The Inside

Season 1 Episode 8


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Unknown on FOX

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  • This was one of the best episodes in the series.

    This was one of the best episodes in the series. I really wanted to cry at the end, if I didn't sneeze at that moment maybe I would have.

    So we finally see how Paul is dealing with losing his unborn son. He still hasn't come to terms with this loss, and now he has to deal with a case where a someone is attacking women & stealing their unborn babies. And of course Webb wants him on the case. He even manipulates Rebecca into visiting Pauls wife & using her to help them with the case.

    The end was great, with Paul solving the case & finally comming to terms with his loss, going home & helping his wife put away the crib.
  • well i really connected with this one.

    it made me realise how good this show is and how gutting it is that the show was cancelled. i was crying my eyes out at the end of this one because of dealing with the same issues this episode deals with (don't panic - not the crazed murderous issues). i thought that the writing and acting worked really well - i'm so GUTTED it got cancelled. grrrrrrrr! hey - at least i got to see this one episode huh? *sigh*
  • Paul is made to face his recent family tragedy in the worst possible way.

    Imagine you are Virgil Webster. One of your agents, Paul Ryan, has recently lost a baby. A case comes across your desk involving a pregnant woman who was attacked and had her unborn foetus stolen and replaced with a doll. You don't give the case to Paul, right? Wrong!

    This is another example where Web pushing peoples buttons almost screws up the case. This time the rest of the team are there to help Paul, then in an ironic twist, Paul solves the final part of the case and begins to come to terms with his own loss.

    The focus of this episode is definitely more on Paul than Rebecca. Had the series not been cancelled, I guess we would have seen a couple more episodes based around the other team members.

    A couple of slightly less believable moments, such as the second victim being cut open with a small pocket knife, having her baby ripped out, and we're supposed to believe that both Mother and Son survive. Also Rebecca's leap from a "tea ring" on the car to surmising that the victim knew her assailant. If they had previously found the empty cup across the road, then maybe I could accept that one.

    I like the idea of Rebecca "using" Pauls wife for psychological insight into the case. We never get to see if she objected to Webster about doing it. I don't think she would object and Webster alludes to that fact at the end of the epsiode.

    All in all it was still a good episode. Sadly it's probably the last one we will ever see.