The Incredible Hulk

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  • Season 0 Episode 3: The Incredible Hulk Retur...

  • Alias: David Banion

  • Just before Banner leaves the lab to go down to the lobby in the second transformation sequence, he gets a coffee, walks to the window, and peeks through the shutters.

    Any explanation as to why he does this?

  • In Banner's final transformation sequence at the abandoned factory, you can see the movie crew reflected in the car door as Josh Lambert pulls the car into gear.

  • The combined strength of the Hulk and Thor couldn't prevent a helicopter from taking off. But in the 1980 episode "The Lottery," the Hulk successfully grounded a helicopter without any assistance.

  • Season 0 Episode 4: Trial of the Incredible H...

  • During the first half of the movie, David has a beard, yet he transforms into a clean-shaven Hulk.

  • Season 0 Episode 5: Death of the Incredible H...

  • When David watches the creature on videotape, he states that he's never seen the creature before; however, he has actually seen the creature through flashbacks, newspaper clippings and hypnosis

  • When David is strapped to a chair in the booth, he is asked by the doctor if there is anybody that he should contact. David said there is no one in his family left alive. However, during the series, the episode Homecoming, David's sister and father are introduced.

  • After the series ended, Banner continues runs across mercenaries. But doesn't seem like the writer got a bit lazy with the whole "For the cause we pray for" bit? I mean, we never hear once in this whole film just what this organization's agenda even is!

  • Season 1 Episode 1: The Incredible Hulk

  • Goof: When the Hulk is at the lake you can see the green on his hand is washing off.

  • When Jack McGee first arrives outside the labs and introduces himself to David Banner, the audio of his dialogue does not match with his lip movements; seemingly, it was redubbed in post production with the name of the newspaper that he works for, being changed.

  • When David has the flat tire right before his first transformation, he gets out, looks at the tire and the hub cap is missing , after he gets the jack and spare tire he goes to the front of the car and the hub cap is on.

  • Alias: none. David went by his own identity in this episode.
    Job: Reasearch Scientist, Phisician at Culver Institute
    City/State: Sacramento, CA

  • During the scene in which the Hulk smashes Banner's car, the headlights are off in one scene, back on again in another.

  • Look carefully when the Hulk jumps down into the burning Lab when he goes to rescue Elaina Marks, it is not Lou Ferrigno!! A Stunt Double was used but you can tell it's not Lou's Body!!

  • Season 1 Episode 2: Death in the Family, Part 2

  • At the climax of the episode, when the Hulk throws a tree trunk at the helicopter, the tail rotor disintegrates.  In the next shot of the chopper losing control, the tail rotor is intact and spinning.

  • Season 1 Episode 2: Death In The Family

  • Near the climax, the Hulk pulls out a tree stump and throws it at the overhead helicopter, smashing its tail rotor and sending it out of control. However, in the very next shot, as the chopper spirals around, the tail rotor can clearly be seen intact.

  • When Jack McGee arrives at the hospital and introduces himself, Jack Colvin's lines are noticeably dubbed in post-production, as they were in the Pilot, to change the name of the newspaper he works for to the National Register. Later, when he goes to the Sheriff's office, again his dialogue is dubbed in post-production (though less noticeably). However, his ID that he shows to the Sheriff does have National Register written on it, in a shot most likely filmed (as many close-up shots are) in post-production.

  • Alias: David Benton
    Job: Fruit Picker
    City/State: Everett, CA

  • In the close-up shots of the Hulk wrestling with the bear, you can see that the bear has green makeup smudged on its fur. Furthermore, prior to David "Hulking out" in the scene, although not explicitly shown, many of the close-up shots of David's face and the bear's arms, are quite clearly Bill Bixby wrestling with a man in a fur suit. And the "bear" that the Hulk throws through the air seems to be nothing more than a cheap child's toy, not even matching the build of the bear that the Hulk was wrestling with.

  • After Michael crosses the pond, watch carefully when Lou Ferrigno then leaps across the same pond with Julie in his arms. He and Julie are actually covered with quicksand from the scene that comes toward the end of the episode, and the Hulk is suddenly missing David's ripped shirt that he is seen "wearing" through the rest of the sequence. Furthermore, this is obviously a stand in double for the Hulk and Julie, and the Hulk's green body paint is visibly patchy and worn off over much of his torso.

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