The Inside

FOX (ended 2005)





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  • Best show from FOX by far!

    I will never understand why they cancelled "The Inside". My only plausible explanation was that the show was simply too dark and too cutting edge. It was just a little before it's time, therefore, getting an audience is not so easy.

    I really loved this show! It helped make the summer so much better. The plot line was great, and the overarching questions definately kept the show very interesting. This young girl with a mysterious past which only few people know about joins an extreme FBI task force to battle the demons inside her. The relationships between each character was also a great note to the show. Even though Paul was married, it was really fun to see if he'd ever fall for Rebecca.

    It was too bad that they cancelled the show because I saw a lot of potential to it, and saw a great future had FOX continued with the show. Considering all the shows that are out this fall (2005), I think "The Inside" would've stood out, and definately be given a chance.