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  • One the BEST TV series I have EVER watched. That's saying a lot when I would definitely rank this in the top among Heroes, LOST and House. I've never been more disappointed with FOX for failing to notice they had another winner. BRING IT BACK!!

    'The Inside' is an absolute winner of a TV series. Sure, I've watched plenty of crime thrillers (NCIS, NYPD, CSI etc), and whilst I enjoyed those, I absolutely love 'The Inside'. It has everything one would hope for in a series: a thriller of a plot, twists, character development, the occasional (dark) humour and an overarching theme. Often it would take some episodes for me to be convinced to follow a series, but it took just that one episode 'Lonliest Number' to shock me into recognising another great series on the rise. I was already wondering then why such a hit was being shown near midnight when totally innane shows like 'Cops' and 'So you think you can dance' is given primetime screening. Seriously, that is more than enough for one to think once again about why these executives are being paid big bucks for? I've read some 'reviewers' dimiss the original 'The Inside' screening as 'just another CSI-wannabe'. They've never been more wrong! 'The Inside' is in a league of its own, and in my honest opinion, of far better quality than other crime 'flicks'. Even the recent season of NCIS is losing its touch. Even the much publicised 'Bones' is no match with 'The Inside'. And yet, despite the considerable fan support and favourable reviews of 'The Inside', and despite its very own merit, FOX failed to see its brilliance and not only failed to publicise the show, but also delegated it to an obscure timeslot in its first release in the States. Now, it's almost been two years since its screening, and still we do not have a DVD release for 'The Inside'. When will FOX wake up? When will they realise they have a show that is comparable to the venerable 'House', and in so many ways promises to be even better! Please BRING 'The Inside' BACK!