The Incredible Hulk

Season 4 Episode 13

The First (2)

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 13, 1981 on CBS
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David's attempt at a cure is hindered by the other man's exposure to radiation, which revives the murderous Hulk persona the man was cured of many years before. Now, David must produce enough antidote to cure both himself and the other man before more carnage occurs.

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  • Clash of the Hulks

    This is my favorate episode in the entire series as well as part of one of my favorate two parters in the show, it was to me one of the last great episodes for this show. Part two was clearly a better follow up and it doesn't disapoint because this is where the story truely picks up speed. It's also the first time we get a supervillian in the show for once which is an evil Hulk, a close equivialent to one of the main supervillians in the comic book series The Abomonation. It's also interesting how most of this episode isn't so much centered on David but on the supervillian most of the time which make this episode even more facinating.

    What I like about this tale is it shows what happens when great power is misused and roles we play. The evil aging scientist assistant Dell is somewhat of a sympathtic chararcter because we see that he's just a person that wants to feel young once more have the ability to do lots of things that his current age is preventing him from doing and the Hulk superpower is his key. For David it was always a curse but for Dell it's a blessing. It makes him feel exilerated but also in one scene he is able to beat the crap out of some jerks that have been harrassing him for some time at a local bar. But as we see he has unfortunately taken it too far, when he has killed one of them. But despite the concequences of the law and McGee after him he doesn't care, he wants to continue being the way he is due to the excitement of it's power it holds despite the corrupt flip side of it. But most of all he just doesn't see a reason to go back to normal, there really isn't much to look forward to in that life and it's already too late we see he's already made his choice which is the path of darkness, now he has to live and die by it.

    David as usual despite having the desire to cure himself as usual exersises selflessness by thinking he's doing the right thing to use it on Dell. This is where for once I feel David is wrong because the thing is Dell doesn't want to be cured so it's not really his decision, and this isn't just another innocent soul that David's trying to help.

    David thinks the power in him is what's controling him but even David has the power himself and has made all of the right conciousous decisions to use it, likewise for Dell despite using it for evil. Despite David efforts to help they are fruitless in the end which makes David learn the hard way when people make a choice between walking the path of light or darkness no matter what path they choice you must never interfere.

    But of course that is where the whole episode all build up to one of my favorate fights ever where both the good Hulk and evil Hulk fight. I'll admit I can't help but cheer all the way though just seeing both of them try to beat the crap out of one another, their both just wrestling around, throwing things at one antother, deflecting, hiting one another with whatever equipment is in front of them, and even playing tug of war with one of them just all kinds of crazy destructive things, you have to see to believe.moreless
  • The Thing that I like about the Incredible Hulk is that he is a mean, green, fighting machine. The incredible Hulk is my favorite marvel superhero and my favorite color is green. I love Promethus Part 1 & 2 and The First Part 1 & 2 on my favorite tv show.moreless

    What I think about the episode The First Part 2 on the fourth season of The Incredible Hulk is when David Banner tries to stop a man name Del Fry who is also the creature too. The best thing that I like about this episode is that at the end of the episode when the hulk fights the evil hulk. I like the first part too, but the second part was better than the first part is what I have to say. I also like when they change into the hulk, I like the metamorphosis when they face changes. But I will like to see the full episodes of The First part 1 & 2 on the Incredible Hulk on
  • David Banner must give it all his best before it's too late to stop Dell Frye's Hulk-like creature from getting out of control and going into a murderous frenzy, as well as hopefully curing himself from becoming The Hulk.moreless

    This conclusion was more nail-biting and thrilling than anything I've ever seen! Just imagine this, a battle of TWO HULKS! One good (David Banner) and one evil (Dell Frye). And who will survive this epic struggle? Well, I will not say.

    But whenever I watch this episode, I get more happier than a pig in slop because this episode, along with part 1, is one of my all-time favorite "Incredible Hulk" episodes.

    You can almost hear the announcement of "Let's Get Ready To Rumble" the moment the two Hulks face each other in the big finale. A Surefire Classic!moreless
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