The Inside

Season 1 Episode 12


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Unknown on FOX

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  • WOW! One hell of a thrill ride!

    The Inside continues to push the boundaries of TV with this episode. From the opening scenes of a 'snuff' film of the brutal murder of an 18 year old girl, Angelica being shown at a little kid's birthday party to the end, this episode shocked and surprised me. Once again, Rebecca makes a connection no one would have figured out - she gets Carter to reconstruct the face of the murdered girl when she was younger and discovers she was a child porn star, Little Gem. Nothing against Rebecca, but she always makes these discoveries which are always right - I guess it's her victim's intuition. I would have liked to see Danny, Paul or Melody make a break in the case for once, but oh well. The plot twists are aplenty, from the snuff film being actually fake and Angelica being alive, Angelica being Arlen Dallas' daughter and the brother who was the prime suspect being having a creepy, incestuous obsession with Angelica, 'killing' her on camera in order to keep her safe (oh, the irony) from her father who sexually abused her and forced her into child porn. Rebecca seemed to have somewhat of a connection with Angelica, feeling empathetic and sympathetic for her and noticing how sad and empty she looked.

    We also get to see a progession in Rebecca and Corey's relationship. It's nice to see Rebecca start to rebuild her life again and form some healthy relationships - although I'm not sure how healthy a relationship with a near victim of a previous case as we saw in The Perfect Couple could possibly be. Fox always picks up innovative shows which no other network would touch and then cancels them right away in favor of garbage reality shows or dumbed down comedies! Wonderfalls, Tru Calling along with this one. I think The Inside would have fared better if it had been of FX, Showtime or HBO - where they DON'T discriminate against the gore quotient.
  • Another great episode

    This wasn't as great as the previous episode but it was still interesting & good.

    I actually thought the snuff tape was real & that the girl was really dead until Rachel worked out that she was in child porn.

    It was pretty easy to work out that it was her father & not her brother that was responsible, it was pretty obvious he was guilty by the way he was acting.
  • Fan-freaking-tastic episode!

    I was glued to my screen with this episode!! The tension could almost be cut with a knife!

    When *the* video was shown at the very beginning of this episode I was compeletly sucked in until the very last frame of this episode!

    I really hope this show is released on DVD sooner rather than later!