are 2 foot away from each other
    Also the scene where the Hulk was hit by a dart was very new and exciting.
    The only lose end was the transformation of the hulk the first time.
    Didn't they see that David was transforming in the Hulk? In the end, they must have come to the conclusion that David is the Hulk, no?
  • I dressed up as The Hulk once for Halloween.

    I wish they would bring the Incredible Hulk back to T.V. with Lou Ferringo playing the Incredible Hulk again. Or make a new show of the Hulk with new actors if Lou Ferringo doesn\'nt want to play the Incredible Hulk again. I watch every show they made on the Incredible Hulk I seen the each show more than once.It would have been nice if he had of talk once but he never did. The Hulk was a great show and still is in rre runs. One thing thing I can not understand is how when some one shots the Hulk that hurts him since he is so strong you would think it would not hurt him.
  • Trucks, cars, chases and fun for everyone

    One of the problems David Banner frequently encounters is people taking advantage of him. Because he is a caring person, he is an easy target. This episode is no different. A woman truck driver turns on the charm and asked Banner to help with a favor. He gladly complies but soon finds that he was deceived. Thus begins a fun episode. There is drama and humor mixed from beginning to end.

    One of the interesting features of this episode is the "stock footage" used in some of the chase scenes. Clips from one of Steve Spielberg's first movies, Duel, are used several times. If you've scene Spielberg's film then you may find it comical to see how the directors of this episode keep the passenger in this car from view of the camera (since the original clips only had one person in the car). This one is lot's of fun for every viewer.
  • Based on the Marvel Comic characters, but played with a deep sense of tragedy.

    I didn't expect to like this show so much, but Bill Bixby brings a great deal of talent to his acting, and conveys with tremendous skill a deep sense of the real tragedy that becoming the Incredible Hulk was for David Banner. The wandering life, the constant struggle to never, ever loose his temper or get an adrenaline rush - it does get to you, despite what we would consider today the truly terrible effects. Even Lou Ferrigno, whos job mostly consisted of busting out of shirts, managed a couple moments of grace. Sad note: Bill died of prostate cancer in November of '93 while directing "Blossom".
  • Perhaps the most intelligent of the superhero shows.

    I'm not sure if it can really be considered a super-hero show, since the Hulk was more like an anti-hero, but it fits into that genre because it's based on a comic book, and the Hulk always ends up saving David Banner's skin, so on the whole he's a protagonist. In spite of its comic book roots, it's actually very sophisticated, not at all campy. If you've watched The Fugitive you'll notice the similarities. Both Richard Kimble and David Banner were on the run, Kimble from the law (he was falsely accused, convicted, and sentenced to death for his wife's murder) and Banner from a nosy reporter who, like the rest of the world, thinks he's dead and that the Hulk is responsible for the death of Banner's wife, and who, if he finds that Banner is alive or if he captures the Hulk, would make it impossible for Banner to find a cure for his "condition". Also like Kimble, Banner travels around the country, taking odd jobs, gets involved with people, albeit for a short while, and helps them however he can. Both David Janssen and Bill Bixby were great actors who died too young.

    One may wonder why he would be so anxious for a cure, since the Hulk has saved his life on so many occassions. I guess you'd have to be in his shoes to really understand.
  • I think there is that little burst of anger in all of us that wants to come out at one time or another but we have to maintain it.

    A series about someone who has had a rough,sad, and lonely life but tries to make a difference and help out when he can
    inspite of an extraordinary alter ego that he carries with him and inadverently helps the man deal with what he comes across. The scientist's creature which is guided by his personality does good even though perceived as a monster and
    constantly pursued by a reporter. The reporter is pursuing the creature for a murder he did not commit and the reporter
    inadverently caused the death. To watch Doctor Banner's story as he travels the world is an interesting story. What will happen first Banner being cured or being exposed by reporter Jack Mcghee?
  • One of the all time best shows of all

    This was my favorite Friday night show ( besides the dukes of hazzard). Clearly the premise was spot on. I like drama shows that have to deal with pain and some kind of trama. This was a man who had to bear the cross everywhere he went. Even camping out in baja california away from people did not keep him from turning into the Hulk. However, David BAnne was my hero; warm, gentle, sincere and always eager to help despite his pain. Bill Bixby was clearly an underrated actor and you can tell that he gave 110% to this role.
  • A bit cheesy at times but still very good. Classic 80s.

    Classic 80s type series where the main character would go from town to town helping out some downtrodden victim. In the case of the Hulk the added feature was a guy on the run having to deal with turning into a rampaging green monster whenever anyone made him angry. David should have just taken a Valium and chilled.

    So why is it his pants always stayed on? Why didnt his "junk" get bigger? I would have thought it would end up the size of one of those novelty baseball bats you get at the ballpark.

    Hulk took elements of The Fugitive and combined it with some Sci-fi elements of a scientist whose experiment went wrong. He would come so close to curing himself several times but always failed in the end. All in all it kept my attention but the final episode was unsatisfying as I remember it - though I havent seen it since the original airing.
  • One of the best shows of it's time........

    Okay, so it was a little different than the comic. it 's still a good show. i have to say that i do not agree with the networks desicion to call him David , because they thought Bruce sounded gay, my middle name is Bruce and i'm not gay! altogh all the other changes were for the better. i always love to see him turn green at 25 min. and 50 min. into the show in season 3 or something. i find it cool when he's the hulk and always gets angry and starts trowing things and smashing windows. later.
  • Still the best.

    This series has always had a special place in my heart due to the exceptional jobs of Bill Bixby (bringing home the tragedy of David Banner's life and his constant struggle with his guilt and trying to find a cure to his "affliction")and to Lou Ferrigno for making The Hulk believable; probably the last superhero character who at the time could have been considered for a long time running live action TV show. Granted some of the episodes are cringe-worthy but there are plenty of fantastic tales that truly make "The Incredible Hulk" one of the best sci-fi programs ever.
  • one of a kind

    here is a show from the 70's that is still good today. i hate the way they changed his name from bruce to david banner. the stories were sometimes a little too corny but i watched it every friday night when i was young. i still catch it on sci fi channel occasionally. bill bixby was a great actor that was taken before his time.
  • This series, actors, theme music were all - INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I only have one word to describe this series- \"INCREDIBLE\". I loved the show when I was little and love it more as an adult. And that Bill Bixby (Whew!!) He was awesome. I still miss him... Usually superhero shows like that were a little lame to say the least, but this show was really deep. I still cry everytime I watch the episode \"Married\" with Marriett Hartley and still get freaked out over episodes like \"The Snare\". I also can\'t forget to give props to Lou Ferrigno who really gave that role deep meaning. My heart went out to both characters. But nothing tugged at my heart more than that theme music. Oh! I just get so emotionally thinking about it!!
  • Ya Marvel Made The Hulk Into A Movie Too Bad It Wasnt Accurate

    it is true that it is a pretty good plot i mean who doesnt want to see the hulk. it overall was a pretty good movie. But i just couldnt get over the fact that the movie completely killed the hulk. I mean they buried him!!!!!!! at first in the comic book the hulk is a creature realeased from anger but is actually quite sensativw. but no holly wood turned him into this walking time bonb that would blow up all the time as if alll he was to do was to killl everything. although this was a good movie the fact they didnt stick to the story just really bugged me and made me see all the worst things in this movie.

    The Fitz\'s Rating,
    Ok But Could\'ve Been Alot Better
  • A childhood treasure.

    A primary complaint about this TV show is that it wasn't like the comic book. Whether or not the TV show was like the comic book is irrelevant. The Hulk performed physical feats in the comic that would have been impossible to duplicate when this series was running, and comic books are so simplistic and often violent, they never would have allowed it on prime time TV.
    That said, this is a pretty strong translation of the comic book for it's time. It is a classic show considering you can wlk up to almost anyone mention the name and get a response. My only question is, where is the DVD season sets? No more collections, full season sets please.
  • "Classic Hulk"

    This was a true classic favrite of mine. I rember watching it in the day when i was just a little kid. It was so intersting to watch and the new ones were even better it was a good make from the Marvel Comic books. this show i rate a 8.5 score.
  • David Banner: "Mr. McGee, don't make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry." Basically don't make David mad or he'll turn into 'The Hulk.' We knew when David got mad, he'd turn green. That's what made this show so great.

    This is my favorite SciFi (comic book) show. I've been a fan of the show since it debuted and had the great privilege of meeting Lou Ferrigno who played the Hulk. Don't worry, I didn't make him angry HA HA.

    David Banner's goal was to try and find a cure for his 'problem.' His problem was anytime he'd become angry, he'd turn into a green creature called 'The Hulk.' Since his contact with gamma radiation during his days of practicing science, he's been followed by an investigating reporter from the National Registry newspaper named Jack McGee.

    What made this show so great was, there were times that David came in close contact with McGee, I mean very close. McGee even came inches away from catching 'The Hulk,' but each time The Hulk got away. As David continued to dodge McGee, at times he seemed to get side tracked from finding a cure for his problem.

    This show is past due for the seasons to come out on DVD instead of ‘special collectors editions.'

    'The Incredible Hulk' currently airs on the SciFi Channel once a month during an 8-hour block. Click on each day of the SciFi calender to see when it will air next.

    I've enclosed the website
  • Though not great, or even accurate to the comic book, this show remains one of my favorites among the super-hero genre. The acting is not overly great, but when you watch this show you aren't watching it for the watch it to see "Hulk SMASH".

    Though not great, or even accurate to the comic book, this show still is one of my personal favorites among the super-hero genre. The acting is not overly great, but when you watch this show you aren't watching it for the watch it to see "Hulk SMASH". Lou Ferrigno does a great job as the Hulk, mainly because he doesn't have to speak (that's not a cheap shot at him...infact, he is my friend's's just that if he spoke it would take down that hulking brute idea). The special effects aren't great by today's standards, but then you have to think about when this show was made. For it's time, the effects were decent and even into the good range, so you have to take that aspect into account when you judge this show. The main reason this show is worth watching is that its storylines although not accurate to the comic book were very entertaining. Also, seeing an actual person play the massive Hulk is always mind boggling, and Ferrigno does it well (hey, he wasn't the runner up to Arnold in the Mr. Olympia contest for nothing).

    My final review: By no means great or accurate to the comic book, yet still entertaining in its own right. Fans of superheroes should watch this show at least once, just to have the experience of the well known "Incredible Hulk" live action TV show starring Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno.
  • This show was the bomb!

    This show was great! Even though it was different than the comic, it was good to watch. They need to bring the reruns back to Sci-Fi. One of the few live-action superhero shows that were done correctlly. A classic in many ways. Bring it back, we need some good action shows!
  • I love this show!

    I watch this show and couldnt wait for the Hulk-outs. This show was very entertaining. The best episode was the two hulks. When the two Hulks fought that was the best part of the whole series. It had many other great episodes like the one with the forrest fires. The one at the car wash was good too. The Hulk is a great show to watch in reruns today. I dont get tired of it. I wish it was still on but Bill Bixby died. Check this show out if you get a chance. It is great to see. I wish they would put the seasons on DVD.
  • Although this wasn't exactly like the comic or really even close this show was very entertaining with the great Bill Bixby as Bruce Banner.

    This television show came out when I was a really young kid and I loved it so much back then. Thanks to the great Sci-Fi channel I have been able to rediscover all the great moments I have missed. Bill Bixby is such a great actor that you can't help but feel sorry for him and his struggles. The hulk was larger than life thanks to Lou Ferrigno who was able to be both deadly and gentle at the same time. If you haven't ever seen this show before take time out and watch it on Sci-Fi.