The Incredible Hulk

Episode 3

The Incredible Hulk Returns (2 hrs)

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 22, 1988 on CBS

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  • The Hulk Meets The Odd Couple

    The Incredible Hulk Returns is a backdoor television pilot, for a Thor series that was never picked up by the networks. Long before audiences saw the Thor in the Avengers films, audiences were given this peculiar, "Odd Couple" adaption.

    Donald Blake is depicted as an uptight, neurotic wimp, while Thor is depicted as a boorish and hyper masculine jock. Had the series been picked up, it's likely that this comedic, Odd Couple interpreted would have continued on. Odin, Help Us!

    The Hulk and Thor have a brief and poorly storyboarded fight sequence. In addition to lots of silly efforts at being funny, the film forgoes dealing with any super villains. Instead, a generic group of bad guys want to steal some scientific gadget, and they also kidnap Banner's girlfriend.

    I can appreciate that network television in the late 1980s, didn't have access to 21st century special effects.

    However, the special effects and action sequences in this television movie are silly looking.

    It is nice to see the tabloid reporter from the Incredible Hulk television series, although he is not given much to do, and is not seen in the subsequent Hulk television films.

    Watch this television movie, only for its campy silliness. Kids might enjoy watching it on DVD. Older adults, especially comic fans will be less then impressed.