The Inside

Season 1 Episode 7


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jul 13, 2005 on FOX

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  • Finally we get to appreciate there are other characters than Rebecca!

    This episode, along with the previous have really taken this already good series to a new level. After weeks of episodes focusing on Rebecca almost to the exclusion of the other characters we finally get to find out more about the other members of the team. Web is shown to be an even more complex and dark character than ever hinted at before, resulting to ever more extreme measures to attempt to solve the crimes.

    With this episode opening up the character of Web and last week's expansion in depth to Paul's character are we going to see more insights into the history of Melody and Danny? Up until now they have taken largely supporting roles in each investigation. I hope so.
  • Interesting episode

    Interesting and creepy
    episode, I liked it but I missed the last & most important half.

    So it turns out Webb is suspended & is being investigated. And at the same time a serial killer who likes to chew fingernails off his victims is on the loose. It looked like the episode was going to be about the characters this time.

    I'll watch it again when it's in reruns.
  • Web is one creepy sob.

    Damn, This one was a good episode. I thought Web was some weirdo by having the girl dye her hair, Until they made it obvious he was going after the killer. I thought he was actually trying to get the girl to look like Rebecca or something. Web definitely has a dark side to him and it was interesting seeing this play off. I wish they hadn't cancelled this show, Because this show was coming into it's own. That old guy bitting off the chicks fingernails was some nasty stuff. Paul standing up for Web was a nice touch too. I knew Rebecca was going to go to Web, That was the only thing I didn't like. It makes the team seem kind of incompetent when they always need Web for something.
  • Creepy. The killer bites the fingernails off of his prey. The boss is on suspension. Does the team come to his aid? No, I meant the boss.

    Virgil finds a prostitue and uses her for bait. He is working outside the lines because of his recent suspension. (Go back and watch "Thief of Hearts" for the details) Rebecca disobeys orders and contacts him. Paul stands up for Virgil despite his personal misgivings. The show goes out of its way to demonstrate the contradictions of these anti-heroes. The show is less about solving the crime than it is about the crimesolvers.
  • Even when out of the office and out of the picture, Web can't stay out of the investigations.

    You've been kicked out of your office, your computer and files seized and your access blocked. Yet there's [i]exactly[/i] the kind of serial killer gearing up that got you excited about being an investigator in the first place.

    What do you do? You go to your bookshelf, where you have bound and theatrically stylized copies of, apparently, unsolved serial killings -- in that files would just be ... Philistine.

    Web walks in a world where serial killings are ideas. They're art. He's drawn some of the most horrific things people can do to one another and not only decriminalized them -- desensitizing himself impossibly, in the process -- he's put them on the level of *critique*. One imagines that given the right motivation -- someone firing him, perhaps -- he'd have no trouble murdering that person in vibrantly eyecatching ways.

    One then wonders how on earth he made it through the psych profile.

    Such a mind is one that surrounds itself with unique skills and outlooks. One wonders what Red and Danny are bringing to the table. Red seems to provide wisecrackery, thus far. Not a heck of a lot of insight. And Danny Love is, naturally, pure id. Which isn't unwatchable, but one expects more out of a team Web would assemble.

    Rebecca's loyalty grew fast, but it's complete. She's insubordinate, moves on impulse, is not a team player and is so dark and watchable that the cancellation of this program has moved into the category of "sin."

    I imagine, if they air any subsequent episodes two weeks from now, that distinction will move to "crime" category. However, "Point Pleasant" is being released on DVD so anything's possible.

    I just wish they'd continue making them, y'know? When you've got a good show, keep making it.

    And Paul .. Paul is a *wonderfully* written character. We saw every problem he ever had with Web blow up in Web's face at the end of the last episode. And at the end of this episode, he's defending him fiercely.

    The heart he never had, the puppet in shining armor, Paul is, at the end of the day, an excellent person to have on one's team.

    And I didn't even talk about the case yet.

    They tracked Max Stern too quickly, too easily. His crimes were too clunky and large, anyway. Probably the local police force could solve this case. There'd be forensics, there'd be witnesses, there's evidence absolutely everywhere, and apart from accelerating, he was getting really sloppy. That and he was publicly creepy. Kaliedoscopes everywhere. Ick.

    But psychologically, he was a compelling character.

    I liked Web's approach. Short a team, he pulls in a prostitute -- which is an interesting comment anyway.

    Anyone else *amazed* that they crammed all of this storytelling into a one-hour show?

    One Easter egg from the 'verse -- and there were probably more, but I loved this one -- was Max's taser attacks. When the coroner mentioned the two small marks on the necks, I believe it was Red who asked "Bite marks?" Fun, fun little reference.

    It'll be good to have Web back.

    Great show. And again: Cancellation = sin.

    * sigh * Stupid FOX. :(
  • A series finally coming in to its own, a definate must watch!

    Finally I feel like The Inside is strating to come into its own! This is a series that at first, felt like it was treading water in the same pool, episode after episode. It seems like finally they may be ready to swim in the deep end. First off, the previews alone fot his episode had me guessing, and made me want to watch. The insinuation that Web might be a serial killer was enough to get me hooked, but then the way the episode played out, well it was perfect. It made me understand just why Web was so important to the unit, he really is the repository of information. The way he set up the bust was something right out of film noir.
    The actress that is playing Rebecca also seems to be getting comfortable in the uncomfortable skin of her character. The rest of the cast seems to mesh well, and I must say Jay Harrington (Paul Ryan) is exceptional, and I wonder where he's been hiding.
    The bottom line is this. It's time for you to get Inside, before it's gone. This show is only getting better week by week, it is filmed beautifully, the effects and make-up are top notch. The acting is catching up. I think this show is worth your Wednesday night!
  • Very creepy!

    Wow...what a creepy episode! It was one of those episodes where I was ready to plug my ears or cover my eyes at any moment. Rebecca does not like to follow directions...that's probably the one thing that bugs me the most. She is either lying to the team or getting herself kidnapped or shot at or something! Why can't she just be a team player? I think more episodes should revolve around Paul or Danny...they are exciting to watch. Mel's character is great! She brings humor to the show and when she was commenting on Webb, I couldnt help but laugh. Ew, an old guy biting off fingernails and then killing the girls? Ahh, so gross and creepy!
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