The Incredible Hulk

Season 4 Episode 13

The First (2)

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 13, 1981 on CBS

Episode Recap

Dell's creature is roaming the woods, terrorizing a defenseless deer, who narrowly escapes being crushed by a boulder that has been hurled by the creature. Finding a secluded place to rest, Dell's creature calms down and Dell becomes human again, relishing his reunion with his alter ego. David catches up to Dell and suggests that he undergoes treatment to reverse the process--he has just enough of the powdered substance to cure them both. Dell refuses and leaves David with a stern warning: "But you better not do anything against me. 'Cause you know when I get mad what I can do."

Later at the general store, Dell walks in, and Brad Wheeler tries baiting Dell into a fight by insulting him and Elizabeth. Fed up, Dell splashes a mug of beer in Brad's face. Brad grabs Dell just as Sheriff Decker arrives. A resentful Brad warns Sheriff Decker that he keeps coming down on the wrong people and that he may not be sheriff of Vissaria much longer.

Meanwhile, at Elizabeth's house, David explains that Dell's creature has re-emerged (thanks to him) and that Dell Frye murdered Walt a year ago. She agrees to provide him a quiet place to work to develop the serum that would cure him and Dell of their radiation overdose. Jack McGee does some snooping around and meets up with a stern warning from Sheriff Decker to leave the matter alone. A puzzled McGee, who has been following the Hulk story for three years is intrigued to find out that a Hulk-like creature actually existed 30 years ago.

In the park, Dell pledges his love and protection to Elizabeth, who refuses, admitting that she's still in love with Dr. Clive. A rejected Dell storms off. Jack McGee shows up at Elizabeth's house and makes inquiries about the creature that surfaced 30 years ago, and unaware that David is there. He notices that though Elizabeth appeared to be alone, that there is an extra setting of tea. Refusing to answer any of his questions, she asks him to leave.

At the general store, a belligerent Dell picks a fight with Brad Wheeler. With no Sheriff Decker around to protect him, Dell gets himself knocked into the storage room where he again undergoes the transformation into the creature. The creature trashes the store and kills Brad. Later, after holding Dell for further questioning about the incident, Sheriff Decker orders him out of town. Dell gladly leaves, remarking that there's nothing for him in Vissaria. Jack McGee almost gets himself arrested for interfering with the investigation and Sheriff Decker tells him to leave. As he leaves, Earl, the store's owner fills Jack in on what happened prior to the second appearance of Dell's creature. This confirms Jack's suspicions that the creature is capable of murder, but he incorrectly assumes that it's David's creature who murdered Brad. Earl tells Jack that he can find Dell at his apartment.

Dell is packing when Jack, who is surprised to find an older man there, arrives. Dell, realizing that Jack is actually looking for David, tells him that he knows where he can find David. Jack pulls a gun on him after Dell takes a phone call from Elizabeth inviting him to come to her house. Knocking Jack unconscious with a water pitcher, Dell heads over to Elizabeth's house. While there, an ecstatic Dell reassures Elizabeth how they'll be able to get even with the world and how they can have anything they want. David emerges from hiding and injects Dell with the serum. Dell realizes that he's been tricked, the two men struggle, and Elizabeth knocks Dell out with a fire poker to hasten the affect of the serum. The two take Dell back to the Clive house to begin the process to permanently rid Dell of the creature. Jack and Sheriff Decker compare notes and their investigation takes the two to Elizabeth's house and then eventually to the Clive house.

Dell awakens to find that the process to cure him has already begun. Dell desperately pleads for the pair to stop their efforts. At David's urging, Elizabeth turns on the X-ray machine, prompting Dell's third transformation. David's creature, too, is unleashed as the evil creature throws and destroys David's syringe--his only hope for a cure. A battle between the two creatures ensues and a horrified Elizabeth looks on. The lab is now in shambles, and just as Dell's creature is about to hurl a piece of equipment toward Sheriff Decker, he fires a few gunshots, sending the creature falling to the floor. Elizabeth shields David's creature, preventing Sheriff Decker from shooting it as well. The Hulk safely escapes. Shortly after, Dell's creature reverts back to Dell's now lifeless form.

The next day (presumably), Elizabeth gives a statement to Sheriff Decker and requests a nice grave for Dell, which she graciously agrees to pay for. She also asks that Jack McGee leave David and his creature alone, but a determined Jack refuses, explaining to Elizabeth the danger that the Hulk poses to society.