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  • It was too young to die

    This series, a kind of off-spring from the mother of the profiling-shows "Profiler" :-), had potential to take the genre to the next generation and I really looked forward to get to know the characters a little better every episode, but then: The end! The cases the team had to solve were dark, cool and very twisted. As in any good story about the psychology of the murderer and the murder the audience was drawn in to figure out the story behind the story, what made this series special was the terrible history of the new rookie profiler Rebecca Locke. From this experience derived her unique skill as a profiler and built the ground for the interaction with and development of the other characters, which was really great to watch. Especially in these episodes, where those elements were combined with the case their solving, the show wasn't just another one about a bunch of FBI-profilers trying to hunt down the evil-doers.
    It's just a great pity.