The Inside

Season 1 Episode 4

Everything Nice

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jun 29, 2005 on FOX

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  • This episode was the best one so far.

    This episode was the best one so far.

    The girl Maddison, was really creepy & phsyco. The way she just threw herself from the tree-house and said that Rebecca pushed her, she really needs some professional help.

    As soon as it was obvious that Maddison was lying & that she was a bully, I knew that she was the killer.

    Henry's mother being killed right at the end by Maddisons mother was unexpected, because I thought that Maddison would have probably killed her somehow.
  • Best episode I've seen thus far.

    I didn't have a chance to watch the first few episodes of The Inside, And this was my first one. I really liked this one. The writing and acting was as good as I've seen in a long time on a TV show. I was just blown away by this episode. The little girl was so freaking obnoxious, I just felt like slapping the taste out of her mouth. The part where she jumps off the tree house was something very unexpected and crazy. I'm also glad Rebecca saw right through her and didn't take any of her crap. I really liked the ending. As it wasn't the usual "good guy wins" ending we usually get in some shows. Henry's mom dying was surprising, Especially since the girls mom did it. Great stuff all around from a very underrated show.
  • A sad look at a twisted reality. Makes you wonder where this world is going.

    A sad look at a twisted reality. Makes you wonder where this world is going.

    With all the kid violence that happened in the past few years, we know kids can be cruel and sadistic - yet this was very disturbing to watch this episode. Yes, I could spot the twist from the beginning, but it was well written and cleverly executed.

    That kid deserved to be locked up behind bars. That's a serial killer in waiting! And I felt bad about the fact Henry's mom had to die. That was maybe the part that left a bitter taste in my mouth. The scheming brat gets away with it while the grieving mother who saved another child's life loses hers...
  • Yet another great show gets the axe too early...

    Just as I start to really get into The Inside, AintItCool tells us that it's been cancelled.
    Fox stinks! There were 16 episodes filmed...what could it hurt to simply let them all air!?
    oh, and as for this episode...I thought it was a real turning point for the series. Seems to be building to something much bigger with Rachel and her kidnapper. Too bad we'll never get to see how it all comes together...
  • Disturbing episode.

    I never like it when a show or episodes revolves around the violence against children. So I certainly didn’t like it when a young boy was found brutally murdered. I was a bit shocked to see the culprit in this episode was a young girl. I found it scary and very disturbing to watch. But it has to be said: the girl who played Madison did a great job.
  • A disturbing episode about human nature.

    I wasn't a big fan of this episode; I think it's the weakest yet, which admittedly, isn't saying much.
    It was disturbing and interesting enough, but just didn't "gel" all too well. It also didn't help that it was really predictable.
    Still, it's good enough to keep me watching, and I am getting more and more fond of our leading characters.
  • Rebecca Suspects a 10 year old girl of killing her 8 year old neighbor

    This is a fine exampe of the dark side of "innocent" children. HOWEVER, this episode is similar to the play Bad Seed, which is about the Perfect Girl who has perfect grades, however, she is a child serial killer who kill for what she wants. It's kind of annoying that the mother thinks Rebecca pushed the girl.
  • 10
    Over the years, it's been interesting to watch the development of Jane Espenson as a writer. She started out on Buffy and has written for all three Mutant Enemy shows. The thing about Esponson is when she's on top of her game, she's as good as anyone writing for television today.

    "Everything Nice" was Esponson at the top of her game.

    I want to say this was a nice hour of TV, but nothing about it was nice. It was chilling and disturbing on many levels, but yet was absoulutely rivetting. The scene in the treehouse as Rebecca confronts the alleged killer (who is a 10-year old girl) was just amazing. The look on the little girl's face as she jumped off the treehouse ladder and screamed that Rebecca had pushed her was chilingly effective. Also, the investigation that slowly reveals that this little girl is behind the killing of the boy in her neighborhood and that she stayed around to hear and see the mother find the, that's some dark, gruesome and disturbing terrirtory. And to see how she'd framed the innocent groundskeeper, not only costing him his job but maybe his reputation and sanity was a nice touch.

    Intersting the way parent/child realtionships play out in this one. We have the victim and his mother, where the mother seems to know something is bothering her son, but she waits too long to find out what's going on and misses the opportunity to maybe save her child. Then we have Madison, the 10-year-old girl who kills the boy and her mother. As we see them interact on screen, her mother is always giving orders or making judging comments. Also, I felt as if Madison were more an accessory child to her parents than a child to raise, love and nurture. Rebecca implies as much about the expensive treehouse that Madison has...I guess it's out of sight, out of mind until you need the picture of the perfect family.

    Then, we had Virgil. As the father-figure of the team, he allows the squabbling of his kids in order to solve the case. He pits the two theories as to who killed the boy against each other, even giving them a deadline to make their case to him. And it's interesting how these two diverging viewpoints eventually help each other assist the separate investigations.

    I hate to admit it, but I really like this show. Which can only mean FOX will cancel it next week.
  • Early hiccups seem to have been ironed out...

    After getting over the initial "pilot'itis" hurdle of introducing characters and balancing the tone, with this episode and the one previous, The Inside seems to have begun hitting it's stride in what will be, hopefully, a long one for Tim Minear and crew.

    "Everything Nice" marks another post-Wonderfalls casting and more importantly, continues the trend of interesting murder cases, handled with a certain flair and touch of darkness that allows for more styalized storylines, and seperates it from the other glut of dry procedural dramas on the air today.

    Katie Finnerman is given more work to do here finally, including one of the funnier scenes involving a dispute over decaf coffee. Fans of Team Whedon will be sure to appreciate that some humor still finds it's way in there.

    If there is still any gripes, it would come from the character of Rebecca Locke. I can see where they're coming from, but at times her passive delivery coupled with instant deductions can make her very hard to warm to, and she's not yet snarky enough to be considered an anti-hero.

    Let's hope the cast starts to get given some of the same creative focus that the murder cases do, because either way, I'm in this for the long haul.
  • Well written, acted and produced. The standard by which future episodes should be measured.

    I have been watching "The Inside" mostly because it has such a remarkable pedigree; the creators, writers, producers and cast come from some of my favorite television shows of the past. I have been unimpressed until now. This episode is everything I hoped the show would be: well acted, well scripted, with tight direction and editing. Each of the main characters develops in subtle yet meaningful ways. The story line is one that strikes at the heart of every parent who tries to shelter her child from the world, only to find evil where we least expect it. This show has been heavy on the gore and I was pleased that there was a minimum of gore in this episode. The plot was horrifying enough that more graphic representations of violence would have been over the top. I hope we see more episodes like this one in the future.
  • Defining Episode, showed us what this show is made of.

    This was a very defining episode i felt, it was by far the best episode seen so far and had the most twisted storry line and shows the quality of the show and gives future episodes somthing to aim for. Hopefully this will just be the begining of great episodes such as this.
  • Great fourth episode! They keep getting better...

    I was still not sure after two episodes whether this show would be a stayer or not. Now I am. Last week's episode (pre-filer) was already much better than the first two, but this week's episode says it all; cool story, well written, nice plot, good acting and keeps you glued to your chair. I really hope they can keep up this level of quality!!
  • dark yet we can totaly see this happening today...

    I find the twist of the mother killing for protection...the daughter for kicks...and pushing the mother of the murdered boy for payback very intiresting and different usually a program will use one maybe two, but rarely do you see three sides and iterpretation to killing in one show.
    There was a different emotion for each type It kinda makes you think about whether you would take it that far...learning that a girl your daughter plays with murdered your son, was about to murder your daughter, and lied about the whole thing to your face, would you hold out for the law or would you look for quick and imediate retribution?

    I enjoied the tree house scene the most from watching the two girls to Rebecca saying that she sees through the lies and knows what really happened then showing her gun and saying that she will use it...when the girl fell out of the tree and started screaming, crying and accusing all at once, you can really see how good at acting she is...very believable if you had not seen what actually happened.

    Keep up the great work on the story lines...I look forward to watching the rest of the season.
    I didn't know they were moving the times on Fox...what time will it be airing now?
  • This episode is the series most defining episode, the one that everyone will not forget because of its great storyline...

    This episode is the series most defining episode, the one that everyone will not forget because of its great storyline. This episode shows a real resemblance to bullying in the real world. If more episodes like this are well written the rest of the season; I wouldn't be surprised that more people will watch because of buzz and that it will get a season renewal.
  • Best episode, in my opinion, so far!

    Wow, this was possibly the best episode of "The Inside" so far. The episodes are getting better each and every week. Hopefully now, theres a possibility of a second season. Jennette McCurdy as Madison St. Claire did a terrific job at making the character obnoxious and completely evil at the same time. The story was written with us already having somewhat of a feeling that the kid child was the murderer and with Rebbecca Locke trying to prove it so. When Madison St. Claire falls from tree house and said she was pushed but her, it had me shocked and frightened at just how evils kids can be sometimes. Kinda reminds me of my auntee (age 11, my Grandmother's stepbrother's daughter FYI). Now she's evil.

    Rebbecca Locke is as hardcore as Jack Bauer is on "24" lol. When she revealed her gun out to Madison and said she would use it on her. Wow, not really but still..
  • This show is establishing itself as a smart, well-written show -- if more than necessarily gory.

    When the little girl was bursting into tears during her interview, I was certain I was watching some fine acting.

    When it became clear whodunit, I was blown away by how well written the show was.

    With one very small problem.

    Madison, a bully, is a devious, manipulative person. She's also very much in charge of her own world.

    + So what was it about the groundskeeper that made her decide to frame him that day? It's possible she was just able to put it all together just then, and that's why she did what she did.
    + Why Henry? His weakness made him a target, but again, there's bullying and there's bullying. Something drove her to stab that little boy but something worse made her hang around to watch the discovery. That was never explored in a satisfactory way.

    The motive and the crime itself weren't the big deal, of course. The discussion was about protection, creating safe havens for children to grow up in, in the context of the agent's son's ultrasound placed directly up against the complete lack of safety in Rebecca's younger life.

    This kind of writing is what is taking this show beyond the simple procedural, beyond the crime-of-the-week installment, into something watchable. It's a little gory, and it's hard to figure out how to handle that. In "Nip/Tuck," they play music during the surgeries so you know when the surgery scene is over with, but I don't know how you could warn people not to look if they'd want to look away.

    I did like Rebecca's confrontation with Madison in the treehouse. She was just as dark as that little girl. Of course, she might have been able to see the little girl's deception coming a mile off, but ... oh well.

    It's too bad they weren't able to just arrest Madison, that there needed to be another death, but this show is a dark one and that's part of the reason we're tuning in.

    And, since this is my first review in this area, I'll throw out one of the main reasons why I'm watching. This was a nice shoutout to the Joss Whedonverse. Jane Espenson is one of the standout writers from the "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" series, and series co-creator Tim Minear was a producer on "Angel." Add Adam Baldwin (Hamilton in "Angel," Jayne in "Firefly") as Agent Danny Love and it's just a joy for us Jossverse fans.

    From the suggestion that Love has a different perspective on bullying than the little boy, to the pancake discussion -- "How can you eat that? It's like having cake for breakfast." Love: "What's wrong with cake for breakfast? A pancake is cake. That's cake for breakfast." -- which was just fun, Jane's writing is a shimmering joy to watch. There maybe weren't as many Angel/Buffy references this week as there were last week (The little girl's cat named "Angel" -- gone missing -- and "Once More With Feeling" being shown at the movie theater), but for longtime fans of the shows, there's always little Easter eggs.

    And I like the redhead. She's fun. :)

    I'm nervous about "The Inside" moving to a different time next week. That is a tactic FOX uses to kill shows. Hopefully, everyone will be able to follow it around wherever it goes, but for right now ...

    I'm really hoping I'm wrong, but we've all seen this happen before and we all know what it looks like. If FOX would just leave it alone and let it run, I'm sure what audience it's already gained will hold steady for the rest of the summer.

    Otherwise, it's been a real joy meeting these characters.
  • Creepy but exciting at the same time!

    Wow, I wanted to slap that girl! She was so annoying...but actually a pretty good actress. I loved how Rebecca didnt take any of her crap. A daughter and a mother BOTH killers? Go figure lol. I was glad they cleared Teddy's name and found him not guilty. I knew from the beginning that something was off about that girl. I was hoping she would die in the end haha, but I guess going to jail is good enough.