The Inside

Season 1 Episode 5

Loneliest Number

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jul 06, 2005 on FOX
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Loneliest Number
Rebecca goes undercover to meet a sucide hotline counselor after a series of murders staged to look like suicides.

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  • One of the best episodes of the show

    It was good that in this episode we get to know a little more about Becky George. Rebecca really talks about her past.

    The storyline was really great, maybe some things could have been better, but it was one of my favorite episodes of the show.

    Loved that they thought it was a guy at first, but then found out it was that woman that directed that institution.

    She thought that she was doing things right just because they thought in committing suicide before. They started changing their minds but still she killed them.

    She gave them something to make them stay still, but they could feel all the pain she was causing them. She's a real psyco...

    Good that they found Rebecca in time.moreless
  • One of the best ep in the serie

    This ep, made me rember why i stay up on the night watching this. The story line could have been better, but what made me love this ep was the scen when the team finds out who she relly is, from the moment we found out that she was Becky George, i have whanted to see this scen.

    At first when she walks out from rest of the group i feel relly bad for her. As the ep go on. We see Paul trying to make her understand that she can trust them that they whant to be her friends and that they other neead to know who sge are. And when she finly tells them who she is, she dose that becuse she feels like she neeads it. becuse that would help what she is doing. i mean she dont even speek to them. they just happend to listen. later when mel trys to talk to her, i feels bad for both of them for to me is it like a part of her whants to let Mel help her with what she is working on a part that win says she can´t trust them.

    when they finds her i think she for the first times relise that this pepoel care about her and whants to be her friend and that they can trust them. and i love who she comes to them in the end, and relly starts to try be one of them.moreless
  • I didn't really like this weeks episode. I found it a little boring, not a great storyline either.

    I didn't really like this weeks episode. I found it a little boring, not a great storyline either.

    It seems to me that in every epsiode it's always Rebecca's case & she's undercover & in danger etc. Come on, give the others a chance. It's starting to get boring.

    The one good thing though is that we got to find out more about her background & her kidnapping, and so did the rest of the team.

  • Very interesting episode.

    I never really seen a good suicide episode on any TV show until I caught this one. This was very well done. I thought for sure the killer would be Gary or the other creepy suicide guy (the one that gets killed last by the woman). But once he was found in the tub, You knew what was set to happen. I liked seeing Rebecca joining her co workers at the dinner and finally winding down. The part where Rebecca's on the phone with Gary was so great. I thought for sure she was actually crying. I was also shocked to see the killer slash Rebecca's wrists. I thought for sure her co workers would have saved her in time. Great episode here. Too bad the stupid network pulled the plug on the inside.moreless
  • Was it suicide or was it murder?

    Not the best episode so far, just okay. Maybe it was me but I found it also quite predictable. From the moment they went into that woman’s house I knew she was the one.

    What is also beginning to bother me is the fact that Rebecca is always put undercover or used as a decoy.

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Adam Baldwin

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