The Inside

Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jun 22, 2005 on FOX

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  • FOX, please dont cancel this great show.

    Another great installment with great writing material and dialogue. I personally enjoyed this episode very much with the serial killer bit and how he goes after other people, who plan on comitting adultery, rape, and murder. Going after and killing them before they commit a crime of their own. The pre-filer and our beloved profiler, Rebbecca, had some pretty interesting interaction and connection with one another. Especially the part in the end when she profiles him and the captive. If more and more episodes like this keep coming in, hopefully the show will get renewed for a second season. :P
  • Excellent show.

    The team try to stay a step ahead of a serial killer who is trying to stop would be murderers & rapists by excecuting them.

    The interaction between Rebecca & the pre-filer was very interesting, I love how he managed to get into their office at FBI headquaters & managed to hack into their computers & dig up Rebecca's past.

    The end was great when she profiles the would be child molester & the pre-filer. I know she wanted to tell the Pre-filer yes, shoot him, but it took alot of self control on her part to say, let him go.

  • Damn, this show just keeps on getting better!

    This episode the VCU team is after a killer who kills would be serial killers. I think so far this is the best episode yet. Only down point I thought was Rebecca getting taken again. I certainly hope this doesn’t happen every time. Other than that: well written and acted.

    Keep The Inside alive!
  • Best episode yet...

    This show is starting to hit its stride. I've enjoyed each episode so far, but the Pre-Filer is defintely the strongest one yet. I loved the plot and all performances were strong. I especially like Rachel Nichols as the lead. Looking forward to the rest of the season...
  • The Inside continues to improve with this very exciting episode. Dark and depressing idea works out as stellar nail-biting suspense in this, the third episode.

    It's an interesting idea; a serial killer who pre-emptively kills possible future serial killers. There is an inherent paradox in it, of course, him trying to justify why he's doing the same thing he's accusing his victims of doing. Still, it was a very exciting episode where we find out more about Rebecca Locke, and it had a pretty good conclusion. I'll keep watching.
  • Excellent episode. The best so far. The story was well-written and exciting to watch. One of the summers best. This was my favorite episode thus far. Can't wait until next week's show.

    To answer the question of "who" the actor was who played the pre-filer it was Michael Emerson. Great actor. Each episode seems to be getting better and better. This is one of my favorite shows this summer..............I will definately keep watching. I would like to see more of Danny and Melody's characters.
  • Well-written, well-paced, and just well-balanced making 'Pre-Filer' the best episode yet.

    Although I enjoyed this one greatly, I'm starting to get tired of Rebecca being kidnapped/taken hostage. This is what, the 3rd week in a row? I seriously hope that this won't be a continuing trend. Now that I got my notpick out of the way, I'll type what I enjoyed about the episode.

    The case itself was pretty intriguing. A 'Pre-Filer'? What an interesting concept. And I got a good chuckle on how Mel called it and made the term hers. Danny got in some good lines, and I liked the scene where he was teaching the boy how to hold a firearm correctly. That reminded me of his Jayne character on 'Firefly'.

    The show is finally addressing one of the concerns that I had, and that was the lack of screentime for Danny and Mel. I find myself more interested in them than the trifecta of Rebecca, Web, and Paul.

    The last thing that made me enjoy this one was picking out the references of past Whedon shows such as "Once More With Feeling" on the marquee of the theater, and "Angel? Where's Angel?"

    Here's hoping that the show continues its improvment and escaping the cancellation axe.
  • Does anyone know who the actor was that played 'The Pre-Filer' I really want to know.

    Does anyone know who the actor was that played 'The Pre-Filer' I really want to know. I LOVED this episode, it was awesome. I saw the pre-view for it and instead of watching The Real Gilligans Island like I usually do every wednesday I switched right to The Inside! It was all I thought it was going to be and more! Anyone who can tell me who the pre-filer was please do so, I really want to know! Thanks!
  • First time watching the show...definately wont be the last!

    I saw a preview for The Inside and said to myself "I have to watch this show." Boy am I glad I did! I thought this episode was amazing! Rebecca is such an exciting character to watch. Paul is definately a sight to look at...cutay! I loved how the characters worked together to find the Pre-filer. It was kind of a creepy episode that had my heart pounding. The show went by so fast because there was so much action and adventure.