The Incredible Hulk

CBS (ended 1982)


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  • The Hulk Adventures!

    With out a doubt in my mind this has to be the best series ever made that's based on a comic book. The show came out around the time I was born and you can easily say why it's one of my favorite.

    The Incredible Hulk has such a great cast, Bill Bixby did an excellent job playing David (The Producer change the name from Bruce to David) Banner.

    Jack Colvin play really good character of Jack McGee the reporter that follow the Hulk everywhere. I wanted to say McGee is a villian, but there are some good in him. so he not really a badguy, Just a guy who's really obessed with the Hulk.

    Last but not least Lou Ferringno play the Hulk.And does a fantastic job! What's great about this show is the Hulk is really play by a real person and not CGI, Don't get me wrong I really enjoy the Hulk films, but it's nice to see Hulk is play by a real person.

    As for the series it self, I find it really sad because any time David try to find a cure, he either lose it or the cure would fail. It's such a great enjoyable series and it's really worth watching. :)