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  • Disappointing addition to a pretty full field.

    I am a fan of crime dramas, but found The Inside extremely disappointing. To be fair, I may be spoiled by Criminal Minds, but stacked up next to the latter, I found The Inside shallow and unsophisticated, with uninteresting characters and boring cases. Actual profiling is usually nonexistent and when present at all mostly meaningless nonsense. Even worse, especially for a crime drama, I found outcomes extremely predictable (maybe because of my "training" from Criminal Minds.

    If you enjoyed The Inside at all, I strongly recommend you try out Criminal Minds. Even with the recent departure of Mandy Patinkin, it has far more to offer than The Inside.
  • Having seen 3 shows so far this show does not show much promise to turn into a winner.

    Having seen 3 shows so far this show does not show much promise to turn into a winner.

    It\'s cliche after cliche: the hardass boss, the jealousy between the agents, boring dialogue and even the camerawork seems to be a poorman\'s version of what we are now used to since CSI.

    Weakest point however is the acting of Rachel Nichols. She looks like a porcelain doll in most scenes and sometimes just sits there "acting" as one. In one scene in Episode two she just sat there as a puppet. No expression, no movement and totally laughable.
    She walks as a wooden plank and there is absolutely no interaction with her co-stars.

    The storylines are reheated from all kinds of shows and have a thrillfactor of 0.

    All in all a show that will need major surgery to survive and my first suggestion is to get rid of the porcelain doll.
  • good looking show, but stories are sometimes a bit far fetched

    the show looks really good. good actors and nice and dark settings.

    but the stories are sometimes really far fetched and unbelievable. not the crimes as such, but the ease with which they are solved. it is all a bit much luck or magic for my taste. nothing which couldn't be fixed though.
  • The Profiler is back!..wait, This is something new. But it's from Tim Minear and it has a great cast.. surely it can't be bad, right...?

    Have to say, seeing the trailer for this show it instantly made me think of "the Profiler". Same kind of visuals, characters and even the basic plot. But that's not a bad thing. :)

    The pilot episode itself consist of a quite good intro, some basic character introduction and then of course, some detective work. The characters seemed quite... odd at first, but they changed as the episode went on. The actors are good and it shows, but the characters were sort of inconsistent.
    ...And what's with the names?

    The mood itself wasn't quite as dark as you'd expect from this kind of show. Sure, some pretty nasty stuff happened and the show tried to play with your mind, but something was still missing...
    But we are talking about Tim Minear here - I'm sure he knows how to fix it. But will he do that in time?

    The only really bad thing about this was that there were no real underlying layers.. it was all pretty obvious. Like how Web only uses the people around him. I hope they scale back a bit and make it all more subtle because this show shows a lot of promise.
  • Peter Coyote is in this?

    I love procedurals. I love to watch the process of investigating crime. I enjoy learning about the characters and motive. I love the dialogue and the action.

    This show's writers need to watch some more CBS. The dialogue is strained and unrealistic, as are the situations. The characters are boring and one-dimensional.

    I even gave the show a chance and watched more than one episode. That's 3 hours I will never get back.
  • CSI/Cold Cases knock off.

    Man it seems like the networks have a thing for blue tint and single episode crime thrillers. They borrow all the techniques that CSI pioneered in terms of camera work and plot layouts, but instead of using science, they use good'ole fashioned detective work to solve their crimes.

    Instead of Grissom you have another oldster running the team. You have your square jawed jock, the nice guy, and the pretty lil girl with a past. The characters are all cookie cutter and the plots are unoriginal. I find myself predicting who did it about 15 minutes in (as soon as they introduce the evil-doer as some benign secondary character that is odd but doesn't appear harmful.

    The show is pretty boring because of its unoriginality. If you haven't watched a lot of other network TV drams over the past few years then you may find this show pretty good, but anyone who watches TV on a regular basis will find it a decent time filler and not very useful beyond that.
  • With uninspired characters and faceless drama, The Inside doesn't live up to it's potential.

    The Inisde certainly has an interesting premise, a rookie agent (Rebecca Locke) whose haunting past helps her understand the minds of serial killers which makes her pretty much the perfect detective, but The Inside fails in many other aspects that make a drama good. The Inside has a good plot and storyline, but most of the characters are uninteresting or unconvincing. Rebecca Locke sure has a traumatic past, but her performance when reflecting upon that past makes you question if she really went through all that. Drawing any excitement from The Inside is a challenge, so your better off without it. I have about 25 different shows on the My Shows list right here on, The Inside is the first show I'm taking off that list.
  • There really isn't so much to say about this show, except it's too similar to things that've been done before - and much worse - it's too similar from episode to episode...

    Although being filmed good and played very good, I don't think this show is made of the stuff that's build to last... Too many expected plot turns, too many times agent Locke (played unarguably good by Rachel Nichols) will find herself captive instead of captor when trying to get "in the heads" of criminals, while having flashbacks of her own past... and I simply don't buy this. In a show of such a competitive genre, I would at least expect a better dose of originality (such that existed in the pilot episode) between episodes...!

    I hope in time, the show will rise above revisiting the same plot angles over and over again - and realise its promising potential.
  • I'm a sucker for shows tinted green.

    I'm 4 episodes into this new show and I want to see more -- more of the show and more in the show.

    I love crime drama and this has all the elements. I like the look and the feel of "The Inside" and, so far, it keeps my attention. Despite a few blips here and there, the dialog is tight and real. And it's always a treat when a show sticks to the plot and we don't get a lot of soap opera between the characters. I also like that it doesn't shield us from the violence, yet doesn't make us wade in ankle deep.

    I'm a big fan of Peter Coyote and it's nice to see Jay Harrington has dusted "Coupling" off himself. Adam Baldwin is always a rush -- ever since his turn as Hamilton on "Angel" he kinda scares me, but I adore the way his presence makes me wanna discover his private joke.

    So what more do I want? Well, so far every episode has been predictable. I don't mind a little implausibility in the plot if it leaves me gasping, but so far i've just been sighing. There just haven't been any surprises.

    Since we're only four episodes in, I'll forgive them that, so far, all the characters are one-dimensional stereotypes. Katie Finneran just seems to be along for the ride. Let's hope they soon give her something more to be than states-the-obvious girl. And I'm hoping there's more to Coyote's Webster than the done-to-death hardass boss who's on your side when it counts. Harrington's self-righteous Ryan may also start to grate soon if he doesn't get an edge.

    The biggest problem for me, however, is Rebecca Locke. I just don't buy her. Perhaps if she didn't look like Kate Moss in high school it would make her more believeable as an FBI field agent. Or perhaps if Rachel Nichols didn't play her as if she's just had Botox injections and still has no feeling in her face...

    I guess the only character/actor that intrigues me in this show is Adam Baldwin's Danny Love. Baldwin's perpetual inner smirk makes Love the only character that seems alive in this dreary FBI office. He's certainly the only one of these folks you'd wanna hang out with after work.

    Whatever it's shortcomings, The Inside is still better television than most and I'm hoping the characters and suspense will develop as the show matures. I think there's great potential here -- or maybe I'm just a sucker for FBI shows tinted green.
  • Pretty good serial criminal cases so far. Needs work on character development.

    This show has some potential, but the characters need a little "fleshing out" before it can be considered really competitive with the top procedural dramas. So far, the cases have been pretty compelling, but the flow is occasionally jumpy -- kind of like they had sixty minutes of show and had to fit it in the 43 minutes that they get after commercials, credits, and the like and the person doing the editing used a random number generator to determine what footage would be removed.
  • It isn't perfect but it's definately better than most shows out there. It's smart and complex but not so complex that you get lost in the story. If this show makes it, you might be saying Law and Order, CSI, and The Inside.

    It isn't perfect but it's definately better than most shows out there. It's smart and complex but not so complex that you get lost in the story. If this show makes it, you might be saying Law and Order, CSI, and The Inside.

    Rebecca Locke(played by Rachel Nichols) isn't your average blonde. Sure she may look innocent and pretty but she has a troubled past and a sharp mind. Groomed from the start to become a special agent for the violent crimes unit of the FBI she uses her troubled past which turns out to be her gift in order to find their suspects.

    The violent crimes unit is rounded off by an excellent cast. Jay Harrington and Peter Coyote are excellent in their roles as Special Agent Paul Fattore and Supervisory Agent Virgil "Web" Webster, respectively. Adam Baldwin offers the tough guy of the group and sometimes gives a comical performance as Special Agent Danny Love. Katie Finneran stars as Special Agent Melody Sims and Nelsan Ellis stars as their tech geek Carter Howard.

    Peter Coyote's performance in this show is excellent and sometimes the most common scene is chilling as he delivers his lines with that trademark voice of his.

    I wish I could say the same about all the actors but the acting is alright. Sometimes it can get too serious, especially when Rebecca goes into her long analysis about the murderer of the week.

    The writing is clever and like I said earlier is not so complex you get lost in the story. The crimes are interesting but you can only go so far with the serial murderer. Another way to look at it is that you have endless possibilities with serial murderers and criminals which gives the show even more potential. My only problem with the crimes is that they are wrapped up too quickly. I know its an hour long drama and with commercials they only have 42 minutes to tell their story but it seems that in most of the episodes you have this giant build up and everything is wrapped up at around minute 37.

    We've seen this show before. It's not original but its innovative and definately not something you would want to watch if you're eating dinner. Hopefully FOX sees the true genius this show emits despite it's ratings and give it a shot in the fall. It would make an excellent compliment to a show like 24. If you're a fan of good, scripted television like a Law and Order or a CSI definately watch The Inside while you still can. Trust me you won't regret it.
  • The show is so dark and scary that it will probably be shut down, but i hope it dosent hapen bacause the show has realy good potential.

    The show is so dark and scary that it will probably be shut down, but i hope it dosent hapen bacause the show has realy good potential.
    It wont become one of the best shows but if they cange a few thing it will defenitly become one in the middle.
  • Think that the show has potential but hasn’t quite found its footing yet.

    Think that the show has potential but hasn’t quite found its footing yet.

    Katie Finneran and Adam Baldwin are masters of the comic asides and am so glad to see them again after loving them in Wonderfalls and Firefly respectively. Of course this is part of the problem… I love their humor but it makes for some sharp breaks from the dark subject matter of the show.

    The show also seems to be trying to show character growth (mostly with Rachel Nichols’ character) and while this has been acompished in some episiodes without things getting too cheesy it doesn’t really show from episode to episode – for the most part you could mix up their order and not really be able to tell a difference.

    Like I said though, it had potential… and really, what else is their to watch during the summer?
  • Good storyline and a great show, please air the remaining episodes.

    It is such a shame that a serie as good as this one does not get aired completely. I really would like to see the remaining episodes. Especially to see how the storyline would expand further. So what i would like to see is the rest of the episodes aired :)
  • When I started watching the first episode, I was thinking, \"Please don\'t let this be like CSI....\". After all, it starts off with a murder, and then in come the team of experts. Maybe it\'s just me and my current infactuation with CSI NY.

    When I started watching the first episode, I was thinking, \"Please don\'t let this be like CSI....\". After all, it starts off with a murder, and then in come the team of experts. Maybe it\'s just me and my current infactuation with CSI NY.

    Anyway, I was skeptical about this show as it progressed throughout the first episode. I didn\'t really know what kind of show it was or what kind of show they wanted it to be. Sure I knew it had something to do with a blond woman solving crimes, but is there anything special about the show?

    First episode impressions:
    After watching the first episode, I got a clear idea of which direction this show is heading in (which is good): It focuses on psychological problems of human beings. From the main characters to the suspects and victims, they all have their own problems and dark pasts. The show gives you a sense of how troubled and complicated people really are.

    Did I enjoy it? Thinking back, the beginning of the show did catch my attention. I wanted to know more about the story and characters. This could be dued to the \'huh?\' moments this show sometimes has. You can tell the writers put these \'surprises\' or \'huh?\' moments to interest the viewers. It did work, but sometimes I feel they overdo it. And this results in the plot not making a lot of sense. (but then again, which show makes perfect sense?)

    Bottom line: It\'s an enjoyable show, the directing is good, music is good, it\'s picking up as each episode continues. My only complaint is the actress who plays the main character, Rebecca, she wasn\'t very convincing in the first episode (she holds the gun like she's holding a vegetable). Luckily, she seems to be improving each episode.

    Can\'t say if this show will be a hit, but it does have the potential to be if the plot doens\'t get old. And I just feel that this show isn't that original so they better have some interesting things in store for us in the coming episodes.

  • It's a combo of Law&Order and CSI.

    Don't really get it. It's a combo of Law&Order and CSI. Knowing FOX there going to cancel it. I mean last night episode was kinda good but is the entire show going to be about that one agent. Do any of the other FBI agents have a dark past. Who knows?
  • The Inside is a good show with an even better potential.

    The first epsiode I saw was awsome for several reasons. First off, all the twists that occured throughout the single episode. I loved not knowing what was going to happen and when it did, being completley shocked. This "leader" of the crew is very intriguing and I am interested in learning of his past. I can see the characters growing on me and I can only hope fox dosen't seek fit to cancel this potentially amazing series! The second episode, I had a hard time staying on track with what was going on. This map be perhaps to my mind being in other places. I will continue to show up at wednesdays at 9 to watch The inside.
  • The Inside was a pleasantly surprising diversion this summer. Early on, the show needed a little work, but by the third episode, it seemed the characters were gelling and the plotlines became more and more engaging. Too bad Fox blew it again and has can

    The Inside was a pleasantly surprising diversion this summer. Early on, the show needed a little work, but by the third episode, it seemed the characters were gelling and the plotlines became more and more engaging. Too bad Fox blew it again and has caneclled the show. guess we'll all have to wait for a DVD release to see what else was in store.
  • Unassuming program and grabs you and makes you a fan!

    This was another program I didn't know too much about when I first watched it. And it's another homerun. It's fast paced, engaging and informative. I'm a sucker for any forensic program and by using the profiler side of it, it makes me feel part of the show. The story lines have been interesting and I look forward to it every week.
  • After watching the first episode , I can say that this show is pretty good. The first episode was excellent and the 2 nd episode was very interesting. This is a quite different then CSI though as it deals with extremely violent crimes only.

    The show needs some fine tuning. I think the characters don't really show they work as a proper team as the CSI team does. The captain Virgil also needs work when it comes to working with his team. I think he is a little too cold then really needs to be.

    The background of Rebecca could make the show much more interesting too. Im very curious as to what happenned to her when she was younger in those 18 months. It seems all of the team have somekind of history , infact it is said that they were all chosen for a reason.

    With more violent and interesting episodes this show could make it in the big time.
  • A crime drama if there ever was one, with a cast of complex characters that quickly bring you into the gritty, dramatic world of serial killer profiling - and catching. A must see if you like crime dramas, dark comedy, or movies along the lines of 'Silenc

    Definately one of my personal favorities for its quirky, and often dark, comedy. Rebecca Locke has a gift that can only be put as the show advertises - a gift forged in pain. The characters all seem to have their own hidden pasts that reel you in, if only to know what they are. Then you might stay for the lure of the new serial killer she and the rest of the team discover.

    As said before, if you like crime shows, dramas, or anything with reference to the movie 'The Silence of the Lambs,' this is definately one to watch. You'll become a dedicated viewer after fifteen minutes.
  • Really original drama, great writing, well produced show - I just hope fox doesnt cancel this like they have cancelled so many other good shows before they have been given a chance to prove themselves. Time will tell.

    Really original drama, great writing, well produced show. This is a great mix of darker story lines with fresh approach . The characters are becoming more interesting each week. - I just hope fox doesnt cancel this like they have cancelled so many other good shows before they have been given a chance to prove themselves. Time will tell.
  • A very good show

    I really enjoyed The Inside. I looked forward to it each week and once again Fox got rid of a good show. They done the same thing to Point Pleasant and North Shore. Why can\'t they let good shows be??? I just wonder what else they will ditch in the future.
  • what a mess! i can't believe this one went down the pan. it would be so rude not to bring this back but what are the chances of that after so few episodes?

    this show was amazing. there were no duff episodes for me, peter coyote was awesome and now it's gone! one thing that bugged me in that "joss whedon" kinda way is that all the characters are diverse and create a team with a wide range of skills - somehow i can't believe this would actually be true of a serial killer profile team of the fbi but i can forgive it because it made for some interesting watching. the writing, directing and acting was so dark that it gave the show an edge i don't often see. x-files and john doe kinda touched on some of that stuff but this show did it really well and i hope that it'll find its way back to the screen at some point soon.
  • Tim Minear ("Angel", "Firefly", "Wonderfalls") this time brings us a dark show dealing with dark and terrifying subjects – but it may be even more terifying and hard to watch than most in its genre because of the questions it makes one ask of yourself.

    I don’t watch crime shows.

    I’ve had friends and family enthusiastically declare the virtues of the Law and Orders, CSIs, and Cold Cases out there.

    I’ve watched some episodes, and I’ll concede that they are often very well written, and contain mysteries that draw you in, and involve you in the process as you try to solve the mystery before the on-screen detectives do.

    But there is one major quality that I look for in a good dramatic series, and it is this quality that keeps me coming back. And it is also this quality, that if lacking, will keep me from returning.

    And that is real, believable characters who actually grow, change and are affected in ways that real people are affected.

    There are new and interesting villains in these crime shows each week, and often times we learn far more about the minds of these criminals in one episode than we learn about Our Heroic Detectives throughout the entire run of the series.

    Why? Because these shows are not about The Heroes – they are about the cases, the criminals.

    But how does working a this constantly flowing crew of criminal minds affect those who hunt them down? What are the detectives' reasons for wanting to hunt them down? Why are they good at what they do?

    The popular Crime of the Week shows rarely spend time discussing these things – the show is designed to be so self-contained that anyone could watch any episode at any time without having to worry about where the detectives are in their emotional and personal lives. The showrunner can then cram in as much Mystery as they can in an episode, leaving little or no room for the telling the Detectives’ stories. And when for a change the creators of the show actually do tell the story of a Main Character, they are advertised as ‘Very Special Episodes.”

    And as I said, that’s perfectly fine. It’s just not for me.

    But now there comes The Inside, the new crime drama developed by Tim Minear.

    Now I admit – had Tim Minear’s name not been attatched, this show would have never made a blip on my radar, and would have been passed by without my having given it a second thought.

    But Tim Minear is involved, and that makes all the difference.
    Minear, for those who aren’t familiar with him, is famous for creating absolutely brilliant groundbreaking literary television that becomes swiftly cancelled far before the shows even get a chance to reach their audience.

    The longest-running Tim Minear show was Angel, the Buffy the Vampire Slayer spin-off co-run by Buffy creator Joss Whedon.

    Minear’s next show was another team up with Whedon, the ridiculously good “Space Western” Firefly, which Fox not only aired its episodes out of order, but also failed to properly promote, resulting in a cancellation before it even had a chance to find it’s audience. The critics and fans loved the show with a passion, and due to the exposure from its DVD release, more Firefly fans are growing every day. And as of the writing of this, a theatrical sequel to the series, Serenity, is making such ridiculously positive buzz from advance screenings that distributors are considering moving the release date forward.

    The most recent Minear show to pass into the ether was Wonderfalls. Co-created with Dead Like Me’s Bryan Fuller, this work of brilliance once again fell victim to Fox’s poor scheduling and promotion. After airing only four episodes (of the completed 13), the show was cancelled, forcing the public to wait once again to discover this show on DVD.

    If there’s something in common with all of the Tim Minear shows, it’s a healthy portion of heart and emotional truth mixed throughout with unmatched killer wit. They are truly shows that make you howl with laughter in one moment, and shed tears of emotional empathy the next.

    Minear features Real People in Otherworldy Situations. Elements of the fantastic are always involved in his shows, but we believe, because the people who inhabit these worlds are so real to us. We laugh with them, we cry when they’re in pain.

    Tim makes shows about people we care about.

    Which brings us to The Inside, a show without a single drop of the fantastic - but because of how truthful it is, it makes us yearn for that element of escape - but in a way that keeps you enthralled to the end.

    It’s a show about darkness. It’s a show about unimaginable things that human being are capable of, and what it takes to understand how these things are done, and why.

    And even more important, it’s a show about tempering one’s weaknesses into strengths.

    There exists in The Inside a story arc that is going to be explored and developed throughout the run of the show (something else usually lacking in the Crime of the Weeks -COtWs-).

    This show features an ensemble cast of characters brought together as a specialized autonomous unit of the Los Angeles Violent Crimes division of the FBI. Each character has been specially chosen by the ringleader for a specific purpose, for special qualities or experiences they’ve had that have been burned deep into who they are. We don’t know what all of them have been through as the show begins. But we do know that the experiences have been painful.

    The ringleader is shouted down at one point by one of his agents, with the accusation that he uses his agents’ pain for his advantage.

    His response isn't a defense or denial - it's a chilling confirmation. he claims that that the particular agent, “has a gift…forged in pain. And she wants me to use her.”

    It is a dark show dealing with dark and terrifying subjects – but it may be even more terifying and hard to watch than most in its genre because of the questions it makes one ask of yourself.

    Most people like to bury terrible experiences they’ve had. This show asks you not to bury them, but to use them, manipulate them, take advantage of them. Let your pain and experiences be the Crucible in which you are perfected.

    Pain leads to purification. Without firsthand knowledge of the Dark, the Light won’t appear half as brilliant.
  • I like it...even if no one else does.

    The show is pretty good. I like watching it every week. When it first started, I figured it would get cancelled (not b/c of the lack of being a good show...but b/c it seems as though FOX likes cancelling good shows...I liked Point Pleasant!) The characters are very good...most of which are played by not so well known actors, but good nonetheless. The storylines are written pretty well - I love the crime scenes & the wit of the team.

    I hope that FOX renews it for another season...keeping my fingers crossed.
  • very good show but with shows like CSI already airing, people wont tune in cuz they think its some kind of copycat

    I like the show and I dont know why it doesn't do better in the ratings...maybe the fact that the stupid show dancing with the stars is such a hit (and why???). anyway, the inside is a show i think should be a fox regular, and if that stupid dancing show wasnt on, it would be the most popular show right far it has been better than i expected when i saw the previews, and i am hooked
  • Few shows take your breath away anymore. Get the oxygen ready for this one.

    Just two episodes in and we're hooked. Of course that often screams "cancel me", but this show just needs to hit the conversations at the water coolers. If you see it once, you're going to want more.
    Rachel Nichols is Rebecca Locke, formerly known as "Becky", the little girl who was abducted Elizabeth Smart style, out of her bed in the dead of night and kept by a bad man for 18 months. Surely there's more to discover about this, but right now it's just enough to justify the far off looks in her eyes, the deep-thought gems of wisdom she spouts and the determined, angry "I'm NOT Becky anymore!" comments that are more to convince herself she's no longer "helpless", despite being bait and a hair away from victimized in each episode so far.
    Peter Coyote, playing the head of this team of what we're quickly perceiving as misfits, is intense, powerful and just a little threatening in his role of Virgil "Web" Webster. He's not exactly a bad guy, but he's undoubtly not all that good either in taking some serious risks with our female, recovering victim. His insight and power are his redeeming qualities, seemingly all knowing, which means there's no risk actually being taken. We just don't know, yet.
    Adam Baldwin is Danny; Jay Harrington is Paul. At first the potential love interest between Rebecca and Paul is a 'duh' thing, but the complication is that he's married and his wife is about to have a baby. Still, it's not looking like "just friends" here.
    Danny, an ex-Marine and the show's most aggravating character (they all need one) has us already screaming at him to just shut up! Refreshingly, Coyote's character pretty much does this and it's possible to move on.
    So far we've seen someone kill themselves by stripping their own skin off (well, we see the graphic end result) and we've entered into S&M dens and watched, as graphically as prime time t.v. allows, a man-on-man rape. Just when you think it's been as disturbing as it gets, Rebecca, in releasing the sobbing, hurt male rape victim, coldly tells him how he'll " much stronger (for it)". Sure, he said this to her earlier as he was about to teach her why some people like S&M, but when he saw she was really frightened, he stopped, let her go and (he) ran. Hardly a bad enough guy to deserve all this.
    That's what this show is about though. Doing things we can't believe they're doing. Saying things we don't believe we're hearing. The characters are finding their positions, we're learning their quirks and t.v. is pushing the limits with both subject matter and graphics. The two things that two episodes have proven so far: 1. We can't wait to see Peter Coyote/his character and 2. From the moment it starts until the moment it ends, without even noticing it, we find we forget to breathe.
    It's been a long time since a show took our breath away. Welcome back.
  • ohh my good i can't believe this , why always has to end the best shos , i think maybe they dont like money , is you can' t see you can wan a lot of with this dumps...

    the program was awasome , the actor are very good and profesional the secuence is very good and resume all is good ... what's wrong with u people, this show can be like prison break and 24 it has all the perfomace c'mon bring it back
    pleaseeeeeeeeeee asd asdfgas f asdg adgs
  • Well made, well written, un-orginal, forgetable, here today - gone tomorrow.

    When the show started I expected your average cop show (well, non-cop is the new standard - NCIS, Numb3rs, etc). What I found was a show that had a very powerful 1st episode which set the tone for the entire show. Honestly, I think they let us know too much about the background of the new agent too fast - it should have taken atleast till half way through the season to find out what made her tick.

    I've noticed a trend for shows to get darker, more creative, more evil, especially more graphic - and The Inside doesn't disappoint in all these areas.

    The thing that strikes me is the leader of these team of agents. He already seems to be the puppet-master and a character which could feed a lot of plot lines for the future.

    My only issue about this show is what doesn't make it different from the other range of cop-like shows who chase down an even-badder group of criminals, which while these shows lead us to believe are extremely common, are actually extremely uncommon.

    Other shows like Dead Like Me, Medium, Numb3rs have something new... The Inside doesn't really seem to offer all that much which is unique in the genre of cop tv.... but that isn't to say that it isn't good... it's just not unique.

    In saying that... It will be one of the show I will watch at the moment - but honestly, might not be if there are too many other better shows.

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