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  • This was a network show that kept the summer TV viewing interesting. It was dark and in some episodes had the viewer wondering what's next. It was probably too dark for FOX and could have been more acceptable on FX. They said they would show the remaing e

    Rachel Nichols performance as the lead landed her a job on Alias while Peter Coyote was superb in manipulating his team members to solve the murders. There was not enough time to explore the inner demos of all of the characters. Even with all of the violence in each show, it was showing what kind of world we live in. The show just it made more interesting to see. Of course its only for entertainment purposes and that's what TV is for. Some episodes revealed the guilty party sooner than others and there would always be a twist at the end.
  • One the BEST TV series I have EVER watched. That's saying a lot when I would definitely rank this in the top among Heroes, LOST and House. I've never been more disappointed with FOX for failing to notice they had another winner. BRING IT BACK!!

    'The Inside' is an absolute winner of a TV series. Sure, I've watched plenty of crime thrillers (NCIS, NYPD, CSI etc), and whilst I enjoyed those, I absolutely love 'The Inside'. It has everything one would hope for in a series: a thriller of a plot, twists, character development, the occasional (dark) humour and an overarching theme. Often it would take some episodes for me to be convinced to follow a series, but it took just that one episode 'Lonliest Number' to shock me into recognising another great series on the rise. I was already wondering then why such a hit was being shown near midnight when totally innane shows like 'Cops' and 'So you think you can dance' is given primetime screening. Seriously, that is more than enough for one to think once again about why these executives are being paid big bucks for? I've read some 'reviewers' dimiss the original 'The Inside' screening as 'just another CSI-wannabe'. They've never been more wrong! 'The Inside' is in a league of its own, and in my honest opinion, of far better quality than other crime 'flicks'. Even the recent season of NCIS is losing its touch. Even the much publicised 'Bones' is no match with 'The Inside'. And yet, despite the considerable fan support and favourable reviews of 'The Inside', and despite its very own merit, FOX failed to see its brilliance and not only failed to publicise the show, but also delegated it to an obscure timeslot in its first release in the States. Now, it's almost been two years since its screening, and still we do not have a DVD release for 'The Inside'. When will FOX wake up? When will they realise they have a show that is comparable to the venerable 'House', and in so many ways promises to be even better! Please BRING 'The Inside' BACK!
  • It was too young to die

    This series, a kind of off-spring from the mother of the profiling-shows "Profiler" :-), had potential to take the genre to the next generation and I really looked forward to get to know the characters a little better every episode, but then: The end! The cases the team had to solve were dark, cool and very twisted. As in any good story about the psychology of the murderer and the murder the audience was drawn in to figure out the story behind the story, what made this series special was the terrible history of the new rookie profiler Rebecca Locke. From this experience derived her unique skill as a profiler and built the ground for the interaction with and development of the other characters, which was really great to watch. Especially in these episodes, where those elements were combined with the case their solving, the show wasn't just another one about a bunch of FBI-profilers trying to hunt down the evil-doers.
    It's just a great pity.
  • Dark, mysterious and disturbing in a good sense. A psychological drama that offers a view to the other side of humanity.

    Shame that it ended with just one season -- not just that but it ended with such a cliff hanger episode finale that made me wishing for season 2 that never came. "The Inside" is a rare show that doesn't attempt to coat the world with icing but, instead, delves into the possibilities of what the human being is capable of doing. It not just about the crimes they investigate that makes you cringe but also of the characters and how they are being manipulated or they themselves manipulates others. The feel of the show is heavy so it's not for everyone but it's one of those shows that does not entertain in a way that you'll feel positively satisfied after watching it but it makes you wonder and question.
  • Quality Cast, great writers, nice idea; what could go wrong? Well, a few things actually. But nothing that can't be fixed...

    The Inside started off as a '21 jump street' type show with the hero(Rachel Nichols) going undercover at a high school. While undercover her high school 'boyfriend' was murdered meaning she would have to try and solve his murder while staying undercover.

    When Super-producer Tim (Angel, Firefly, Wonderfalls) Minear took over the show to shoot a new pilot at FOX's request he dumped the format, keeping only Nichols in the lead.

    He has been joined by writers Howard Gordon(24, The X Files), Jane Espenson(Buffy), and on some episodes later in the season: David Fury(Angel, Lost). Add to that a top cast including Peter Coyote and Adam Baldwin and it seemed a sure thing.

    Maybe not...

    What Minear has created in the pilot(which he wrote and directed) is mixed bag of a show.

    Firstly, the positives: The cast are great. While Finneran's Sims and Ellis' Howard don't really get room to flex I'm sure they will later on. Meanwhile Baldwin spits out his lines in the hard boiled, impulsive way we came to enjoy during his stints on Firefly and Angel and Harrington shows that there is more to come from his character with a nicely withdrawn, but strong performance.

    Coyote is distinctly slimy and calculating and will be one to watch but in the lead Nichols shows some good work as the slightly fragile, tormented new girl. It will be interesting to see her progress as she fits into the team.

    Also positive the script, especially the dialogue which doesn't get too camp and padded.

    The story kept me interested but a big problem is that the murders are just a bit too grisly. It maybe ok for now but I doubt everyone would like the same degree of gore week in week out. Also, the dialogue lacks some nice sharp Tim Minear wit.

    There was a nice twist at the end and you have to wonder what Webster has in store for Locke but the show does need to lighten up just a bit, that's it's main fault. And it would also be good to work in some of Minear's trademark story arcs.

    All in all a good show but it needs tucking and trimming(much like this review!) to really come good.
  • The first episode of The Inside was promising, and it was only just improving... and then: the almighty axe.

    There are so many cop dramas out there these days, in varying shapes and forms, that I never know what to think when a new one pops up. I did decide to check it out though, since all the others shows were on summer-hiatus. I liked what I saw, even though there was definitely room for improvement. The characters seemed a bit stereotypical at first, but improved as the episodes went on. Peter Coyote was excellent, if a bit stiff; the quirky leading man with a past we have so come to expect from shows like this. It really was too bad they axed it; it was only just getting good.
  • Cut too short

    It is sad to me that people won't watch these shows and realize that these things, or worse, happen in our world all of the time. There is only a small percentage that they get tips on, and often too little "hard" evidence. It was nice to find a show that didn't tiptoe around Trauma and while relatively uncommon, showed things that occur in our country and world. Every serial killer lives next to someone....

    I loved the show and it was paradoxically a "breath of fresh air" releasing many taboo things that occur and especially as shown through the main character that has been traumatized by similar abuses. Something that shows the truth, although through ficticious characters and events, shouldn't be kept quiet any longer. If we don't have truth, what point is there? Unless people want to live in naivete and sheltered happiness. God bless them the day they trip on the truth..... Just an opinion.
  • A great, seriously done and captivating show that should have had a full run of at least 2-3 seasons.

    No show can demonstrate its potential in either seven or thirteen episodes. Yet this one did. Those strange people who make decisions seem to have decided to let the show die beforehand, as they aired it in the summer. The show had some slight flaws that would have been corrected in the following episodes. Rebecca, very well played by the beautiful Rachel Nichols, would have established herself socially, which would have put more life into the team. I think, perhaps, the manuscripts overemphasized her inner sense of emptiness, or let it run too long. Rebecca was also, herself, perhaps 'taken' a bit too much. But Rachel did very good rookie work, and the rest of the cast was terrific, and all of the episodes stand watching several times. Is there a DVD out?
  • A movie unique for a crime drama Probably one of the best i have seen so far..

    I have seen many movies involving crimes, and i have noticed that these movies are quite similar, and i can`t find anything inspiring and unique in them, but this one is really special. I haven`t seen anything like it before. The dark, grotesque atmosphere really makes this movie special and brings you inside the twisted world of serial killers.This movie is something different from the usual crime investigating seen in such other movies, it`s a real masterpiece, really inspiring. When i watch it i feel like i`m experiencing a dark dream, like i`m swimming in a deep ocean of sinister thoughts that slither in our heads at night. I had the similar feeling when i watched the movie "Sphere".It`s really special. I suppose that the creator of the movie is a genius, a psychopath himself. I haven`t seen anyone else understanding better the world of sociopaths. The creator really thinks like a sociopath. I recommend this movie to anyone who wants to know more about the world of killers, and for anyone who`s looking for unique ideas and has a touch with the darkness. This movie will introduce psychos of all gender and age, and lead you deeper into their world, into their minds.
  • One of the best series around and they cancel it!!!

    Loved this show, it had great potential.
    Why quit a show that is great while other shows that are far less still exist.
    Till this show I thought Without a Trace was the best, but this series has everything.
    It is the best mix of all the series I like(d).
    The cast is great and they work well together, that shows in their performance.
    Mr Coyote is great as the boss with much to hide.
    Miss Nichols also gives a great performance and you see her growing with every episode.
    Adam Baldwin is in my opinion the best actor of all the Baldwin's I was glad to see him in such a strong role
    Please please FOX give it another change, that would make you my hero.
  • I think it was the best show I ever seen. I am into all shows involving murder and suspence. And that show gave me all of that and more. If you bring it back that would be great

    PLease , bring it back that show rocked it really kicked butt. You need more shows life this one instead of reality based shows. I am so tired of the same thing on all the time. And the one time I get into a show like this you take it off. That's just wrong so please find it in your heart or in your wallet to bring it back!!!!!!!!!!
  • This show IS NOT like CSI and Law & Order. Its much edgier and much more interesting. Disturbing at times, but that's what sets it apart from the other crap. This show is great and very underappreciated!!!!

    Like I said in the summary. I think this is one of the best crime dramas there is. CSI and Law & Order have like 100 shows. And they're all the same! This show is edgy, provocative, and slightly disturbing. Which makes it different from the rest, and more interesting. It doesn't feel like your watching "another boring 'ol crime drama" when you watch it. I highly suggest watching this show, and pray that FOX doesn't cancel it.
  • Bring it back! I love it!

    Why they stop this show? I like it. Some of the cases were really brutal, but the view point was really interesting and unique. I love the characters everybody with his own problems and secrets. And it was really cruel the way they leave it. We didn't understand what really happened with Rebecca and with Paul, we didn't understand almost anything about Mel and Danny, and Web was really intriguing for me. I think that we deserve at least an explanation. And a good end. This was nothing. They just drop it in the middle of the nothingness. I want more.
  • Inside the Thriller!

    Watching "The Inside" is like watching a short major motion picture thriller every week. Episodes remind me of hits like "Silence of the Lambs","Taking Lives", "Saw", James Patterson's "Kiss the Girls" and "Along Came a Spider" - to name just a few. If you want your blood pumping and to be sitting at the edge of your seat wondering what's going to happen next - this is the show for you!

    Sure some of the cases are really out of the box - but that's the genius in the writing. Plus, they've neatly explained why they only handle the craziest cases - their boss (played brilliantly by Peter Coyote) picks only the most "interesting" cases. Think what you want, but it's more plausible than an author running into a murder every where she goes, a la "Murder She Wrote" or a medical examiner running around the city solving crimes, a la "Crossing Jordan".

    So enjoy the Thrill why you can.

    More thoughts...
    Too bad FOX couldn't figure out how to successfully use this show. Lead in shows like Pamela Anderson's "Stacked" and "So You Think You Can Dance" are just stupid decisions. I'm sure if you began the 8 o'clock hour with "The Inside", "Stacked" and "So You Think You Can Dance" would've lost viewers too. They're just not compatible.
  • STUNNING television!

    Absoulutely tremendous TV that FOX put on at the worst time: THE SUMMER! But hey, Seinfeld began in the summer and wasn't renewed right away either. Maybe enough cult following can bring this genius show back to TV, IN THE FALL, where it belongs!!!

    It was so clever and so suspenseful, sort of an X-Files meets 24 type show. Very good.
  • Finally! A crime show that focuses on the characters instead of just the cases, though it certainly delves into those as well.

    Law & Order, CSI, NYPD Blue...the list could go on and on. Crime-mystery shows are one of the most popular genres on television today, thats for sure. I for one have never been one to enjoy them. Sure, I'll watch Law & Order if I can't find anything else on. The mysteries can be intriguing, but these kinds of shows just seem to lack a strong connection with their main characters. I never though too much about it, and just figured that was how shows like those had to be, since there focus was on the crimes. Not so!

    Right after The Inside premiered (I ran across a preview for it on accident a few minutes before it came on, recognized it from previous weeks, and decided to give it a shot) I was completely in love. I went to Fox's website to check it all out and saw a message from (I think it was) one of the creators, saying how he wanted the show to be mainly driven by the characters. I was amazed! How great! And that's exactly what it's been doing. What's going to keep me coming back every week isn't what crime is going to happen next, but how Rebecca escaped the guy who kidnapped her when she was a girl, what Web is really all about (is that guy shrouded in mystery or what?), and you just know the other 3 have their own secrets, even if 2 of those characters haven't been so focused on just yet.

    I hope Fox doesn't cancel this show. I think it could be a hit given the chance. It may not be the show of its type that everyone is used to, but maybe, just maybe, it's above them.
  • I liked this show. No I loved it. The darkness of it and the intersting cases made it fun to watch. Although i never understood why there where 6 people on the team, when the show only centered around three of them.

    I liked this show. No I loved it. The darkness of it and the intersting cases made it fun to watch. Although i never understood why there where 6 people on the team, when the show only centered around three of them. Anyway I hope Fox realizes what a good show they have canceled an bring it back. But then again Fox never realizes what great shows they cancel and they just don't care about the viewers (Tru Calling, John Doe, etc.)
  • Investigations Unit solves special cases and with that find new inmates for forensic units

    A new show that is great. What a suprise!
    The dark atmosphere that is created is good. The development of the characters could be interesting.
    So, a great show. Hopefully FOX does not cancel it (just for once please!!!!) , as they did with good shows in the past way too often.
  • The Inside is appreciated by it's fans but not appreciated by FOX. Because of a lack of advertising, it's sure to be another show added on to the huge list of good shows FOX has cancelled. The Inside has a great cast, good writing and has the potential to

    The Inside is appreciated by it's fans but not appreciated by FOX. Because of a lack of advertising, it's sure to be another show added on to the huge list of good shows FOX has cancelled. The Inside has a great cast, good writing and has the potential to be great. Tonight, 6/22/05, is the Insides 3rd episode. I'm hoping that somehow enough of the people who have watched it spread the word enough to keep it on the air at least until the end of it's first season.
  • Excellent first episode i think a hell of a lot better than what was originally planned, thank god for Tim Minear is all i can say

    Excellent first episode i think a hell of a lot better than what was originally planned, thank god for Tim Minear is all i can say. However that being said I'm finding it very hard to see Katie Finnernan as anyone apart from the depressed lesbian lawyer from Wonderfalls LOL she's all serious i keep expecting her to do something stupid. Oh, also, does anyone think that maybe Adam Baldwin is beginning to be really type-casted? I mean he's basically reprising his role for Firefly... well almost. Well done Tim Minear, now I'm just waiting for Jane Espenson's episode, should be great!
  • A good show with great acting grounded without given a chance to take off. BRING IT BACK!

    I was so upset when FOX first announced the cancellation of The Inside! This show had fantastic potential, but was never given a chance. I mean, how did the cancel-happy Fox expect it to become a huge hit when it aired in the summer and the dates kept on changing? The acting was well done and the storylines kept me coming back for more. There was something about The Inside which differentiated it from all the crime dramas on TV - it could have been the uniqueness of using profiling to catch a killer, the main character Rebecca's backstory as victim of random abduction as a child, it's goriness or how you won't guess the killers right off the bat. Sure, on the outside it looked similar to CSI, with the opening shots of the city, the grainy flashbacks, the gore...but it's so much more than that. The Inside focuses a lot more on using psychology to catch killers rather than science and technology as seen on CSI.

    I don't understand why Fox decided to air it at such a crappy time; it needed a second season to grow. The Inside had all the makings of a huge hit. Instead of canceling the show maybe they should have gotten a writers helper for some different storylines.The one episode that stands out in my mind was when the bureau all thought that the groundskeeper was responsible for the murder of an 8 year old boy, but it was really a ten year old psychopath who framed the groundskeeper.

    Rebecca Locke, the new FBI agent with "a gift, forged in pain" for profiling as Web put it, was my favorite character and the eye-catching beauty of the show. While she may seem cold and emotionally detached, it's for a good reason - Rebecca was abducted for a year and a half as a young girl, escaping from her abductor by starting a fire and leaving him for dead. Due to her kidnapping, Rebecca learned the cold hard reality of life and how to save herself, and that nobody was going to come to rescue her. Melody Sim and Danny Love add some dry humor to this dark, depressing, gruesome crime drama. Also, I noticed some good chemistry between Danny and Rebecca - I think the writers were setting up a little future romance there!

    It saddens me how a cheap rip-off like Criminal Minds can get renewed as well as complete crap like CSI: Miami is going onto it's sixth season, when all that show is, is style and no substance. Overall, spectacular show that truly transcends all other similar ones, including Criminal Minds, it's rip-off, in all aspects (acting, meaning, understandability, value). Such a shame it was canceled so early, but don't worry, this show already made a huge impression on me with only one season, in other words, half a season is enough to make an impressive statement in the world of crime and detective genres, to dictate its own sturdy and shining place in a world filled with crappy, time-wasting and mediocre shows.

    Damn the one who cut this show short (it better be because of budget problems), damn it if the reason the show was cut short was the viewers' preference because then these are just viewers who don't know how to appreciate a phenomenal show for crap!

  • The inside of Season 1<br /> New Girl in Town

    After a team profiler is believed to be the latest victim of a serial killer, the squad is surprised by the new replacement, a rookie agent without much profiling experience. Squad supervisor Virgil “Web” Webster has a feeling about this rookie. He senses that Agent Rebecca Locke has a “gift” and that is why he chose her for his team. In short time the other team members can\\\'t help but be impressed with her too.
  • I loved that show so much!!

    I'm getting tired and sick of FOX cancelled the best show ever..! I only have good reason why FOX decided to canned that show..because of another show, "do you think you can dance?"

    FOX keeps pushes back..! that make me very, very angry and I never missed any episodes of that show! I enjoyed watch it until they took my favourite show off the air!

    I find that really lame..! Perhaps..they should have "the inside" to be on last fall, because that show would get second season too as well!

    Oh, well, the life must be going on!

  • The Inside was the best crime/drama on television but never had an audience because it came on in the summer. If FOX waited and put it on when they had Killer Instinct (also cancelled). They could have had Crime/Drama Friday The Inside at 8:00PM and Kille

    The Inside was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay different than any other crime/drama on tv. It was one in it's own. It was creative and well made. Each episode was dark and gruesome unlike CSI, Cold Case, Law and Order, or Without A Trace. It had a creative storys. With well thought out characters. The sad part is that it was cancelled (FOX tends to do that to A LOT of it's GREAT shows). Thank the lord i bought a promotional DVD with the first three episodes on it. One Day hopefully The Inside will be on a DVD box set.
  • one of the best of 2005

    one of the best shows on tv in writing, acting and production, we should make a "Bring back" web page!!!!!!!!!. in venezuela the show's still running, so i guess people will get dissapointed when they found out. I really think rebecca's story is appealing and the other characters too, specially peter coyote and harrington.
  • One of those elegant shows that someone in management decides to cut, just because is different.

    One of those rare gems in TV this year, "The Inside" failed to get a proper footing, ending just when the main characters were getting a grip of the plots. Despite of a great soundtrack, cinematic photography and a solid edition, the overall pace of the whole series was slow, taking its time (as it should be) to introduce us into the mind of every character.

    The acting was one of the solid assets of this show, having a true veteran as Peter Coyote as the mastermind who is pulling the strings to get the best performance from his agents, a group of tortured souls. A program that "could be" but "never was", and will be missed.
  • WTF, why did you get rid of one of the few shows on fox that one can actually stand to watch.

    The inside was a bold new show focusing on a new concept that I believe if left to its won would develope into a very good new series. Of course though fox in its infinate wisdom cut it off before it had a chance, must we bring up family guy again?
  • bring it back baka

    i love love the show
    why o why do you have to cancel this very great best show
    i hate them
    no ofense
    please please bring it back
    it is a great show
    my favorite episode is when there is this evil dude and he killed for the first time when he little anyway when he kill he stuck i\this thing into your eye with a needle it is so cool
    PLEASE please please bring the show back it may have a better rating
  • Was a Great Show bring it back.

    As usual every time a Network airs a new show that takes my liking, it does not last. The Cast that was assembled all seemed to flow together making an enjoyable TV episode to watch, there are only a few shows that I look forward each week, to watch. The CSI Crime Forensic Shows have been really taking a lot of the prime time viewing; this show was put together with a cast and well written stories that kept the viewers interested. That puts it a step above most all other shows of the same nature. So I would encourage fox to bring it back. But now Peter Cayote seems to have moved to Commander In Chief, and without him on the cast the show would be strongly compromised
  • Best show from FOX by far!

    I will never understand why they cancelled "The Inside". My only plausible explanation was that the show was simply too dark and too cutting edge. It was just a little before it's time, therefore, getting an audience is not so easy.

    I really loved this show! It helped make the summer so much better. The plot line was great, and the overarching questions definately kept the show very interesting. This young girl with a mysterious past which only few people know about joins an extreme FBI task force to battle the demons inside her. The relationships between each character was also a great note to the show. Even though Paul was married, it was really fun to see if he'd ever fall for Rebecca.

    It was too bad that they cancelled the show because I saw a lot of potential to it, and saw a great future had FOX continued with the show. Considering all the shows that are out this fall (2005), I think "The Inside" would've stood out, and definately be given a chance.
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