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  • A good show with great acting grounded without given a chance to take off. BRING IT BACK!

    I was so upset when FOX first announced the cancellation of The Inside! This show had fantastic potential, but was never given a chance. I mean, how did the cancel-happy Fox expect it to become a huge hit when it aired in the summer and the dates kept on changing? The acting was well done and the storylines kept me coming back for more. There was something about The Inside which differentiated it from all the crime dramas on TV - it could have been the uniqueness of using profiling to catch a killer, the main character Rebecca's backstory as victim of random abduction as a child, it's goriness or how you won't guess the killers right off the bat. Sure, on the outside it looked similar to CSI, with the opening shots of the city, the grainy flashbacks, the gore...but it's so much more than that. The Inside focuses a lot more on using psychology to catch killers rather than science and technology as seen on CSI.

    I don't understand why Fox decided to air it at such a crappy time; it needed a second season to grow. The Inside had all the makings of a huge hit. Instead of canceling the show maybe they should have gotten a writers helper for some different storylines.The one episode that stands out in my mind was when the bureau all thought that the groundskeeper was responsible for the murder of an 8 year old boy, but it was really a ten year old psychopath who framed the groundskeeper.

    Rebecca Locke, the new FBI agent with "a gift, forged in pain" for profiling as Web put it, was my favorite character and the eye-catching beauty of the show. While she may seem cold and emotionally detached, it's for a good reason - Rebecca was abducted for a year and a half as a young girl, escaping from her abductor by starting a fire and leaving him for dead. Due to her kidnapping, Rebecca learned the cold hard reality of life and how to save herself, and that nobody was going to come to rescue her. Melody Sim and Danny Love add some dry humor to this dark, depressing, gruesome crime drama. Also, I noticed some good chemistry between Danny and Rebecca - I think the writers were setting up a little future romance there!

    It saddens me how a cheap rip-off like Criminal Minds can get renewed as well as complete crap like CSI: Miami is going onto it's sixth season, when all that show is, is style and no substance. Overall, spectacular show that truly transcends all other similar ones, including Criminal Minds, it's rip-off, in all aspects (acting, meaning, understandability, value). Such a shame it was canceled so early, but don't worry, this show already made a huge impression on me with only one season, in other words, half a season is enough to make an impressive statement in the world of crime and detective genres, to dictate its own sturdy and shining place in a world filled with crappy, time-wasting and mediocre shows.

    Damn the one who cut this show short (it better be because of budget problems), damn it if the reason the show was cut short was the viewers' preference because then these are just viewers who don't know how to appreciate a phenomenal show for crap!