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The Inside

Season 1 Episode 2

Old Wounds

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jun 15, 2005 on FOX
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Episode Summary

Old Wounds
Three people are murdered, including a Federal prosecutor, in a bizarre rape-strangulation scene. All three victims were linked to an S&M club where a member was recently banned.

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  • A major step backwards from the pilot.

    Did the writers of this show use up all of their talent in the (fantastic) final ten minutes of the pilot?

    This episode was absolute dredge - predictable plot, generic characters, mediocre dialogue - just awful.

    The plot of the pilot episode was tight enough to make you ignore the cliched characters (the nice guy, the cynic, the gruff dude), but the slower pace of this highlighted that basic flaw.

    Hopefully episode 3 will rebound.moreless
  • I found this episode even better than the pilot and I'm hoping that it will keep improving in the episodes to come.

    I found this episode even better than the pilot and I'm hoping that it will keep improving in the episodes to come.

    Again I'm curious to find out more about Rebecca Locke's past as ther were some flashbacks of what looked like her as a child but not very clear.

    The case was very interesting & there was a nice twist at the end. I never did guess who the real murderer was.

    The only thing I anticipated was the ending, somehow I had a feeling that the murderer was going to do what he did.

  • Not as good as the first episode but still entertaining to watch.

    A bit to extreme with the rape scene but since it didn't really show much, its good. There was a nice twist, I thought it was preacher guy but then it was revealed to be the Retired Cop. This episode was not as enjoyable as the pilot so I would say this was step-down from an excellent start. Even though the ratings for the first episode was quite low and beaten by re-runs of other shows, I sure hope FOX keeps the show and not drop it like they did with Tru Calling, Point Pleasant, Firefly and Millennium.

    This show is getting better and better.moreless
  • I didn't feel that 'Old Wounds' was as good as the pilot episode.

    Probably the best thing I loved about this installment was the scenes with Danny and Mel. To me, they saved the episode from mediocrity. Their exchange in the briefing room at the beginning had me on the floor, with Danny wanting a case so that he can wear a moustache disguise. Hah! Show creator Tim Minear did such a wonderful job of balancing character development and screentime on "Angel" and "Firefly", but I have yet to see it in "The Inside". I really do hope that the 'background' characters like Danny and Mel will get a chance to shine.moreless
  • Looking forward to what this show can be

    This show may be about serial killers and the people who hunt them, but more important here is the past of these characters which made them to the people they are today and why Webb chose them to be on his team. We have now already learned some of Rebecca's troubled past and this episode hints that we will probably learn all of what is haunting these people, though it may be quite a while before we do.

    What I liked about this episode was the introduction of something that will probably become a ritual at the beginning of each episode (I hope), namely the case-pitch. These pitches will immediately get the audience excited as they wonder what it will be and which one will get chosen by Webb. They also hopefully show us the different fields of 'interest' of the characters.

    Although the plot wasn't all that special, I thought it was good that the subject, S&M, was looked upon from different angles without the show passing a final judgement upon it.moreless
Adam Baldwin

Adam Baldwin

Special Agent Danny Love

Peter Coyote

Peter Coyote

Supervisory Agent Virgil "Web" Webster

Rachel Nichols

Rachel Nichols

Special Agent Rebecca Locke

Nelsan Ellis

Nelsan Ellis

Carter Howard

Jay Harrington

Jay Harrington

Special Agent Paul Ryan

Katie Finneran

Katie Finneran

Special Agent Melody Sim

Hart Bochner

Hart Bochner

Cole Brandt

Guest Star

Michael Bowen

Michael Bowen

Bill Strong

Guest Star

Esther K. Chae

Esther K. Chae

Medical Examiner

Guest Star

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    • Rebecca: You know. You know, don't you? You know who I was.
      Paul: Yeah. I shouldn't have been checking up on you. I just didn't expect I'd find Becky George.
      Rebecca: You didn't. Becky George was a ten year old girl taken from her bed in the middle of the night by a stranger. Becky George was lost for 18 months. Becky George got away on her own. Nobody found Becky George.
      Paul: Becky...
      Rebecca: Rebecca. I'm Rebecca. And I'm a special agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigations, I'm not some lost little girl. Don't you ever presume to treat me like one.

    • Danny: Doesn't look like any church I've been to.
      Melody: You've been to church?

    • (When he finds out Paul is attending Lamaze classes again)
      Webster: It's the longest nine months since Martha Stewart went inside.

    • Bill: We liked Bandt right off. We linked him to all the victims. He dated them, slept with most of them... but... he wouldn't take 'yes' for an answer.

    • Danny: What is an S&M club?
      Melody: It's a support group for very clumsy people.

    • Rebecca: I understand that Web has earned the control over the cases we take...
      Paul: You think it's the cases he's controlling? [scoffs] Right.

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